Less State More Family!!

As chairman of Support 4 the Family I would like to thank the NEC for awarding our organisation Special Interest Group status. We are now part of the “in UKIP” family.

This registers a significant shift in party sentiment towards valuing good family health as a key factor in the flourishing of our national life. It also reinforces Gerard Batten’s appointment of Alan Craig, one of our founder members, as party spokesperson for the Family and Children. This should give us a higher media profile and greater engagement with the public.

Defending the family has become so important now because “progressive” agents of social change have effectively worked long and hard to discredit it as an institution. They have also perversely promoted promiscuity and easy divorce as the way to a “liberated” life.

As if our children belong to the state and not to their parents they have also pressed for raising children away from parental influence, condemning it as an obstacle to their utopian vision of a world free from “oppression”.

Tragically, our political elites, lobotomised by Lenin’s “political correctness,” have pursued malignant social policies, passed anti-family laws, and given emotionally struggling couples a convenient set of self-destruct buttons. This has resulted in the UK being one of the worst countries in the world to bring up children. Now it is well past time for groups like Support 4 the Family in UKIP to challenge the prophets of the sexual “liberation” movement.

This means anti-family ideologues like Alfred Kinsey must be exposed as frauds. Kinsey has received official stamps of approval from mental health institutions, but his lies and fraudulent “research” must be condemned. By excluding human sexual behaviour from traditional moral judgement he has provided academic justification for laws toxic to the natural two-parent family. Today his followers provide the content for sexual education programs in schools, programs provoking fury in parents seeing their children being prematurely sexualised.

Kinsey must also be unmasked as deceiver-in-chief for leading many sexual revolutionaries towards their own destruction. Before his “reports” in the 1940s and 50s there were only two major sexually transmitted diseases; now some authorities put the figure at over eighty.

Champions like Jordan Peterson are illuminating this new direction. As well as rendering hostile politically correct interviewers speechless, his YouTube psychology lectures are inspiring many young men who previously felt socially abandoned. Also, new politically organised voices are demanding the family be defended more vigorously. Like Support 4 the Family in UKIP they highlight the UN Declaration of Human Rights that declares, “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State”.

Hand in hand with this growing revival of the traditional understanding of the family there is an increasingly loud demand for the full restoration of freedom of speech.  By including protection from hate speech for those who “self-identify” according to their feelings, pertinent criticism has been heavily muted. This is clearly unjust and is crying out to be remedied.

As a Special Interest Group Support 4 the Family in UKIP should boost the party’s voter appeal by speaking the truth other parties fear to utter. This includes calling to account those who chose to walk by on the other side rather than stop the horror of mass child sexual exploitation. The grooming of vulnerable underage girls for sexual purposes, quietly seeded in the late 1980s has now grown too large to be ignored. Future campaigns must be conducted to abolish this 21st-century version of slavery.

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6 Responses

  1. Barrie says:

    Ukip Patrons Ltd anyone know what this is.

  2. Jake Bennett says:

    Another step in the right direction for UKIP if this can be communicated effectively.

  3. Bill Matthews says:

    The family is the product of experience gained over 2000 years of civilisation. To ignore that hard earned knowledge is absolutely foolhardy. Unfortunately we seem to be living in an era where all the lessons learned by civilisation seem to be discarded as foolish old wives tales, rather than valuable lessons learned.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    No doubt about it, it is UKIP that is addressing this problem, and while this Party is not copied by others, our manifesto is head and shoulders above the other Parties !
    A problem exists with manifestos not being read by voters. Unless attention is drawn to it verbally, we may well witness a casting of pearls before swine ! It needs ‘selling’ to voters, and right now !

  5. Neill McNulty-White says:

    Because of the decision to appoint Alan Craig and now this as a member of LGBT IN UKIP I do not feel that ukip is a place for anyone LGBT and have decided to leave the party and become politically neutral.

  6. Blane says:

    Stop Cultural Marxism. David Kurten was one of the only politicians i ever heard speak up against this.

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