Top Rabbi: Jews Could FLEE Britain Under Corbyn Government

A top Rabbi in the Jewish community has claimed that Jews could potentially leave Britain from fear of experiencing anti-Semitism in the country.

Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt argued that disturbing parallels can be drawn between the level of anti-Semitism seen in the Labour party and that of the French National Front.

He said: “If the Jewish community feel they can only be assured of their future and feel safe if one party is in government, and the other party will make them feel less safe and secure, this is a problem and puts the Jewish community in a new situation where, before every election, everything is to be questioned.

“Let’s assume, for example, that Marine Le Pen became president of France. I’m sure that thousands of Jews would decide at this point to leave France.

“I don’t want to make a parallel between British Labour and the French National Front, but if Jews feel there’s a certain party which they feel very concerned about, which does not respect its presence within Great Britain and does not seek its security and its future, then you might have something very similar.”

He went on to describe a ‘red line’ of anti-Semitism which Mr Corbyn must be careful not to cross.

He said: “I don’t know if by words Mr Corbyn crosses this red line, but by deeds, by joining these Jewdas groups and by not doing enough in terms of fighting those antisemitic pockets within his party, he is bound to cross this red line.”

Goldschmidt’s comments follow weeks of headlines of anti-Semitism within the Labour party at all levels; from the grassroots members right up to the cabinet and Mr Corbyn himself – which the Labour has described as “a matter of a few bad apples”.

In a recent statement, Mr Corbyn admitted that the party had not done enough in the past to root out anti-Semitism but that more would be done, though he has faced increasing criticism for not being firm enough.

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11 Responses

  1. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Perhaps this Rabbi has information that I have not seen but to blame anti-Semitism in France on the National Front is not what I’ve seen and read.
    France has the largest concentration of Muslims of any European country and many Jews have been murdered of late by those associated with Islam or Islamic extremism.
    There have been noticeable cases in Paris where elderly women both of whom were victims of the death camps were brutally raped and murdered. The attackers were never caught and the authorities are always keen, just as in this county, to make sure the perpetrators are not identified as Muslims.
    Although most French citizens will admit that anti-Semitism is widespread in France there does not seem to be much incentive to do anything about it. Many just turn away from the reality or shrug their shoulders as if it was not a problem.
    The same has been happening in the Labour party although in that case it may be more about their support for Hamas and Hezbollah.
    I can’t see the same situation happening here but as the time goes on and Labour is continually accused it makes for more political certainty that Corbyn won’t wind up as Prime Minister simply because the Tories as so ineffectual on many fronts.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Every cloud has a silver lining.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      I agree that it’s unfair to equate Marine Le Pen with anti-Semitism. Certainly, her FATHER was an anti-Semite, but this is exactly why she had a big falling-out with him politically and personally and rejected anti-Semitism when she took over the party.
      Jews are already fleeing France because of muslim attacks on them; this has nothing to do with Le Pen or the National Front.
      Goldschmidt is probably overstating the case in order to shock Corbyn and Labour into realising how fed up people are with their unstinting Leftard support for muslim voters, no matter how bad their behaviour; and the party indifference to anti-Semitism even when displayed by those who propose standing for council and Parliament.
      I know I’m completely sickened by it and I’m not Jewish.

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    I would suggest that the emphasis is changed to theMoslem Hate Mongers. They are a much more dangerous proposition and cold well do with eradication.

  3. Ian Hensman says:

    I would suggest that the emphasis is changed to the Moslem Hate Mongers. They are a much more dangerous proposition and could well do with eradication.

  4. Jake Bennett says:

    First of all the French Jews say they will leave France if Le Penn is elected to power and now Pinchas Goldschmidt President of the Conference of European Rabbis and Chief Rabbi of Moscow makes the statement at a meeting in Vienna that Jews may decide to leave Britain under a Corbyn government. How odd that it was not a British Rabbi speaking on behalf of British Jews.
    If anyone suffers discrimination and ridicule and outright offence against their religion in Britain today it is the Christians.
    Possibly, this is a political rather than religious discrimination issue as the Islamic peoples of Britain gain more leverage in the Labour Party at the expense of the Jewish lobby. The fact that Jeremy Corbyn dined (in an unofficial capacity) with Hasidic Jews who do not recognise the state of Israel has possibly contributed to the ‘anti-semitic’ hysteria.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Reece, please pass on my own comments to Rabbi Goldschmidt, if that is at all possible.
    The British Labour Party is a curious weave of people. In the beginnings of that Party, they stood for something that was good and worthwhile, because the so called working class were indeed exploited. Over the years they have formed our Government, and went on an expensive spree for dragging industry into National ownership, which was then dragged back by the Tory Party, and they did that more than once !
    Now the Conservatives do not have, by any means a major hold upon intellect, but the Labour Party voters are very ordinary folk. They have about 5% of bright sparks, but the rest are the ‘have nots’ of the population, who are only interested in kicking against the ‘haves’. This is the one unfortunate, though understandable situation, that has held back this Nation for many years, and it is not necessarily the fault of the ordinary folk !
    Anti-Semitism is not natural to this Nation. Leave out French politics, as the majority of British voters have done through history ! There is however a parallel to be considered with today’s Labour, and Nazi Germany of the 1930s. No sensible thought was used by Hitler, but his country was a mess, and the Jews were blamed. This was welcomed by the majority of the people as they had an ‘visible enemy within’. The outcome is now part of history !
    This parallel with today’s Labour holds good, with one exception. Hitler had forceful charisma ! Corbyn does not ! – Not in any way at all, and I am fairly sure that he personally is not anti-Semitic. Due to his week leadership, where he gets pulled one way and then the other by the Party, he sees the increase in Party membership, but probably has no idea of what sort of people have joined, or what their motives are !
    So Rabbi, I don’t think you need to consider packing your bags for the next few years, but it may be sensible to keep an eye and an ear open to social changes in this country. I am the Son of a Senior NCO in the RAF. My Father was ordered to be a War Trials Witness at Belson Camp. He locked the details of that away for 50 years, not telling his parents or his wife, only telling me of the horrors, accompanied with floods of tears as it all came back to him. I may be an OAP now, but I will fight anyone and everything for my Nation to never be involved in such actions.

  6. Matthew Goodwin says:

    I just searched for Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt and came across this video. Something is odd.

    0:39 “We see ourselves together, fighting together with our Muslim brothers, who are, who want a free Europe, a peaceful Europe, want to integrate like our forefathers into Western Europe 120 years ago and they are our natural allies.”

    Seems strange. The anti-semitism issue is dis-proportionally from muslims of migrant descent.
    Why ally with them?

    • Margaret Dennis says:

      One of the commenters “protestant” on this video states that the Jews set up Islam. I am astounded both by the video and the comment from a year ago.

    • Jake Bennett says:

      Well spotted Matthew and thank you for this. He appears to be stirring up mischief and he is no friend of the sanctity of the nation state (excepting one of course). These ‘internationalists’ hate the nation state as they are unable to manipulate peoples. They perpetually play the victim card to get their way. In this he claims the Jews and Muslims are natural allies but against who?

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