Remoaner BOOED For Second Referendum Call

Jonathan Freedland, a writer, and broadcaster, provoked a furious response on Question Time last night when he called for a second referendum. Mr. Freedland was responding to an audience member who was critical of the governments handling of the Brexit negotiations. The audience member asked why negotiations on contentious areas such as fisheries policy hadn’t taken place before the EU Referendum in June 2016. They claimed this would have “reduced confusion to zero”.

Mr. Freedland lept on his opportunity:

“It is a brilliant suggestion and it is a particularly brilliant argument for there being another vote once there is a deal.”

Seething with anger at the suggestion, the audience in Liverpool howled Mr Freedland down.

Determined to press on, Mr. Freedland continued:

“Essentially what happened on June 2016 we were like a family who decides we are going to move house.

“Then you look around and you look at all these houses and you think, what about this one, we could rent this one.

“Well, before you decide that you would have another decision to make. You wouldn’t say ‘well we voted to move so we have got to move into this house whether we like it or not’. You would take a new decision.

“Once we know the terms of the deal we should have a say.”

However, the audience remained unimpressed.




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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Mr Freedland needs to go back to school. He needs to understand just what Democracy is, and how it works. If or when he gets that under his belt, perhaps an in depth lesson in British history would be useful.
    You never know, it is just possible in a year or two, he might be able to appear on Question Time !

    • Dave says:

      It would appear that not many politicians remember what democracy is and who voted for THEM. Do as we have asked or face the consequences next election day.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Dave, your remark is firm and true. I have always considered that Politics and Political History should be covered in schools, and hopefully promote thinking ! Income, Class and Family history, have only a little to play in vote decision. If people realised the power they have in Democracy, it would for sure sharpen up Westminster to the benefit of this Nation. ( I would also give my own backing to PR vote system, rather than the bent FPTP system that we have now ) !

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