The Syrian Quagmire: Why Military Action in Syria Is The Right Thing To Do

SYRIA is the phrase that will be this generations automatic link to a Middle Eastern War.

For me and my generation – born in the early 1990s, it was Iraq and 9/11, for generations before it was the first Gulf War and George H.W. Bush’s Operation Desert Storm coalition to bring freedom to Kuwait, and in every lead up to combat, the majority of Brits opposed those wars, but Syria is different.

Operation Desert Storm, American soldiers wave to the camera from a truck as their convoy moves into Iraq, February 24, 1991. (CREDIT: U.S. Department Of Defense/Getty Images)

Let’s be honest, no one likes War – well, apart from the Arms companies that profit from war, and the newspapers that sell more copies due to world chaos, but sometimes War is a necessary response and the only course of action.

“It’s nothing to do with us” I hear you say, “We haven’t learnt from Iraq” you shout… the Establishment said, “Saddam had WMD, and he didn’t.” I hear you, and these are all legitimate arguments, but let me ask you, imagine it’s 1939, and Neville Chamberlain is ramping up to War with Germany and the Axis of Evil.

Imagine shouting “We need proof” of Germany’s war crimes, “We didn’t learn from the Great War” and “It’s nothing to do with us.”

Could you imagine the sort of world we would be living in right now?

Germany’s mass-atrocities were only discovered after the War ended, imagine what more horrors Nazi Germany would have been responsible for if Britain and her allies hadn’t done the right thing and declared War on Germany.

We gave Hitler red lines, he ignored them. So the British and the French declared war on Germany. Today, The west has given Assad red lines and he keeps crossing them.

Way back in 2012, President Obama failed to take action in Syria, he said he had red lines, and when Assad crossed them, he did nothing. Obama’s inaction has led to the situation we see before us today, a war-torn nation, terror attacks across Europe and a Migrant crisis.

I often speak to my local Syrian shopkeeper who’s a Syrian refugee, he wants Assad out, he describes him as an “animal” and after he and his family were forced to leave his homeland because the West failed to act.

Twelve months ago, my first ever story for was about Trump’s air strikes in Syria following a similar Chemical attack.

Back in April 2017, President Trump took his first major foreign policy decision against Assad and set the tone of his future responses to world affairs.

In later months he dropped the MOAB (Mother of all bombs) on Afghanistan, and he threatened Nuclear War with Kim Jong Un.

Trump got results, and he showed the world he was the ‘Mad Dog’ President that wasn’t to be messed with.

Many of you reading this, Working-class Populists, Brexit Voters, Anti-Globalists like me will probably love Trump – I freaking love the Donald and I trust his judgement.

I trusted his judgement when the Elites of the world said he would never be President, I trusted him so much I put £200 on The Donald to win, and he did, big league.

I don’t support action in Syria due to the Tories or Theresa May, but I trust Mr Trump. So if Mr Trump is backing military action, does that not show us that this isn’t some globalist conspiracy or an Iraq mark two?

The crisis in Syria is nothing like Iraq, we can’t even compare the two.

Back in 2003, Iraq was in a state of peace, Iraq was a stable country, George W. Bush and Tony Blair wrongly went to war in Iraq and destabilised the region leading to ISIS and terror attacks on Western Soil.

Then we had the fog of the “War on Terror” but Syria, on the other hand, isn’t a stable country, it has been ravaged by War for years and we can look at the situation without the “War on Terror” Fox News fog.

Saddam did not have WMDs or Chemical Weapons in 2003, but you know who does? Assad and he is actively using those weapons on his own people.

“Fake News” you cry, but who is pushing the narrative that Assad is innocent? The Russians.

Last month, Russia used chemical weapons on British soil, they attacked our country, today it was proven that the nerve agent used was pure Russian Novichok.

So are we really to believe the Russians over President Trump? Are we to refuse to believe The first President of the United States that is owned by ZERO special interests, because he’s so fucking rich he can’t be bought?

This isn’t 2003, this isn’t George W. Bush trying to finish his daddy’s war from the early 90s. This is 2018, this is Syria.

We should have taken action in 2013, but the pacifists won the debate.

Now is not the time to sit back and be a cuck, it is the time for action, once and for all, we need to be the good guys and finish off Assad for good.

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9 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    Before this all kicked off in Syria minority Christians in Syria could celebrate Easter without asking permission or looking over their shoulders. Then Saudi Arabia started exporting its Sunni war against every other minority. Their religion of peace stormtroopers and their mercenaries swore to kill all who opposed them.
    Assad is an Arab leader. He is a strong man type leader, just as Saddam was. Today every Iraqi wishes Saddam was back in charge, after the mess that GW Bush and Blair bestowed on them.
    So, what perfect political situation have Trump, May and Macron got in mind for Syria, when Assad is gone?

  2. Marilyn Catling says:

    I am torn here, as I expect many people are. Reading the article above, I can see that this is a different circumstance to Iraq. Gerard Batten was strongly against reprisals and until today, so did I. However, realising that the chemical development bases in Syria were the only targets, I can live with that……and the Russians were warned prior to the strikes. Today I’m won over by the action, as it was well co ordinated, and killed no one.

  3. Nigel Ely says:

    I could not disagree more, and I will tell you why. We are being governed by a naive and clueless class. The man, who last week told Putin to, “Shut up and go away” this morning on Radio 4 said, when asked why we bombed Syria, Gavin Williamson, The Secretary of State for (shut up) Defence replied, “We all saw the footage of little children just after they had been gassed….” This footage was supplied by the Tory funded (our hard fought taxes) White Helmets who have been caught out on numerous occasions editing and staging footage. ALL trained soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel would have experienced the Gas Chamber Test. And I’m betting most of them on seeing those children having water squirted into the eyes and roughed up a bit would be thinking, how come, no cross contamination to those holding the hose pipes? Why no splash back? Why no scratching of the skin, screaming in shear agony? Why none of the adults had their faces covered and so much skin exposed? I could go on but suffice to say, CS gas would have been used in the gas chamber test and that gas hangs around for days/weeks if not properly washed out. In a previous job I have used CR not CS, a much stronger irritant, gas grenades. Each grenade contained 20grms of CR and one millionth of a gram of CR in a room 12′ x 12′ would be enough to irritate you if it landed on your face. See my point! I am please the UKIP line is no to bombing Syria, but that does not stop me worrying for the safety of my family’s future. For those who champion war, I say to them, go prepare yourself and your children children for the front-line, but you can bet one thing, your political Masters who you agree with so wholehearted and so eager to vote for, will be nowhere to be seen.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Jordan James, with a very heavy heart I am agreeing with you. However ! – Now that missiles have been launched at Syrian targets, and Maggie May has used the PM’s singular power to act without Parliament, the job has only now been started. It is nothing like complete, and far deeper thought should now be considered. Russia and Mr Putin are free to make friends with whoever they wish, but in the case of Syria, with Assad, what is the reason for this friendship ? If your known by the friends you keep, then Russia should be taken off the UN’s Security Council forthwith ! The possibility of assassination of Assad, maybe with some senior members of that administration, should be considered ! Assad and his security people are the logjam that is preventing Syria moving forward, and whilst assassination is not in any way easily accepted, the slaughter of his people has to be stopped.
    So you see, blasting targets with smart missiles at a distance in order to take out items of WMD, is an opener, but not in any way a closure to the problem. Unless we are all content to do half a job, it will be necessary to think the matter through !

  5. Informed says:

    I’ve not read it all, your clearly too young and bias and believe what the MSM tell you.

    There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

    The White Helmets are behind all the propaganda coming out of Syria – all of it!

  6. Ian Edwards says:

    Jordan, your article is well written but naïve. Assad is the legitimate government in Syria, opposed to the ISIS and extremists backed by Saudi Arabia Wahhabi theocratic extremists and extreme Western governments who want their own NWO in the region. If Assad ‘goes’, so does a secular Syria. The white helmets are renowned fake gas attack movies and are funded by the UK government and probably Saudi Arabia, they have been staging these fake attacks for years to give the pretext for the extreme West to overthrow Assad. Russia is the only (non compliant) European power left standing up to this Western onslaught and is therefore presented as the bogeyman by compliant MSM propaganda. Nobody with a brain believes the Skripal affair was not a set-up (just as no one but the gullible believe incidents such as David Kelly or 9/11 were ‘as reported’) and it is clearly part of the Putin bogeyman narrative being peddled. These little military actions are acts of war and will be remembered as such. I wonder if Mrs may would be purring like a cat if one of her planes had been downed and the pilot held in a Syrian pow camp? Remember Saddam Hussein was supplied gas by the West to use on Iran when he was ‘our friend’ in the 1980’s and that was ‘okay’; once this puppet governor of Iraq stopped being compliant with NWO plans suddenly his use of chemical weapons is looked at from a different light and his country was attacked. You forget that in 2003 Iraq had no fly zones imposed on it, and it was subject to a massive trade embargo that caused suffering to the population prior to US invasion, Iraq was already in war by every token except US boots on the ground – and even that WMD invasion excuse was faked up too. I also think you might bone up on WWII a little more widely. Nazi Germany only wanted a war with Bolshevik Soviet Russia, not the British Empire or France. The German strike on Russia in 1941 was pre-emptive (something you tend to admire perhaps) because Stalin intended to invade Eastern Europe in 1941 – something he had to wait another four years for before Churchill and Roosevelt handed him Eastern Europe on a plate at the Yalta conference. War mongering Churchill encouraged Britain to war in 1939 on the pretext of ‘saving Poland’ which remained under foreign control for another 40 years . Neither did Britain and France object to the Soviet co-invasion and occupation of Eastern Poland in 1939. Whilst the Germans did not go about it in a very subtle way what they sought from Poland was a return of the Polish Corridor of Danzig taken from them after WWI (a war they did not start) and a cessation of Polish government atrocities to German people living in Poland at that time. Britain and the USA deliberately allowed Germany to be provoked by Poland on this issue. History is written by the victors my friend and as I’ve eventually learned, having been brought up on the state history BS you probably have, that states (democratic or otherwise) always lie to their own people before during and after political conflict for which war is merely the supreme example.

  7. forthurst says:

    Good grief!

  8. Gavin says:

    Ray Finch is UKIP’s foreign affairs spokesman, wonder what he thinks? Who knows, as he never says anything. Why do such people keep getting rewarded with spokesman positions? Isn’t it enough that he got an MEP salary and pension? And why are these silent spokesmen tolerated by the leadership???? Why is there never an attempt to remove the deadwood and bring in new blood? With Gerard the average age of our top team has actually gone UP significantly.

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