FAKE NEWS WATCH: Express Says Batten ‘Quits Moments After Becoming Leader’.

Gerard Batten MEP was elected unopposed as the new leader of UKIP last night. However, his ascension was reported in the most ridiculous, fake news, fashion you could possibly imagine by the Sunday Express:

Of course, UKIP is not “in turmoil” at all. In fact, it is arguably in its most stable position that I have known it to be in my time within the Party. Mr Batten in his acceptance letter merely honored the promise he had made previously to members and leading Party figures. He clearly said in a previous letter:

I am prepared to stand as Leader and hold office for the next twelve months.

A small detail that the Sunday Express omitted from its story because, of course, it does not suit its biased narrative. it is not even technically true that Mr. Batten has quit, he has merely stated the date when he will step aside.

The mainstream media is however totally consistent in one thing, it’s visceral hatred for UKIP and its desire to publish what it wants us to say to suit that agenda rather than what we actually say. I cannot personally imagine a more compelling case for us developing our own media than this article from a newspaper which is sometimes viewed as a ‘friend’ to UKIP. We simply cannot rely on them to get our message out as we want it to go out. This is why we need to up our social and independent media game urgently or else we will continue to suffer this distortion and it will understandably damage our standing with the wider public. It is not a luxury or an optional extra but a total necessity.

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12 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Par for the course! Presumably the media had copies of the original offer to stay Leader for 12 months, so there can be no excuse for such sloppy reporting. Those of us in contact with the media must ensure we only give accurate unambiguous detailed replies to questions, no opinion just checkable fact.

    • John Ferguson says:

      Aah…. presumably, presume nothing. Furthermore, the only slop jockey to blame for this wall to wall awful Sunday press, is probably UKIP itself. I would point out that all the party’s press officers, who would probably have managed this, have left. This seems a clear case of, invite a custard pie in the face & the press will gratefully oblige. This reporting narrative was not confined to the Express it was BBC, Metro Et al. Realistically, it’s not up to the press to remember the ins & outs of GB’s leadership intentions outlined weeks ago. If the party, as I suspect, failed to effectively communicate, manage & control its own narrative, by spoon feeding its own version to the press, they’ll just say thankyou very much & make up their own negative distorted narrative instead. They can easily justify this reporting based on what fell into their hands, the content of a rather clumsy internal e-mail to members. Nobody understands the EU transitional deal, so why expect the press to understand & report favourably on the ins & outs of UKIP’s strange transitional leadership pact.

  2. Grumpy Owl says:

    Most of the MSM have been revelling at the fact Mr Batten will be standing down in 12 months time without explaining his reasons why.

    I don’t think Gerard or UKIP can expect any favours from any of the biased MSM outlets. As you rightly point out, even the Express used to be a ‘friend’ to UKIP, but not now, and even less so in the future, aren’t they being acquired by Trinity Mirror?

    UKIP should make full use of the talents at both KipperCentral and UKIP Daily, as well as MBGA News. Perhaps Luke and Martin of MBGA News could assist with setting up a UKIP Youtube channel?

  3. Grumpyashell says:

    The political elite must be very,very afraid of UKIP and Gerard to start the fake news so early into him being leader,do not be afraid,be emboldened by this,it shows that the party is on the right track,brexit was the first shock to their system and they did not like it

  4. Barrie says:

    So just how many grassroots members voted for Batten. Who gave permission for the written constitution to be altered why was the system for electing these a leader changed with no consultation with the membership. Ukip is no more a political party merely a selection of companies.

    • Jim Stanley says:

      Barrie, are you a member? I f you are you will have had the letter inviting nominations for Leader, Mr Batten’s was the only response, the required Assentors from 10 Associations/Branches were obtained, so, as there were no other candidates, GB was effectively voted in without the need for a Ballot.If you study the Constituion and Rules, as always there is a one line rule that allows the NEC to act for the best interest of the Party. Another rule, allows the NEC to extend a Leaders term of office by up to a year, if a Leadership Election would interfere with the objectives of the Party, I expect this was the reason for the time limiting factor. When HB left, it is common knowledge that we were on the verge of extinction under Company rules about trading while insolvent. Mr Battens actions have put us in the black, Courts paid, and cash in the bank. Everything that has been done has been transparent, and reasons explained, with the result we are a properly funded active political Party, compliment with all the legislation that covers political parties and companies in the UK. When the Leadership Election was called, the costs involved could well have closed us down, instead for the next 12 months we have one of the founder members leading us, a man respected, not only by our own members, but also by the wider political pool. Read the rules, available on the website, and you will see that everything was done within our rules and constitution.

    • Brenda Rattle says:

      Your beloved Bolton has, I believe, now started his own party. It is time for you to move on, if only to give us all a rest from your tedious whining and moaning.

      • John Ferguson says:

        Give us all a rest ? Telling somebody to move on, because you happen to disagree with them can be an equally tedious point of view. Barrie raises legitimate concerns no doubt shared by many, whether they beloved HB or not. Nor does that equate to implied criticism of GB either. Though I am somewhat baffled by Barrie’s apparent shock, at the revelation that there just might have been a political stitch up in a political party. As if it was something new & unheard of before in UKIP, Labour or elsewhere.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is a case in point, as to why I don’t bother with a newspaper any more ! Apart from not paying for a paper, and that money can be better spent on wine, I find that doing the rounds of TV News channels, gives me as much news as I can tolerate. I was brought up with The Express, and remember my late Father telling me that it was a beacon for Free Trade !

  6. Margaret Dennis says:

    Rejoice! The establishment now running the MSM are so scared this early in UKIP’s resurgence is to be welcomed. The truth will out very quickly when they see us back on the streets and doorsteps.

  7. Ian Williams says:

    Remember that there are different people running the Mail on Sunday to those running the daily editions.
    Yes we need to get our media game together, it could mean we have another ‘whip round’ to fund it? At least now we see our money used meanfully!

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