LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: UKIP Leading The Charge Against Grooming Gangs And Politically Correct Labour

To the anger and embarrassment of its residents, Rochdale has become notorious for the activities of Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs that have operated openly on its streets. Court proceedings, TV documentaries, journalists’ articles and social media have told the story of the racially-motivated religiously-sanctioned rape and abuse of vulnerable under-age English girls in the town. The story is ugly beyond belief.

The anger and embarrassment were compounded last Thursday when the report was published of an independent Inquiry into the pedophile abuse of boys by Rochdale’s then MP, Cyril Smith, and others, at two residential establishments in the town during the 70s and 80s.

A common denominator between the historic abuse of boys and the current abuse of girls is that Rochdale authorities have certainly known what is happening but decided to look the other way. They did nothing, they failed in their duty of care, and as a consequence, hundreds of young lives have been wrecked.

UKIP’s gutsy Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton branch, led by branch chairman Lee Seville, has decided to take on the Labour Party – which runs and dominates Rochdale town hall – over the issue. Grooming gangs have flourished while politically-correct Labour has turned a blind eye, so UKIP is now campaigning forcefully against the party in the current local elections.

The branch campaign was launched last Thursday, when leaders of the football lads (the Democratic Football Lads’ Alliance) and veterans (Veterans Against Terrorism) held a noisy but peaceful 100-strong demo outside Rochdale town hall to protest against the authority’s failure to act. Gerard Batten and Lee Seville were both invited to address the crowd, and this kick-started UKIP’s election efforts in the borough.

If you too are angry about the grooming gangs that flourish in politically-correct Labour-controlled towns up and down the country, come to Rochdale where we’re focussing on the issue and help kick that party where it hurts – in the ballot box. We reckon there’s a realistic chance of causing a political earthquake across Rochdale and beyond by knocking some ineffectual Labour councillors off their perch and getting the first-ever Rochdale UKIP councillors elected in their place.

The branch is holding an action day this Saturday, 21st April. We will be delivering the UKIP grooming gang leaflet (UKIP-Grooming-A5) to voters in the target wards.

Come and join us!

Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton Action Day: Saturday 21st April

Meeting pointRing O’Bells Inn car park, St Leonard’s Street, Middleton, Manchester M24 6DJ

Time10.00am start, and then campaigning all day. Arrive as early as you can.

DressIf available, bring your UKIP rosettes, scarves, flags and other UKIP regalia in order to make a high-profile splash!

ContactEmail ukiprhm@gmail.com if you are coming, and tell us:

(i) your likely time of arrival;

(ii) the number of activists in your group; and

(iii) your mobile number. You will be given an Action Day mobile number to contact us as necessary.

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4 Responses

  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    I think UKIPs decision to take on Labour in Rochdale is a very smart move. The whole country I’m sure has been sickened by the grooming scandal there, and in so many other towns across Britain. What is worse is the total lack of empathy from the government and Labour, who must have known about this for many years. Not knowing how to tackle it is no excuse. Our young girls and boys are our future, and should have support and guidance from us, not allowed to be used as sexual objects by groups of men who think they are entitled to do as they please.
    It is a national disgrace, and whoever takes the problem on will be looked at as heroic. If UKIP are looking for a ‘way into our hearts’………this opportunity could be heaven sent.

  2. Grumpy Owl says:

    Best of luck to you! Finally, some local election campaigning that doesn’t revolve around Brexit.

    People living in these Labour-council run areas need to be reminded what they keep voting for. These are local elections for local issues.

    “A vote for Labour is a vote for child abuse”

    It is no coincidence that most (if not all?) of these areas blighted by child abuse and rape gang scandals have Labour-controlled councils.

    People only have themselves to blame if they keep voting Labour, and then wonder why nothing changes.

    This is the kind of message that may not make friends with the local media, but will certainly invigorate local voters.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is good sense Alan. I have already stated that Rochdale is the stink-hole of the Nation, but that it doesn’t have to be if the people used their votes to good effect. They are backed by UKIP, it is now over to the voters to make good use of Democracy !

  4. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Spot on. Sock to the virtue-signalling hypocrits. Love the leaflet.

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