Get Behind The Country! – Brexiteer SLAMS Umunna

Chole Westley, a Vote Leave campaigner from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, tore into Labour’s Chuka Umunna last night on Question Time. Ms Westley said that Britain has done a “fantastic thing” in voting to leave the EU and she insisted that leaving the Customs Union is the only way Britain can regain control of its borders and trade:

“We stay in the customs union, we can’t take back control of our trade.

“It’s just that simple. That’s why we’re leaving the customs union.

“There are huge opportunities to leaving the customs union and to leaving the EU.

“Gosh, we’ve had so much negativity and mean spirit in this and not just from the EU but also politicians here at home.”

She appealed to Mr Umunna to help Britain make this a “great success”;

“This is going to be a fantastic thing for the country.

“And I just think, politicians like you Chuka, you need to get behind the country and help Britain make this a great success.”

However, there was no indication that Mr Ummuna intends to heed the appeal from Ms Westley.


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12 Responses

  1. Trevor Bradley says:

    The country voted to leave the E.U no if’s or but’ let’s get on with it and start standing on our own two feet. While we are about it get rid of the House of Lords an un-elected body the same as the E.U big wigs

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If we strip away the in or out of the EU, and look at the unarguable verdict of the referendum, we then see the possibilities for this Nation. In the adherent benefit of us all coming together to make it work, we could find ourselves mimicking Germany after WW2. They had Marshal Plan money to help them, we don’t, but if Unity prevails, we would not need it ! Result is SUCCESS !

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Trying to convince Chuka Umuna that BREXIT will be good for Britain is a bit like trying to light a candle in a Force 9 gale. He’s so far up his own backside it’s just unbelievable, just like his fellow egotist, remoaner, Alaster Campbell; they think they know better than the British people. Well, guess what Chuka – in case you haven’t noticed, we live in a democracy – and that means YOU work for US. You may not like it but you just have to suck it up!

  4. Melinda Hanmer says:

    Perhaps they will change their minds when they realise their jobs are on the line. They should be sacked or deselected. They will find out at the next general election.

  5. Steve Bater says:

    I say Chukum Out.

  6. Chunky says:

    Us old-un’s can remember what Britain was like before the EEC/EU started scamming our taxes! One FACT is that public services have gone from being loaded with money for new equipment and personnel to now being unfit for purpose! Labour supporters should be livid about that alone? and the steady decline in public services and civic pride! Chukie Ummuna and other remainer Labour MP’s have never lived in Britain without the EU so have no conception of what its like with NO VAT to pay (which goes streight to the EU coffers) where a man could earn enough in one job, to feed, clothe and put a roof over his family’s head without his wife having to work as well? Most big companies and the Government had Research and Development so there was a steady stream of new labour saving devices and products coming onto the market and Britain was always near the top of the Eurovision Song Contest not last like we usually are now? It was the time of the Mersey Beat and swinging Britain where design and music was the best in the world! Britain was respected as a super power and the world actually relied on British inventiveness, its innovation and technology, as the stamp on any manufactured goods MADE IN BRITAIN meant quality and reliability. Britain lead the world and even America followed. It was a great time to be a British citizen and a proud one at that! Now the jealous continentals have had their revenge on Britain by bringing us down to below their economic levels by stealth, taking our money from us hand over fist and using our fairness against us to fund their new world order and to make Britain a region in their superpower, ran by unelected, unaccountable, unrestrained and undemocratic dictatorship! Thank God the British public saw through that and Cameron was daft enough to give us a referendum on it! It only those greedy ex leaders of varied stature and their idiot followers that unfairly gain from the EU that want us to stay in the EU, such as former Labour Leader Lord Neil Kinnock and his Wife former Labour MP Lady Glennys Kinnock, who between them get an EU pension from YOUR taxes via the EU of nearly £1m per year. whilst pensioners struggle with heating and food. Tony Blair as an EU official is raking it in, in £millions, then there’s the Lords landowners like Lord Michael Hessletine, who get massive amounts of money in agricultural subsidies, all of which comes from YOUR taxes via the EU! The EU does not give us money? they give us back a fraction of what we give them and then tell us how it should be spent! They have nearly bankrupted Britain and kept its people deliberately on low wages and in a deplorable lifestyle by flooding our country with migrants and overstretching our public services and housing! It’s only those that blindly follow these very rich influential people who make vast amounts of money from the EU and don’t see the deception and lies about the economy like Chuckie, that need re-educating and many of those that voted remain have since seen through the deception with the exception of MP’s who don’t know any better! No wonder the EU PC peddlers got to our children as we were daft enough to let them and to scrap British History from lessons or show our history it in a wholly negative way to deviously and maliciously get support from our children by bending through various divisive courses our teacher’s training methods and cultural thought processes! One has only to look at the ridiculous gender suggestions coming out of universities these days to realise that there is something very much wrong there! Sorry about the length. Rant over!

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Chunky, may I humbly congratulate you on your considered passionate comment. You seem to have encapsulated all that is wrong with the British governance and society and the many wrongs that have deceived us over the years. Politics is the dirtiest game in town, and you have named some of the dirtiest political practitioners in your comment.

      My late mother always used to say “they’re all just out for themselves”. Her sage words echo in my ears today.
      So, what do we do about this sad state of affairs? Answer: We rise up, we challenge our elected representatives, we protest about anything we don’t like – we use any means possible to the point of civil disobedience where necessary. Most of all, we collaborate, we band together, we use every trick in the book to get the right people elected to OUR parliament. We need this approach now more than ever, as we are being threatened like never before on multiple fronts as true British people. We need to think of our grandchildren and the legacy they will inherit from us. After all, we still live in a democracy, and we need to box clever and make it work for US – Not them!

    • john cowie says:

      You forgot to add ! the French did not want us IN the common market, they vetoed us three times, now the don’t want us too leave because of the impact to their coffers !

  7. Chunky says:

    Thank you for your comment, VOTE UKIP!

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