FARAGE: EU Is “Falling To Pieces”

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel Farage said that Britain should leave the EU before it “blows-up” and there is nothing left to leave. Responding to Graham who expressed gratitude to Italy for doing us all a favour, Mr Farage said:

“Let’s hope the whole bucket blows up in Brussels’ face and they’ll be no European Union for us to leave.”

He continued:

“I have been saying for years, I want us to leave before the whole thing falls to pieces.

“I would lose a great sense of satisfaction if we could not do this.

“I keep saying this every week, Lord Adonis and these people who want us to basically stay in the European Union.

“What are we staying in? We’re staying in something that, I think, is increasingly fragmented.”

His comments came as divisions within the Cabinet continued over any future customs arrangement with the EU.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    IT IS ARGUABLE THAT THE COMMON MARKET MIGHT HAVE BEEN A GOOD IDEA ! The use of Trade to bring European Nations to a friendly grouping, was what was sold to us in the 1970s. However a ‘secret’ plan, kept from the people, was a SUPER STATE with a common currency, and a central legal system that would in time do away with National Parliaments. Here in UK/GB we want more Democracy, not less, ( PR in place of FPTP ). It pains me to say that Charles de Gaulle was correct with his NON to our membership due to our history and expectations. To cap it all, the EU comes to a Communist system of administration, passing all to the centre, and the centre gives back some, but with instructions on how it can be used. They probably did not notice how the Soviet Union fell apart ! TOTAL IDIOTS DON’T LEARN FROM WHAT THEY SEE, and that describes the EU. – OUT NOW !

  2. jacky lawrence says:

    Nigel I so agree with everything you say What is the big hold up apart from beaurocrats and paperwork ?????????????????????

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