UKIP Organise Anti-Grooming Gang Meeting

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Editors Note: The author is UKIP Families & Children Spokesman.

It was a filthy wet evening in Rochdale last Friday.

I was concerned, as I had arranged for two key people in the growing grassroots anti-grooming movement to meet and to go out on patrol around the town centre.

One of them is Billy Howarth, Rochdale born and bred, a working-class man and proud of it. When he discovered that his young daughter was being groomed and the authorities failed to act, he went ballistic. If they wouldn’t do something to protect his daughter and girls like her, he would; he promptly set up Parents Against Grooming UK.

One of PAGUK’s activities is to run parent patrols around the town to warn children and young teenagers about the sexual abusers that inhabit public places like the bus station. As I saw when he took me out on patrol before Christmas, he knows everyone in the town, has a good relationship with the youngsters, and on their behalf has become a sharp thorn in the side of authorities and perpetrators alike.

For instance former Islamic preacher Abdul Rauf is one of the nine infamous Rochdale groomers who were convicted in 2012. He has since been released from prison back into the community. When Billy saw Rauf waiting in a car outside a local school recently – the same school that two of Rauf’s victims had attended – he went up to the car, verbally accosted him, filmed him and forced him to move on.

The other is Mohan Singh, the formidable founder of the Sikh Awareness Society, which he set up to counter the grooming of Sikh girls who, like the English victims, are despised kuffar (non-believers) to the Muslim paedophiles. Mohan’s work was the subject of a BBC Inside Out documentary: “The hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men.” You can view it here

I first met Mohan earlier this year at his Birmingham home. I straight away realised that he sees the grooming gang atrocities with a penetrating clarity. “It’s an Islamic issue that’s occurring on an industrial scale across the country,” he told me. “Politically-correct authorities won’t deal with it properly until middle England wakes up and forces them to.”

With his long beard, orange turban, chola (Sikh warrior dress) and kirpan (Sikh ceremonial knife), I knew Mohan would cut a colourful and imposing figure out on parent patrol around the grey wet streets of Rochdale. The purpose of the patrols is educational and peaceful so

there is almost never trouble. But also, loitering paedophiles know not to mess with Billy. Neither, I knew, would they mess with Mohan.

I introduced the two men to each other in the car park of Rochdale’s world-renowned Victorian Gothic town hall under its massive clock tower. It was the first meeting between these key activists that should strengthen the growing grassroots anti-grooming movement and result in some fruitful cooperation.

As we sheltered from the sheeting rain in a nearby hostelry, others joined us: John Clynch from the Democratic Football Lads Alliance; Dan Wolstencroft from Shatter Boys UK, one of the few organisations that supports male sexual abuse survivors; Tricky Powell from the pioneering group Women Against Grooming; and Rob Mudd and Tommy Barnes from UKIP Rochdale branch who recently ran a hard-hitting local election campaign over Labour’s responsibility for the grooming scandal

Vlogger Phil Davies, aka Red Pill Phil, came along to film the event too.

It was a useful gathering of grassroots anti-grooming groups; contacts were made and plans were laid for future initiatives together.

In the event, the foul weather was so bad that the street patrol itself was a damp squib. We set off around Rochdale’s empty streets, got wet, but saw few people.

But overall, participants were encouraged. “At last people are seeing through the political correctness that has hidden the grooming gang threat,” said UKIP’s Rob Mudd. “Parents and grandparents are increasingly worried about the safety of their children, but there’s hope for them in the growing grassroots movement here in Rochdale and across the country.”

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8 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Very well done Alan, and well done to all those right thinking folk of Rochdale. I trust that similar action will follow in other towns and cities, to rid this Nation of a serious evil. It did cross my mind that in all of that wet evening, did you see any Police activity at all ? If no Police action, and you local groups are doing their job, it would seem reasonable to deduct from the Community Charge, the percentage that is the Police budget, as they are not being fit for purpose ! Just a few will not be enough, but if half the town’s population were to do it. ….. well that would be different, wouldn’t it ?

  2. Jim Hammond says:

    Absolutely brilliant initiative.Well done Billy and Mohan and all the other participants, and to you Alan for bringing them together. May it spread rapidly to other towns, villages and cities in the UK. I have maintained for a while that the real difference will come from the streets, keep it up.

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    Well done all concerned. Rochdale has started this so others will follow. We must help make it soon.

  4. Deborah June Pitt says:

    Well done, everyone. Let’s hope what has happened to Tommy Robinson will wake people up to this terrible scandal
    of rape gangs.

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    How I applaud these men and women who are taking direct action. But they need to be wary because the police will be on their backs if they are too successful in cowing the muslim paedophiles. There’ll be complaints about racism and the rest of the garbage that muslims come out with to avoid obeying our British laws and precepts of morality.
    The fact that the muslim offenders are the racists and religious bigots won’t influence the Thought Police who have been ordered by the government to avoid upsetting muslim communities by insisting on their crimes being exposed and punished. They don’t want the muslim strongholds they’ve created rioting, so give ’em preferential treatment, that’s the answer isn’t it? My solution is to treat everyone equally under the law and if muslims riot, bring out the troops. But government traitors and cowards are too PC-feeble to protect our young girls and women from racist sex fiends and perverts. Feminist ideals in Whitehall? What a joke!

  6. Well done – please see my email to you, Alan.

  7. Informed says:

    Well done guys for taking the initiative.

  8. This is a great initiative. But we also need to tackle the grooming of children into becoming the prey of homosexual predators . This is perhaps far more difficult since the enemy is within rather than without. Moreover the population i s more likely to be sympathetic to tackling Mohammedanism and to talk about it , than they will about homosexuality. However, Mohammedanism and Sodommedanism are joining forces. They are not antipathetic . They both have the same aim which is world domination and expunging Christians and the Church from the face of the Earth. Perhaps PAGUK can be encouraged to widen their remit.

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