I went into the Bolton Whites hotel at 11 am. In there I met the North West regional organiser and other members. After a few drinks, we were told to head upstairs. Walking up, in the opposite direction was Nigel Farage. I couldn’t blame him for my Union Jack shoes and shake his hand.

We went into the Heatcotes Suite and were designated table numbers. Prior to start and after first course, Nigel went around the tables to meet everyone. Then after the main course, he took to the floor to deliver his views:

On his vision for UKIP, he said:

“My plan for Ukip was to follow the Five Star Movement in Italy. I wanted everything done online, no need for TV, flyers etc and decisions on policy I wanted to be given to the members. This was easy to implement via the internet, something that works a treat for the Five Star Movement and removes potential conflicts of interest. If the membership makes the decisions, there can be no complaints.

Rather than the direction of the party is in the hands of people who have no political nous and are being paid vast sums for it, my vision was to transform UKIP. 

The money-saving potential alone is vast, the FSM in an absolutely fantastic financial position without the need to depend on huge donations.”

He insisted he was blocked from taking this route.

He continued to say that he thinks Gerard Batten has the potential to be a great leader but he must learn that he cannot win any vote whilst alienating an entire community. He said Mr Batten must be inclusive;

“Not to the extent of defending or appeasing anyone, but just enough not to put off potential vast amounts of votes.”

UKIP has gone through some rough times he said;

“I remember in 2012. The leader of The BNP Nick Griffin wanted us to merge. I was told, Nigel you must take the opportunity or that’s it.

I had people, even some of our NEC believe it or not, telling me to take up this wonderful offer.

No Way.”

Within 2 years UKIP won the EU elections and we’re riding a tidal wave. This is what he would like Gerard to do.

Moving onto Tommy Robinson:

“I have respect for what Tommy is trying to achieve an no doubt some of his opinions are well founded. But it’s all about going about things the right way. If you break the law, you get punished. That should be the same for every community. So rather than focus on someone who has been punished for breaking the law, we should focus on those who have not been.”

In regards to the EU he said:

“I’ve said before and will do so again, if we are betrayed beyond the end of this transition I will don Khaki and be back in frontline politics. Two things though. First, I haven’t gone anywhere. My social media, news programme, podcasts and website are all alive and well.

I am the leader of The Europe Of Freedom and Direct Democracy part of UKIP in the WU council and continue to give my helpful advice to the EU Parliament. 

Hopefully, I have no need to, I’m hoping there is no betrayal. However I must make this clear, I will not return to lead UKIP. That is Gerard Batten’s job.”

At this point, somebody stood up and said “I think Tommy Robinson is doing a great job” and Nigel was responding when the guy began live streaming. At this point the North West organiser could not confirm this chap was a UKIP member. After this chap was told to stop, Nigel again went around the room.

As the meeting closed, the auction was announced. This was 3 nights in Strasbourg in a 5-star hotel travel included, visit the EU Parliament in Strasbourg and a five-course dinner at night with Nigel Farage for two. I placed the highest bid, so now look forward to this in September.

We then moved back to the original chap who began videoing Nigel again and asking stuff about his kids etc.

At which point Nigel said that’s enough, Nigel got a standing ovation and moved onto Cumbria and the lad in question got a lot of grief, not least from me.

Editors’ Note: Daniel Emmerson, the person mentioned in this report but not named, has contacted us to point out that his membership was not questioned, he was never removed from the meeting and he never questioned Nigel about his kids. 

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15 Responses

  1. Daniel Emmerson says:

    Carl Davies is a total liar. There where no comments about my membership, there where no questions about Nigel kids (a complete lie).

    Carl must never be aloud to write for KipperCentral again in my opinion – a total fabricator and the live stream proves it.

  2. Chris Dark says:

    “Mr Batten must be inclusive”. I think we all know what that means, and who he is talking about. As for putting people off voting for UKIP, I find that hard to imagine, after what has happened now in London, Manchester and other places. I prefer Gerard Batten to speak truth, not waffle around playing political football.

  3. Jim Hammond says:

    Nigel will wait til all is lost, then don his khaki and save us? He wants Gerard to include those who have no real desire to be inclusive in order to be a great leader? Gerard is doing perfectly well as it is. How much was drunk before going upstairs? Thanks for the past Nigel but it is now past.
    Tommy Tommy Tommy

    • forthurst says:

      We should avoid frightening the horses and not become a one trick pony; if we attach our wagon to the Tommy Robinson train and one of his hothead supporters is involved in an ‘unfortunate incident’ involving members of an immigrant fraternity, the MSM would use that to take us down permanently.

      • Jim Hammond says:

        It is not a question of shackling ourselves to Tommy’s train and all going down together in an incident. We saw the defendants on bail turning up, we saw Tommy reading from material already in the public domain and being “vanished” live to be charged, tried and jailed within a few hours. If he had been bailed to appear at Canterbury to have a hearing then banged up for the 3 months suspended sentence outstanding we maybe would have said fair enough.
        In my mind the true villains of the piece were allowed bail, the messenger was immediately jailed. My mind is with the victims and my anger is with the rotten system that has a been allowed to fester (or has been nurtured) in this country.
        MSM wanting to take us down? We are all far or hard right according to them and indivisible anyway, they don’t need an excuse. If we stay silent when one is targeted then we will all go down eventually.

  4. Dan says:

    What! Nigel not coming back to lead us.! Phew, that’s a load off my mind.
    I knew it was unlikely but still had a niggling fear.
    From his comments above it seems he is edging away from reality, lost in the (five) stars.

  5. Paul Richardson says:

    The meeting was further confirmation that the Party has descended into ‘Us & Them’
    In this case and as judged by the reception given to Nigel, ‘Us’ was nearly everybody in the room and ‘Them’ was this Daniel Emmerson bloke.

    This dichotomy first became noticeable at the EGM in February where ‘Them’ won the day leading to Gerard Batten becoming Leader. In all the meetings and rallies I have attended, I had never seen this before and unless it is sorted out it will lead to the death of the Party.

    It has been obvious since the beginning of 2017 that in electoral terms, the Party has become insignificant. As a consequence it has little or no influence on the national picture and isn’t the electoral threat that it was in 2014 which ultimately led to the Referendum and Brexit.

    So if Mr Batten ‘must be inclusive’ he must find a way of healing this breach within the Party which he will not do by pursuing his current agenda and moving the Party to the right.

    Take note of what Nigel says. In my time in the Party I have never known him to be wrong in anticipating what will happen.

    • Jim Hammond says:

      When the referendum result was announced, I said to my wife “they will find a way to keep us in”. When Nigel resigned I said to my wife, ” that will be the end of Ukip then”. Both are still very possible, did Nigel not forsee this?

  6. John Carins says:

    Nigel seems to be putting a lot of trust in the establishment to deliver Brexit. Leavers and UKIP should be planning for a Brexit betrayal. To remedy the overthrowing of a democratic referendum will require different tactics. Normal democratic processes are no longer trustworthy and will not deliver the referendum result. The Suffragettes didn’t get votes for women without breaking and stretching the law. In the event of a Brexit betrayal, the likes of Tommy Robinson will be the lightening rods to restore democracy and British sovereignty. This is why Gerard has got this right he is insuring and anticipating the worst – a Brexit betrayal. It also applies pressure on the establishment not to subvert Brexit in the first place.

  7. rhys burriss says:

    I wonder why Nigel used the phrase ‘ IF [ my emphasis] we are betrayed beyond the end of this transition………’ : it is already clear that there is no Brexit in prospect which does not involve betrayal on Quisling levels.
    Our grotesquely undemocratic FPTP system has thrown up a ‘Parliament’ which is overwhelmingly pro Remain, and it is some kind of botched , spatchcocked, rule taking, Danegeld- paying , relationship which is being Frankensteined into place.

    What more does he need to ‘don the khaki’ ?

  8. forthurst says:

    We should heed what Nigel has said about UKIP and 5 Star; frankly the idea of electing NEC members via a quarter page in the Independence magazine and a paper ballot is depressing; it indicates we have learned nothing about effective communication and cost saving despite the extreme pressures, both political and financial, we are under.

    The Independence magazine is well past its sell-by-date and should be scrapped as a purported means of communication by the Party to the membership: printing and postage are expensive. If those who refuse to get online need to know what is going on, let them ask their local colleagues.

  9. ogga1 says:

    As much as I respect Nigal and all he has achieved in past domestic UKIP party work the leadership baton
    has now passed to Gerard Batten who is proving to be a man for ALL issues and the islamic one he approaches with honesty and common sense, unlike many who would prefer not to approach it at all.

  10. Helena Windsor says:

    Turn UKIP into a 5 star movement – all online? That shows a total disrespect for loyal elderly members who ‘don’t do computers’. We all have a small number in our branches, admittedly dwindling as that generation dies. Over the years Nigel was leader many of those fit enough burned shoeleather for hours delivering for our candidates, or stuffed envelopes, or made tea at meetings and always turned out for branch meetings and often conference if physically able. I am sure many of you agree that we need to save money on printed, posted material and move in that direction but, unlike 5 Star, which began life that way, we have longstanding members who don’t operate like that to consider.
    Now the ‘direct democracy’ in 5 Star – well Nigel, in the space of a few months Gerard is setting in place more to make that happen than you ever did and we in the grassroots will be making sure it happens.

  11. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    As much as I have liked Nigel Farage, and still do, when I am told he will not return to lead UKIP, my only response is ….. GOOD ! ….. ( END OF ) !

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