OPINION: Are Gender And Gender Roles Outdated And Unhealthy? – What To Expect From The Channel 4 ‘Documentary’ Genderquake.

I am yet to watch that which has been dubbed the ‘Queer Big Brother’ but judging from the trailer of this ‘documentary’, it will most certainly not be worth your time. It has the etchings of another left-wing circle-jerk vanity project whose sole aims are to score political and identitarian points and to allow the creators, and those who subscribe to the point of view that gender is a spectrum and not diametric, to gloat in a mire of their collective self-gratification.

To answer the question of gender roles being ‘outdated’ and ‘unhealthy’ – I think it quite dangerous even to consider that they are either, for the moment they are gone, we are doomed as a culture.

Gender roles are valuable for the success of any society. Here in the West, we are seeing a disruption to and a lack of respect for the long-standing tradition of gender roles and, as a consequence but not totally because of, we are seeing declining birth rates and ever-increasing dissatisfaction with life across the wider population.

Where gender roles still play a part in normal life, we see cultures on the rise; like in the Islamic community and in African society whose people and way of life will, ultimately, replace ours and our history and achievements along with it.

The state of where we are now is as Churchill said of the second battle of Alamein “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Make no mistake, our hegemony will not last forever and the end is nigh.


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3 Responses

  1. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    Yes their is indeed something queer going on!
    Our culture is being shaped by an unseen hand which is guiding us into this suppressive and subservient order of having to a just to a barbaric and alien Islamic agenda!!
    Another issue for our Party to take to the people on the doorstep, and for that fightback which I pray is not too late to save our Christian Island race?

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    I don’t understand all the fuss. There are some roles that aren’t suited to women i.e. those that need a lot of muscular strength and stamina i.e. front line troops and members of the fire service (yes, I know there are some female fire officers) also manual labourers on construction sites. In addition to which monthly periods are a distinct disadvantage in some roles (sorry to disappoint the sisterhood). Not all jobs in society are capable of being done by both men and women (men being those born with a penis and women being those born with a vagina) sorry again to disappoint the gender fluidity brigade – please stop being ridiculous, we’re all bored with the argument. There are very few people who genuinely suffer from gender confusion, disphoria or what ever they care to call it – only those brainwashed to think you can be anything you like just by wishing it. I might wish to be a cat but just because I stick on a pair of pointy ears and a fluffy tail, it doesn’t make me a cat. I’m still a human being.

    Yes, women have had emancipation in the jobs market and many don’t still carry out the traditional role of being a homemaker, wife, mother etc. I just wonder why there are so many dissatisfied middle-aged career women who think they’ve missed out on something. Wonder what it might be.
    Please feel free to discuss. And no, I’m not a woman hater.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Gender is Male or Female ! However there are those who wish to smudge the difference ! I believe it is time to accept this in life and Law, but never to think of it as ‘exotic’, as in the group called LGBT. It is something to be avoided if possible, but that is my point of view, being heterosexual myself, and in considerable pleasure during my life. In calling myself ‘Normal’ I do understand the dislike of Homosexuals being called ‘Queer’, and I would not use the term ! I can only be sad for these people, as having a family growing up is the ace to life ! As for ‘Gender Roles’, I think life is difficult enough already without this smudging of a basic fact to life !

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