OPINION: Abortion Is ALWAYS A Tragedy

On the 26th of May this year, Southern Ireland, by way of a referendum, voted to legalise abortions. This change in law will mean that a woman is entitled to have an abortion before the cut off time of twelve weeks, whether or not there is any risk to her own life.

Despite what you might think, I’m not about to go into my own views on the morality of abortion.

I simply want to point out two things. One, that I find it beyond repulsive that people, mainly women, were rejoicing, crying tears of happiness and hugging one another in the street when the result came out. You’d have thought they were cheering their team winning a football match. That sort of behaviour as a reaction to the vote was undignified, and quite frankly, it made me feel a little sick.

Because abortion, in every case, is a tragedy.

Some women are put in horrific situations when it comes to pregnancy; they can be a victim of rape, find out the child has a fatal condition or that their own life is seriously at risk. Disturbingly, there are also situations in which abortion is used as a form of contraception, and very little regard is given to what would become a child, a person.

But no matter what the circumstances, how can anyone jump for joy at the thought of a little life being extinguished from the world?

The second thing that I find objectionable in this debate is the euphemistic and quite frankly misleading language used by everyone on the YES side, including pro-abortion politicians. They keep talking about how the vote was a triumph because women could now ‘have a say in what happens to their own bodies’ and that ‘women’s healthcare is now becoming a priority.’ Not once have I heard anyone actually acknowledging that this is in fact all about winning the right to kill your unborn child. Or even use the clinical term ‘abort the foetus’. Nobody is using this language, because they are conveniently distancing themselves from the reality of it all.

My message to these women who are openly revelling in the result of the referendum, including these preachy politicians who continue to passionately defend the decision, is show a little dignity. Show a little compassion. And never forget that abortion is always a tragedy, not something to celebrate.


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5 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    Sound words. The death penalty for murderers has been abolished yet abortion is broadly tolerated. Double standards at work amongst the “liberal” establishment.

  2. Janice North says:

    Nicely put. Thankyou

  3. Bernard Greenwood says:

    I agree entirely.I have said something similar in a comment to a newspaper (but not as eloquently ) I was branded a bully and not a nice person.IMO it is completely outrageous to expect an abortion as a form of routine contraception.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In cases of rape, I consider that a girl or woman should have access to abortion, but with the rapist held or hunted. Otherwise I am utterly against abortion ! My late Wife and I took part in public protest, here in our home town, against abortion. Although my Wife became a member of my church, her view on this came from her Catholic belief, of life begins at conception ! … You put it very well Helen, ”Abortion is always a tragedy,” … I have only one question to put to the women that state that their body is their own. – I agree totally, but with all the contraception now available, when will they acknowledge that they have the duty to their own body to ensure pregnancy does not happen ? ! Is this expecting too much of women ? !

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    I am sickened by the women who think it is their right to end a life (however undeveloped the baby) as this is murder, which ever way you look at it and they have another human being growing inside them. If they didn’t want to get pregnant and did so because of their own promiscuity or carelessness, then they should suffer the consequences however inconvenient for them and their careers. Tough luck girls, take some responsibility. It wasn’t the Prosecco that did it, it was you! Stop being such fucking, irresponsible hypocrites!

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