OPINION: Armageddon if we LEAVE the EU? Just ask Greece!

So the government is under pressure to warn about a Doomsday Brexit?  A No Deal Brexit will apparently result in a range of scenarios  from mild to complete Armageddon. We will run out of food, petrol and medicine.  We will be in an emergency situation and our ports might collapse! According to various Civil Servants who refuse to be positive about Brexit, that is. They would rather waste time conjuring up negative situations to scare themselves and us rather than preparing for the future and being positive. The whole thing smacks of those awful leaflets sent out by David Cameron before the Referendum. (I didn’t actually get one – perhaps he knew he would be wasting his time…!)

Those actually in the know however, like Sajid Javid, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove, say they do not recognise these situations at all. They say they have never imagined  any such thing. In fact the DExEU has said it is basically rubbish. Scaremongering rubbish if you ask me. As Iain Duncan Smith succinctly put it ‘We need people with imagination and courage, not frightened rabbits’! They want to keep us tied to the EU in everything but name, and are afraid of their own shadows, spurred on by their own inadequacies and inability to imagine how to be a successful independent nation, something we were long before the EU was even invented. We are a seafaring nation who has always looked out into the world, and not through the small periscope offered by the EU.

In fact, much of the above could be said to be true if we were to STAY IN the EU. Many now think we are getting out at the right time. All over Europe countries are rebelling against EU diktats. And there is no better (or worse) example of what damage the EU can do than what has happened to Greece over the last 10 years. A once proud country that relied on tourism to survive, it has been dragged to its knees since it joined the Euro and has had to be bailed out at least once.

Since joining the EU and specifically  the Euro currency, Greece has suffered with bankruptcy, unemployment of all age groups, no wage rises and many wage reductions, increasing prices, lack of basic items  like painkillers, increased tax, people losing their homes and businesses, reduced pensions (in many households the pension is currently  the only income) and in fact pensions are due for more cutbacks. Add to this that many people are leaving to find jobs abroad and that Greece has suffered a huge brain  drain of its most educated and skilled workers, and you have to ask yourself what was wrong with Greece before it joined the EU and how exactly has the EU benefitted it?

The Greek government has put through some economic reforms which are starting to make the country more stable but these are yet to have any positive impact on the lives of ordinary Greeks, who are suffering from a huge drop in their quality of life, and many who are still there are looking for a way to leave, if only temporarily, til and if things improve.  It seems the unpopular austerity measures that were implemented didn’t help, and austerity does not go down  well with Greeks anyway. Perhaps their propensity  towards and insistence on a left wing government hasn’t helped either.

Having friends with family in Greece I know things are as bad if not worse than reported – with so called ‘middle class’ people sometimes having to route through bins for basic supplies! Today, they must be asking themselves why they ever joined the EU, in fact I know many of them are.

I cannot end this without mentioning the so called Refugee crisis. Turkey pushed on or allowed many illegal immigrants to travel by sea to Greece as a way of reaching the rest of more affluent Europe like Germany and the UK. The fault lies with Turkey for allowing or encouraging this (the animosity between the 2 countries is still huge) but the Greeks assumed the migrants would be moved on to other countries. Of course by then we too were all sick of it so the transition has not happened the way they hoped and we all saw the photos of thousands of illegal immigrants arriving on beaches and swamping small Greek villages, thereby ruining any idea of tourism.  The migrants became stuck in Greece and added to the already downward spiral of the Greek economy and quality of life.  And most of them are still wandering aimlessly around the Greek islands. Greece is now trying to send them back via the route they arrived – a bit too late really but you never know…  All of this of course has been enabled by the EUs wonderful vision of open borders and visa/passport free travel – do what you want, live where you want! No thanks.

So excuse me if I laugh, a hollow dry laugh, when I hear we are facing Armageddon if we leave the EU without a deal. Greece can testify to the near Armageddon they have just been through under the auspices of the EU I’m sure. The EU protect us? Things will be worse outside? Just take a look at Greece, and be grateful we had the sense to leave…


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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    What an awful mind set is the lot of so many remoaners ! Two years ago our pound Sterling took a punch, but its come back, and everything that was going to happen to us naughty people on leaving the EU, has yet to transpire ! I don’t do betting, but I am sure we will rise to the occasion, once we leave the EU, BUT WE NEED TO LEAVE COMPLETELY ! No Customs Union etc. Greece is the spectre of EU success !

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