KHAN’S LONDON: Australian Journalist Brands London Crimewave “Crazy” After Mugging

Laurel Irving, an Australian journalist, has said that the crime wave in London is “crazy” after she and her cameraman were the victims of an armed robbery. Irving, a reporter for Channel Sevenwas prerecording material with cameraman Jimmy Cannon when they were approached by mountain bike riding thieves.

Initially determined to fight back, Ms Iriving changed her mind when Cannon yelled out that the thieves were armed:

“I tried to grab the camera and (the cameraman) yelled ‘No, no — he’s got a gun!’” 

She confirmed that no one was hurt on Twitter but branded the rising tide of crime under Mayor Khan as “crazy”:

Along with the well-documented increase in violent crime, robbery is up by 33.4 per cent and theft by 33.9 per cent on last year as the situation in London continues to spiral out of control.

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4 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    By 2050 Londonistan will be like Beirut. Just a guess of course, predictions are always tricky, it could be more like Kabul or Tunis.

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    As an ex-front line officer for one of the biggest forces in the country, I can confirm that violent crime has been going up for a number of years, regardless of how the government wants to massage the figures. Where I used to patrol, over one weekend there were two unrelated murders, one in a nightclub. A few months later two young men were shot dead in a drugs-related killing. Also on my beat was the home of a convicted murderer who shot someone in a notorious drive-by shooting.

    This in a modern British city in the south of the country. While I was a serving officer, the then Home Secretary, a certain Mrs May, cut the police budget by 20 per cent. How helpful! The government has lied constantly for the last 10 years about the crime statistics in this country, which have been going up and up and up and every police officer knows it.

    A well-known and prolific car criminal when arrested on my my old patch, asked for 80 other offences to be taken into account and got a laughable prison sentence. Perhaps we should adopt the American method of three strikes and you’re out. i.e. commit three criminal offences and you get an automatic life sentence. If the prisons are over-crowded, then build more prisons.

    There are answers to the curse of young thugs on stolen mopeds but the government refuses to entertain them and the police are scared of being prosecuted.

  3. John Freeman says:

    I went to Stratford on Avon a few weeks ago to see a play at the RSC on a Friday evening with my daughter and granddaughter. Today I read that last Friday a young man visiting Stratford was set upon by a gang a few yards from the RSC and chased so that he jumped into the river to escape. His body was recovered downstream on Tuesday. In a few days this incident in beautiful Stratford will be forgotten, why? because it is now so commonplace in our country. There is only UKIP that will do anything to change this. We really need to raise awareness among the electorate that the establishment parties have not and will not take the action necessary.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We can have as much crime as we are prepared to accept. Although I speak for myself, I have the distinct feeling that the British have had enough and want this matter closed down right now. THIS IS A MATTER OF PRIORITY AND URGENCY, and Government, if they wish to continue to govern, need to take prompt action ! ….. Yes, money is required, but much more than money is an effective leader. I recommend someone like the late Sir Percy Sillitoe, who when given the job to clear Glasgow of its razor gangs, brought into the Police large Rugby forwards, who met violence with trained violence. A soft approach to this is not going to work, and Sillitoe brought clearance to Glasgow in short order !

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