OPINION: Muslim Council Of Britain = Enemies Of Free Speech

Last week the Muslim Council of Britain wrote to Brandon Lewis, the current Chairman of the Conservative Party, urging him to make his best effort to combat “Islamophobia”  within the ranks of the Conservative Party; a call which has also been backed up by around 350 mosques from around the country.

The Muslim Council of Britain, for those of you who are unaware of their monumental achievements to date, in creating a more diverse, tolerant, and safer Britain,  were responsible for the campaign to have an episode of the children’s animated TV show Fireman Sam removed from air due to an image of a page from the Quran appearing in one scene, something which they succeeded in doing and something of which I am sure is amongst the greatest feathers in their cap.

There are several examples of what they call ‘Islamophobia’ which are identified in this letter, of which, it can be said with great confidence, not one has been correctly labelled as such. The only criticism that can, in a true sense of fairness, be made of these comments from Party members, is of the crude, yet understandably emotive, language used in getting across a perfectly legitimate point of view.

Now, given that it has been established that these ‘offences’ – one of which is merely re-tweeting Tommy Robinson, whom they incorrectly label “anti-Muslim” and “far-right” – are totally reasonable arguments to make, the question must be asked: does the MCB’s calls for disciplinary action, action which will undoubtedly discourage, in many cases, all future criticism of Islam by Conservative Party members, make this a move against freedom of speech?

Perhaps this is the case, for, instead of directly addressing their points of contention and the concerns with Islam, they chose to put political, social, and moral pressure on the Party hierarchy with the aim of having dissenting voices against Islam silenced, no-platformed, and, maybe, expelled from the Party. One must never forget; if you are not for the right to freedom of speech for those with whom you most disagree, then you are not pro-free speech and should expect to have your own right curtailed in the future.

The MCB has a history of this, employing the same tactic when the BBC dared to have, on one of their shows, Douglass Murray, a man who is an outspoken critic of political Islam. Does this not show that they are scared that one day the true nature of the faith to which they subscribe will be known to all?

One point must be made abundantly clear about ‘Islamophobia’ itself; this phrase, which is so often bandied about by those who are far left of centre and other such Islam apologists, is a non-term, it does not exist and should carry no weight when uttered in reasonable debate. A phobia is, self-evidently, an irrational fear, and I think it a disgrace to the memory of all those who, both past and present, have suffered or have had their lives taken in the name of Islam, to name the disdain for this set of beliefs as such.

It is not irrational to not want to see Sharia applied in our country, it is not irrational to not want a religion which would gladly set back the clock on our great and innumerable achievements in democracy, science, and on the rights afforded to women and homosexuals, run rampant and engage in the coercion of our political system and native population. And it is certainly not irrational to aspire towards freedom of expression and religion, something which Islam does not allow – the penalty for leaving Islam, committing the crime of apostasy, is death. Sounds rather cultish, does it not?

The introduction of this term as a weapon to silence was predicted by the great critic of religion, Christopher Hitchins, who said:

“You will be told you can’t complain because you’re Islamophobic. The term is already being introduced into the culture as though it was an accusation of race hatred or bigotry”

And such an accusation this Muslim council claim it to be, claiming that the points raised by these individuals are “anti-Muslim racism”. Islam is not a race, nor do all Muslims belong to a single race, membership of the Muhammadan faith is something which, in the west at least, is voluntary and is therefore open to criticism and shall remain so, at least until our right to complain is taken away, which it will if the MCB have their way.

The wise course of action for the Conservatives to take would be to not cow to this bullying tactic and to stand strong and proud in the face of intolerance in the old British way, but only time will tell, perhaps one more concession will be made.

Facts and statements about Islam – https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/



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11 Responses

  1. John Bennett says:

    If this Government cannot comply with the will of over 17,000,000. Why should it comply with a non elected group.

  2. Chris Dark says:

    I am sick to death of everything muslim and islam. They must think we British are utterly stupid, trying to convince us they’re a religion of peace while attacking and killing our people. Government MPs could and should have stopped this nonsense years ago, but deliberately allowed it to fester. None of them have lifted a finger in our defence. We can’t go on like this. I cannot see a peaceful solution, I’m afraid, much though UKIP members might wish it.

  3. Grumpyashell says:

    Funny how anyone can critisise or deride Christianity,Evangelicanism,Catholism,Hinduism,Buddhism,Zoroastrianism,the Bihar faith,Judaism or even those who are Jedi but if in any way you write,say or critique Islam you are Islamophobic and the full power of the law will be brought against you….the authorities do not fear all those other faiths but they cower to the Islamic faith

  4. Pamela Preedy says:

    The solution to the problem of MCB’s opportunistic whining is to withdraw all public funds, ie taxpayers’ money, from it – money which should never have been awarded to it in the first place. This is a secular nation and NO religion or cult should be receiving money to perpetuate its superstitious nonsense. Religion used to be a matter of state coercion in the UK & Europe until free, democratic people came to their senses and insisted on it being a private matter of conscience. No faith schools should be allowed to exist and religious ‘education’ should be banned from state schools. As for ‘Boards’ that exist to promote a particular faith, they need to be done away with entirely. Religious belief is a form of mental imbalance passed on to hapless children from one generation to the other. It is, if peaceful, irrelevant to our society and deserves to be ignored as a harmless private peccadillo. When it is a real and growing threat to peace, stability, safety, freedom of speech and democracy, it has to be challenged, curbed, controlled and ousted from a civilised country.

    islam threatens to embroil us in ridiculous religious divisions and conflict that we suffered for hundreds of years and thankfully emerged from as sane, free-thinking people. The government MUST NOT allow islamic cultists to drag us down and back to the mediaeval times in which they still live. There are already far too many mosques and it should be illegal to build any more.

    Do I detest the islamic cult founded by a megalomaniac control freak and psychopath? Yes, and I also detest the Scientology cult founded by a cynical money-grubbing science fiction writer and con man, but I wouldn’t get into trouble for saying that in front of a Thought Police officer – now, why is that? Conservatives ‘islamophobic’? Don’t make me laugh! Theresa the Appeaser aka sharia May certainly isn’t, nor is the Home Secretary. Nor is liblabcon as a whole; in fact the labour mob thrive on muslim client votes while betraying the white working class they were founded to serve. The whole mainstream political class are cowardly traitors who kowtow to muslims for reasons best known to themselves.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    JOHN, my reply to every point of your piece would be very long, so I will cut to the nub of the matter.
    Islam is not a religion ! If it is anything, it is a way of life that follows an item of history, and continues through fear, that is active within its own ranks. It needs understanding by all of us British, and that is something unavailable to a Muslim as they have their minds taken upon Islam, from their birth, and are therefore unable or unwilling to check other faiths from world history !
    An unremarkable guy called Mohammad, was a goat herder or caravan operator. He got lucky and married a rich widow. The need to work for a living was ended and he used his time and personality to unify the group or tribe that he was born into. Success emboldened him to bring many other tribes under his own leadership, and dissent was punished by death. He was aware that there had been other leaders and empires, such as Alexander a millennium ago and would have known how the Western Roman Empire had collapsed more recently.
    Mohammad took himself off to a cave and told of his tuition from the Archangel Gabriel ! The Quran followed, with more than 100 verses that requires violence against unbelievers. This new Islam allied to fear of retribution for backsliders, was powerful enough to keep people together, even upon the death by old age of Mohammad, and the new leaders mantel being in dispute, is still a vexed and bloody argument to this day. The Quran covers all the Old Testament people from Adam, and includes the Christian Holy Family. ( So it must be a religion.) ! ? !
    No ! Not at all. It is in fact the oldest Insurance Policy in the history of the world ! Alexander the Great did not have one, and on his death his Empire fell to bits ! The Roman Western Empire did not have one, and look what happened, and much later the Eastern Empire fell too. Mohammad’s Empire is continuing in growth, because of the fear cult that is encapsulated within it, and the ‘religion’ element has made that possible ! Items that are found in our Holy Bible crop-up in the Quran, but the following you will never see. ….. ”I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” Statement given from The Lord Jesus, who died once, and for all ! WHERE DOES MOHAMMAD FIT INTO THIS ? ? ?

  6. Naomi says:

    What utter tosh. Islam as an ideology is highly dangerous and its adherents are similarly dangerous to health, wealth and happiness. Just look at these statistics about Jihad Rape Gangs throughout the UK over the last 50 years, yes I did say 50 years, that is 5 decades. Our daughters and sisters are being being treated as filthy, contemptible trash by these evil Muslim men. Don’t be deceived it is very, very wise to be frighted of Islam.





  7. John Bennett says:

    Another non elected Group. Oh it does not matter about that because 17.4 Million people voted out and the Government do not care.

  8. J.L.Kay says:

    A phobia is an irrational fear or hatred of something. Is it irrational to fear an insidious belief system in our midst that encourages killing those Muslims who dare to seek out another religion , that throws gay people off the top of buildings, that stones to death women who have, allegedly, committed adultery, that believes that people not of that faith are inferior creatures to be dominated and eventually enslaved, that wishes to establish a universal Caliphate, that denies the crimes of rape gangs that roam the streets of our towns and cities? Irrational my arse! It is quite rational to fear what is going on around us.

    The Muslim Council of Great Britain cannot defend the indefensible, that’s why they are trying to create a diversion by accusing people of being Islamophobic, instead of trying to cut out the cancer in the midst of their own communities.

  9. Alan Williams says:

    The Muslim Council of Britain is a highly organised lobby group dedicated to furthering the interests of Muslims in the UK even if that goes against the rights and freedoms of non-Muslims. Accusing objectors to Muslim crime gangs of prejudice and hatred has worked very well in silencing them so far but the tide is turning. The number of non-Muslims who have educated themselves about the deeper nature of Islam is increasing at a rapid rate and this will have political consequences the MCB will find difficult to welcome.

  10. Margaret Dennis says:

    Legalise apostasy, if such an Act was made within a British Bill of Rights we win.

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