EXCLUSIVE: Labour Try To No Platform UKIP, For Britain And D&V In Lewisham East

Kipper Central has learnt that the Labour Candidate in Lewisham East will NOT be attending the scheduled hustings on June 12th. Janet Daby issued a statement which was made available to all the candidates ahead of the hustings which takes place just two days before polling day on June 14th.

In the email, Ms Daby cites a “full diary” as the primary reason for her not attending. However, it continues:

“Janet will not share a platform with the far right parties who have been invited, urges the organisers not to provide them with this platform and urges fellow candidates not to give these far-right groups the oxygen of publicity by appearing with them on this platform.” 

Furthermore, she goes onto question the legitimacy of the organisers, a local 38 Degrees group, in regards to its relationship to the national 38 Degrees organisation. The statement says that this leads Daby and Labour to “have doubts as to the impartiality of the organisation arranging these hustings”.

It is understood that by ‘far-right groupings’ Ms Daby means specifically UKIP, The For Britain Movement and the Democrats & Veterans Party. Furthermore, there is a rumour that Labour intends to send a ‘goon squad’ along to the hustings to disrupt them. At this moment in time, it is also understood that the Conservative candidate will not attend the hustings either so both the main parties are seemingly engaged in a conspiracy to strangle free speech in Lewisham East.

David Kurten, the UKIP candidate challenged Ms Daby to justify her decision:

Janet Daby’s excuse for refusing to attend the Lewisham East hustings is nonsense. She accuses three parties of being ‘far-right’, which today has become a phrase thrown out as a meaningless slur by leftists who have gone so far to the far-left that they are out of touch with the majority of the people. She does not specifically name myself or UKIP as being ‘far-right’ but it would seem that is her implication.

I would challenge her to name one policy or statement I have made which is ‘far-right’. She is unlikely to answer because she wouldn’t be able to – there are none. It is actually Labour that is acting more and more like fascists. Groups of fascist ‘anti-fascist’ thugs have grown up which are loosely attached to the Labour Party and do its bidding, by attempting to intimidate opposition parties and people with different opinions. Labour’s members and candidates regularly consort with Hamas and other Jew-hating Islamists, while it wants to restrict freedom of speech and introduce penalties for so-called ‘hate speech’ so that people who don’t agree with Labour’s insane Marxist politics are silenced.

It is hard to imagine a clearer demonstration of the establishment’s total contempt for free speech, the democratic process and indeed the electorate in Lewisham East. Labour in particular clearly feels it can act with impunity and without scrutiny. It is to be hoped that come June 14th the electorate remind them that is not the case and hit them where it hurts the most, at the ballot box.

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17 Responses

  1. Paul Oakley says:

    Morning Darrell. If any Kippers fancy coming along to the event they’re more than welcome. It’s at the Salvation Army Hall, 23 Brownhill Road, Catford SE6 2HE on Tuesday 12th June at 7 pm sharp.

  2. David Gunn says:

    The Conservative candidate is a sacrificial lamb anyway and is only there on a practice run for a better seat next time. Even so, it does not reflect well on the main parties and their views on democracy.

  3. Ian Edwards says:

    For any career you need a qualification to demonstrate you know what you are doing. You need one before you are allowed to drive a car unsupervised. The same should apply to MPs. This woman, like so many, does not understand what free speech is or the difference between far-left and far-right. All she appears to know is what she has learned from within her little circle of group-think labourites. Unfortunately if she is elected that narrow mindset then goes to Westminster where issues affecting the nation as a whole are debated yet she will see things only from the narrow viewpoint of her own patronage. We need to raise the bar for entrance MPs into Parliament.

  4. Barrie says:

    Ukips executive are the very last to condemn others for total disregard for free speech and the democratic process after the alarming display of the EGM against the choice of the grassroots members. Pot calling kettle methinks.

  5. Matthew Goodwin says:

    Top statement by David Kurten

  6. Chunky says:

    Typical Labour and Tory tactics! Both parties are really scared stiff of UKIP as their little two party political clique cannot allow another party to upset their shared monopoly of Westminster? They are scared of losing to a better party that has better ideas than they both do, so will attempt to crush and destroy the UKIP “usurpers” as UKIP is their greatest fear! Their “Brown Shirt” Goon Squad will undoubtedly be there to cause as much disruption as they can? lets just hope the police are there and do their duty without fear or favour by arresting and charging these Labour fascists for a change?

  7. StuartJ says:

    David Kurten’s statement is completely spot on. “Far-right” has just become yet another meaningless and lazy slur, in exactly the same way that the term “racist” is.
    I hope the organisers don’t cave in; let the hustings go ahead, and Ms Daby will have essentially ‘no-platformed’ herself by refusing to appear.

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Darrell, if you get the chance, make UKIP comments available to David Kurten.
    David should use this as a feather in his cap ! This Labour bint is running scared, knowing that she is unable to debate successfully with David. Labour’s stance these days is so warped from its original standing, that I am surprised that old bedrock Labour bother to support the Party !
    If a Labour candidate can’t be bothered to turn up, for whatever reason, why should the supporters turn out to vote for the Party ?
    If I were younger and more able, I would be there to support David, who should take care with the inevitable ( Labour ) thugs !

  9. David Kurten, the UKIP candidate ….”Labour’s members and candidates regularly consort with Hamas and other Jew-hating Islamists, while it wants to restrict freedom of speech and introduce penalties for so-called ‘hate speech’ so that people who don’t agree with Labour’s insane Marxist politics are silenced.” –
    You do know it’s actually the Tories that have brought these laws about and who at present have TWO, to my knowledge, political prisoners, namely Melanie Shaw & Tommy Robinson. I’m no fan of this young lady, having listened to her rant, she not overly Corbyn material.
    Melanie Shaw is a witness to Nottingham Child abuse scandal, she knows names and wants to name them; Councillors, Cabinet MP’s, Social Services and she was locked up on fictitious charges!

  10. Naomi says:

    Well said Mr Kurten.

  11. Ron Hughes says:

    This is typical of a new phase when it comes to democratic debate. Nothing wrong with 38 degrees.

  12. Pamela Preedy says:

    The Darby woman, a mindless Labour drone, doesn’t want the ‘far right’ parties to be given ‘the oxygen of publicity’. Apart from this expression being a predictable, dreary, boring cliche typical of Leftards, what makes this idiot think the patriotic people she won’t share a platform with want to share the same oxygen as a canting marxist traitor to this country and its hard-won tradition of free speech?

    If anyone should be deprived of oxygen, it should be the PC leftist wreckers in our midst who don’t understand the words ‘democracy’, ‘free speech’, ‘free thought’, ‘birthright’ and ‘heritage’. Those who want to ‘no platform’ others should not be allowed to stand for office of any kind.

  13. How far left of centre does one have to be before one can be described as ‘FAR LEFT’? – Surely Daby Daby DOO fits the bill!

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    […] well remember that Janet Daby, the new Labour MP for Lewisham East actively encouraged the blockade in an email she wrote to the organisers of the hustings which was leaked to Kipper Central. Serious questions […]

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