OPINION: Our Streets Belong To Us

A couple of years ago I arrived home late at night having driven a hundred miles home., and noticed another car follow me around.  I live in a complex of flats with allocated parking for residents and it was unusual to see someone else pulling in so late on a Sunday night (it’s mostly couples who all have to get up for work the next day). I wasn’t concerned as I was still in my car, presuming it was maybe a taxi someone had called. The driver though parked a few feet away and walked over to me. I wound down my window and he asked me if I knew if he could buy drugs from any of the flats nearby. And if so, which one…! I was taken aback as I live in a privately owned block of flats with nice gardens in a quiet street in the suburbs of NW London.  At night and sometimes even during the day it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop! I have never felt afraid, even coming home in the middle of the night.

Anyway, back to the potential drug purchaser. I informed him there was nowhere he could buy drugs. I asked him what on earth made him think he could? He said he didn’t know and then turned towards his car. I decided to wait in mine until he had gone.  But he then turned to me again and asked what I was waiting for… So I said I am waiting for you to leave! At which point he went back to his car and drove off, and to be fair he didn’t seem threatening or menacing, just a young guy who thought he could buy drugs in my block of flats….!

I later found out that someone had indeed been selling drugs from the block of flats next door to mine, and the local safer neighbourhood team (PSCOs not paid police) very kindly sent us a letter saying the neighbourhood team had dealt with it. I called them to ask for more details as to how long it had been going on and whether any arrests had been made, but they told me I was not entitled to know that, even though I live there.  Or even to have been told in advance to be careful if approached…Oh well, at least I was never asked again about drugs after that I guess. Hey ho, the things we are expected to  get used to!

I then began to rack my memory and remembered how a few months earlier I had been disturbed by flashing lights outside one evening. I saw a police car parked outside my block of flats. 2  policemen emerged with a young man. He was struggling against them but they managed to lean him against the car and eventually apply handcuffs. He was speaking to them in a foreign language which sounded like French (he looked African). I didn’t recognise him as one of my neighbours and had never seen him before (but unfortunately many people now rent their flats out so it’s hard to know WHO lives there anyway). The police had to literally drag him out of the building.  It was a bit worrying and unusual so a couple of days later I called the police to find out what had been going on. I was greeted with a wall of silence – apparently I am not allowed to know even though I live in the block of flats he was removed from! I can only surmise that perhaps it was linked to the aforementioned drug dealing…. I was never allowed to know.

So, on with the decline in where I live. The next issue was a lovely pub opposite me which was turned into  into a mini supermarket. Two huge ugly betting shops have also opened which are open til quite late in the same road, which is a tiny parade of shops on an otherwise completely residential road with a school and 2 parks….. bizarre!   Walking past the supermarket soon became a nightmare as it had a gang of Eastern European men hanging around outside, on a wall, drinking and harassing people all day and night. It came to a head for me  one evening when I tried to go into the shop and I had to navigate past a rough  drunk who was determined to speak to me. Once I made it into the shop the staff told me what had been going on. The men outside spent all day coming in and out trying to shoplift. They were often drunk and would just try all day, having nothing else to do and in between harassing customers.. . The staff and security guards couldn’t cope with the amount of attempts as they often became violent. The police would come and try to help but were often too late of course. At one point a farcical sign went up saying ‘It is against the law to shoplift’ !!!   And that evening  a security guard insisted on walking me to my car. It all came to a crescendo when one of the staff ended up in an altercation with one of the gang and got his face slashed open with a knife and had to be rushed to hospital. It all went on for a while longer but the ensuing investigation after the knife attack resulted in them being moved on, eventually. I guess it couldn’t go on any longer but why did it have to come to that in the first place?

Opposite this, there is a small row of shops with flats above. In one of them lived a man who often wandered around the street drunk and wearing just a coat, sometimes one shoe and arguing with various acquaintances loudly and in a  foreign language.  Great to see after a hard days work.  Add to this various men sitting at the bus stop trying to talk to women as they went by.  They usually had cans of beer and one enterprising young man decided a lovely way to spend the evening would be to balance loads of cans of beer on a bin and drink his way through them while watching everyone walking home from work. I asked him why he was doing it, he said just because he could so why not? The question itself seemed to perplex him. How does it benefit us having so many aimless people entering our country unchecked and uncontrolled? The joke really is on us.

Anyway, on phoning the police about all of this I again came up against a brick wall, I was told I should be careful not to be racist, that I was judging them, that they might be homeless, that it was none of my business and that they couldn’t see what my problem was.  After a 20 minute conversation that nearly ended in a row, I gave up. The police officer was determined not to do anything, so I left it…. how many others give up too?

There has been a general decline over the years, sometimes improving, sometimes dropping drastically, including spates of muggings and fights at the station, a stabbing, an attack on a ticket office member of staff, young men smoking drugs by the ticket machines, people riding bikes up the platform, and the most shocking of all on a Sunday afternoon – a shooting at the traffic lights between 2 cars – drug related. This didn’t happen all at once of course, it been over a number of years, but before that, it was unheard of in such a quiet area. I do believe this sorry tale is repeated endlessly across London, and increasingly across the whole of the UK.

It’s tiring, and depressing. Add to it the overcrowding, the lack of facilities, the occasional flytipping, the diminishing of hearing the English accent or indeed English at all when I wander around where I live, I’m beginning to feel a minority in my own town, and have in fact felt that way for a very long time, because of course, I am.

I’m not laying the blame for ALL  of this on mass immigration and open borders, of course. We had plenty of people already who would gladly drag standards down.  But once you are overcrowded and nobody knows anyone anymore,  there is no communication and no one cares, things start to go downhill and standards get lowered. And then it’s a downhill slippery slope, all the way to the bottom, with no return.  It’s al struggle to stay on top of things and with less police around and their unwillingness to get involved, you increasingly start to feel you are on your own, which we are really, there is nothing between you and all of this other than your front door. …

Like I say, dealing with all this wears you down. Maybe that is the plan. That we will lie down and give in, and no longer expect any sort of quality of life other than working and being a consumer, trawling through the rubble that used to be our way of life….  But I will continue the fight.  We need to reclaim our streets and feel safe again. . …. And  I am ever hopeful.




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10 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Janice, I do understand ! I have lived in the same house for 30 years and more, in the quiet and slightly backward town of Northampton, ( Borough Council wise, who are responsible for killing our Town Centre ! ). Over the last 5 – 6 years immigrants have arrived, which was no problem to me, except that they shout in their own tongue. Either they are deaf, or trying to ensure that we all know that they are the advance guard to a lot more ! In the same time frame we have lost our local Co-Op, due to massive thefts, and violence, once not known to the area, is now common place. Noisy Police helicopters are now regular over the area, which I can’t find any sense to, as Police on the ground are invisible to me ! IT’S ALL GOING DOWN THE TOILET !

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    Those of us who are English or indeed British have a moral duty to bring these things to the notice of the authorities who, in their turn should be seen to make it known to these incomers that their behaviour is unacceptable. If we do not get any satisfaction then we should keep on at the local police And the local authority. There should be facilities available to send such Vagrants back to where they came from if they have no means of support or employment after 6 months living here. They should also be banished from these shores whenever the indulge in criminal or immoral behaviour.

  3. Janice says:

    Yes Mike it is. But we are supposed to pretend it’s all fabulous of course. Our country is ruined.

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    Spot on Janice. Welcome to Sadik Khan’s London. This is the planned future for Europeans. ‘Taking back our streets’ is a moot point today because ‘we’ are not the same people we were even twenty years ago. It’s ‘their’ street now. Courtesy of the elites and ‘us’ happy to vote our cultural heritage away at the polling stations. They say democracy always ends in failure. I think we have the proof of that now. And UKIP are too politically correct themselves in the upper echelons in my view, ‘we are the most inclusive party’. People are turning to other parties for help today.

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    I live in hope of the British rising up and taking control of our streets and if needed ejecting those who oppose us.

  6. Miss Bridgit. says:

    If the UKIP or any NEW political party want to have ANY chance of winning the next election they should stop being coy and pandering to political correctness and having two bob each way. Tell Police Chiefs to stop their officers dancing in the streets like a line of chorus girls and POLICE the effing streets . Cease ALL immigration. We do not need unlimited immigration to this country, it is already grossly over-crowded.

    All foreign aid should be IMMEDIATELY stopped and with the money saved to be used as a handsome incentive to send those people home who wish to leave. A serious roundup and deportation of illegals and heavy penalties imposed for those firms employing Illegals, with bounties offered for those dobbing in employers who do use these people.

    Most importantly there should be IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL from the EU, NO DEALS. HARD/SOFT? NOTHING. There should be no deviation from these aims. Then we get serious about sorting out the mess with all our institutions starting with a clean-out of the National Broadcaster and its political departments and its bias in reporting and an investigation as to what is going on in our schools . That is just for starters. Any new political party promising this in its entirety it will be a shoe-in at the next election. If we don’t do something very quickly this country is in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

    • Ian Hensman says:

      Miss Bridget, You are talking my language. I would add to that and any foreign lawbreakers should automatically be shipped out irrespective of the asylum situation and conditions in their homeland

  7. Naomi says:

    I used to live in leafy suburban south London. When I was a child Sutton grammar school was the top place to be. 50 years on I now live in Salisbury. Where it seems most of the suburban south Londoner now live. A friend of mine who lives in Reigate, Surrey is sending her 17 year old son to Sutton Grammar now and she tells me that 80 %, YES that is 80 % of the young people now studying at Sutton grammar are non european. Is it any wonder that judeo-christian whites are now a minority in their own capital city, Londondistan run by that Pakistani Muslim and pro terrorist Sadiq Khan under that Muslim Home Secretary Sajid Javid. But then remember David Cameron said only a few years back he looks forward to seeing a Muslim Prime Minister and a Muslim Head of the Armed Forces. Thank you Mr Cameron and Mr Blair before you, for what you have done to this once proud, marshel nation once known as Great Britain.

  8. Proper Angry Manc says:

    it wont get better , you need to move

  9. Ian Hensman says:

    We need less love thy neighbour and more thought for our own. Remember to block Sharia and Islam at every opportunity.

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