TURKISH ELECTIONS: Erdogan Threatens ‘Holy War’

Turkey is unquestionably at a crossroads. On June 24th voters will go to the polls in a double election, one Parliamentary and one for a new President with vastly increased powers. If they elect current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan then it is probably the last free election that Turkey will see in a while. Erdogan is a radical Islamist.

His response to the recent decision by Austria to close extremist Mosques and expel Imams was to threaten a war between the “cross and the crescent”. On Saturday in Istanbul he said:

“These measures taken by the Austrian chancellor are, I fear, leading the world towards a war between the cross and the crescent.” 

“You do this and we sit idle? It means we will take some steps too,” he said, adding that the “western world should get their act together.”

Meanwhile, Greece has been forced to put 8 Turkish army officers under armed guard over fears they could potentially be assassinated over allegations they were involved in the attempted coup which aimed at deposing Erdogan.

Erdogan’s Deputy, Recep Akdag has said that he wants Turkey to join the EU within five years raising the terrifying prospect of an Islamist Turkey becoming part of the EU as well as opening European borders to mass immigration.


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7 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    If Turkey joins the EU after the UK has left I have no objections.

    The sabre rattling with Austria is, just that, sabre rattling. The Islamic hordes are not in any state to besiege Vienna just yet.

    I do think that more political pressure should be exerted to ‘Stop and Reverse the Great Replacement’, as Generation Identity puts it, and I’m pleased to learn that Austria’s new young PM is leaning in that direction himself and the UK could learn from him.

    Let’s face it, the 1948 act of citizenship and it’s de-Europeanisation process that followed, has been a failure. It has destroyed a number of our towns and cities and will destroy the whole country if it is not reversed. No parliament is be bound by it’s predecessors and a Reversal process is simply another Act of Parliament we have yet to witness.

  2. John Francis says:

    Islam is a real problem for the civilised West.
    Radical Islam a clear and immediate danger to the civilised West.
    I don’t know if there is a conspiracy amongst world leaders and organisations like the EU to promote and integrate Islam into the civilised world or not.
    But it is happening before our eyes.
    People like Anne Marie Waters and Douglas Murray have warned of this nightmare scenario for a long time.
    Tommy Robinson has been jailed recently for something along those lines.
    The Wests’ clash with Islam is moving ever closer.
    Our political leaders appear blind to this or they are deliberately misleading us, aided by the MSM, and particularly the odious BBC.

  3. Jim Hammond says:

    Is this threatened holy war, crescent against cross, a new one or just part of the general crescent against all kuffirs that’s coming anyway?

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We already have a domestic war of cross and crescent in Turkey, and its nothing to do with Austria ! An American Pastor is held in prison, and all that can be gleaned as to the charge against him, is that he is Christian ! The very idea of Turkey joining the EU, should make even Maggie May take notice ! They are the wrong people with the wrong beliefs, and UK/GB must leave the funny farm A.S.A.P. and without any ties left to confuse people !

  5. Lets hope our useless bunch of leaders get their act together, and we are completely out of the eu if Turkey is admitted to the eu, I dont think even they are that stupid to admit them, they would have a lot of opposition from the people of Europe, if somehow turkey gets to be a member “the fan will really hit the roof”

  6. Robert Bryant says:

    Alleged Brexiteer Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that he wants Turkey to become a member of the EU, which would entitle 80/90 million Moslem Turks to enrich Europe. Johnson’s grandfather was Turkish so Boris wants all his relatives to join him here. So much for Boris being a leaver.

  7. J.L.Kay says:

    We don’t need or want Turkey to join the EU. Even if the UK is out of the EU, Turkey’s presence in the EU would allow scores of millions of Muslim Turks to flood Europe. We already have a holy war going on in the UK and across Europe. Why allow the bastards to send for reinforcements? When Saudi Arabia allows Christians to build Churches in Riyadh and show Christian symbols, such as the crucifix as bumper stickers, then I’ll say open the flood gates. Do you know it’s illegal to take a Bible into Saudi Arabia or display any Christian symbol on pain of imprisonment or worse?

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