OPINION: The Transgender Law Change No One Is Talking About

In Church the other day we were about to read a hymn. Lovely. But the reader felt it necessary to mention that although the first line of the hymn said ‘he’ that this was meant to signify everyone, women as well as men etc,  not just males. I must admit I made a face.   I looked around… everyone was well into middle age if not older, and we surely understood this. We learnt it at school – ‘ mankind’ etc – why on earth was it necessary to mention it? Do we look like idiots? He had obviously been told to start doing this of course. Sigh…

The war on gender is speeding up. It’s now being pushed everywhere.  But what’s wrong with being a biological  woman and wanting to stay that way? Nothing of course.  But sometimes it feels like we are the minority rather than the transgenderists who actually ARE  the  minority – being between 0.45% and 0.75% of the UK population (male and female trans). We hear about it incessantly and it sometimes seems like everything is supposed to change to accommodate them.

Of course no one should feel intimidated or discriminated against because of their sexuality or for feeling they were born in to the wrong body,  but I have no idea why this has suddenly become such a huge issue that everything must be disrupted for it…. Children taught about transgender before they even understand what sex is, little boys made to wear skirts, girls not to be referred to as girls in case they start thinking of themselves as girls….(help me please!),  school kids made to share toilets, and teachers suspended for getting a child’s ‘chosen’ gender identity wrong. What’s the point of it all? I do now believe  those who say it is all about the destruction of the family, otherwise why  else would it be taken to such extremes?   And for me, I do believe there is now a war on natural born women – and men – and any assumption we may make about a persons perceived gender or sexuality, however innocently intended.

I loved the story in the news the other day of a group of women who decided to make this point by ‘self identifying’  as men for the day to infiltrate the Men’s Pond at Hampstead Heath on the last bank Holiday weekend. This was to highlight the ridiculous changes in law the government are proposing, whereby you can virtually wake up in the morning and decide that you now wish to self identify as the opposite sex to that which you were born and expect everything to be available to you that your new chosen gender would have, regardless of the effect  on other people.  Imagine the possible consequences of this…. and then let me tell you that many of them are already occurring.

The law for a long time has been that if you wish to change gender (you cannot change sex as your DNA will always show the sex that you were born with) you would have to first talk this through with your doctor and agree to live as your chosen gender for period of time – usually  a year or two – clothing, name,  everything. . This was a hard thing to do and I always felt sorry for people who were clearly attempting this. I knew it would be a long hard road with ridicule and self doubt, and not a decision to be  taken lightly.  But the government wants to do away with that process. Perhaps a good thing for those who are genuine, but not for the many who will use it just for personal gain.

Back to the ladies  identifying as men at Hampstead Heath Mens pond. The men were of course rightly angry at first and the police were called. But the women explained – they were protesting the changes in the law and merely making a point. They were unhappy that soon men  would be able to self  identify as women and immediately insist on using women’s facilities, taking women’s roles, and in effect try to replace women  in every walk of life for disingenuous reasons, and the new law would probably go through with most of us knowing NOTHING about it, and it  would obviously affect men too. The men at the pond agreed with their point and calmed down. And the police understood it was a protest and all ended happily. Point made.

I myself first found out about these changes to the law coming up when I spoke to a charity who were trying to stop it.  They weren’t feminazis or anti men – they were just trying to protect the rights of natural born women not to be effectively replaced by  men who had chosen to self identify as women for all kinds of reasons that could be detrimental to women. .  Most reasonable people will accept that there will always be people who feel they need to change gender, but we are entering a whole different zone with the new law changes.

Set this off against a recent case in the paper where a male rapist was jailed. He then insisted he wanted to identify as a woman and eventually got moved to a female prison where he then proceeded to … yes you’ve guessed it… rape a woman.   Then we have another male prisoner who also identified as  a woman, went to a women’s prison and… no, not rape this time, but had sex with various women, as a man…(feeling a bit confused?)…, so is now back in a male prison awaiting…guess what? A sex change operation to the tune of £200,000 – at our expense.  Seriously? Yes!

So far, around the world, men who self identify as women have been able to join women only shortlists for jobs, politics, anything,  play sport as a woman, serve time in women’s prisons, work in women’s refuges dn womens clinics,  be invited for gynaecological testing (!) and effectively start to replace women in many things that women fought hard for (women only shortlists, whether you agree with them or not, were invented to counter the lack of women in various walks of life).

I will say again, I understand and appreciate that there are those who genuinely feel they must change gender, and I have no problem with that. I wish them well. For anyone to do that sincerely I know it is a hard choice and a long road to travel . But these changes in the law that the government are proposing will set natural born women a long way back, and we are the sex that took so long just to have a vote, equal rights and a voice.

Please don’t now let us be made vulnerable all over again. Think of the effect on the traditional family too, if it helps.

In other words, please don’t make us null and void… .







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8 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    The only politician I have heard protesting about this attack on women’s rights and this government’s ridiculous eagerness to jump on the Gender PC bandwagon is Anne Marie Waters, leader of The For Britain Movement. She rightly criticises this nonsense as yet another attempt to undermine everything women have fought for, including the right to be protected from sexual assault and harassment by unbalanced men. If any shemale masquerading as a woman came into a women’s toilet or changing room I was using, I’d holler blue murder and wield an umbrella. I hope the female victims raped by men the idiot authorities allowed into their prison sued the hell out of them. There should be no male officers in women’s prisons either or vice-versa, as they seem to allow in the USA.

    No one is entitled to suddenly self-identify as the opposite sex and demand rights they formerly did not have on that basis. Wonder what would happen if all the women who lose out in the considerable Gender Pay Gap went into work self-identifying as men and demanding immediate pay rises? Do you think that would work?

    I simply have no interest in whether a person wants to change gender, but I don’t see why it should be done at the taxpayers’ expense. And to start making laws about it simply underlines this useless government’s preference for focusing on trivial concerns instead of the really vital issues such as the protection and preservation of our country’s values in the face of inimical islam, a cult that has no respect whatever for the female sex.

  2. Chris Dark says:

    I’ll have to be blunt here; I don’t believe any of the codswallop about “transgender people”. When I was at college learning medical sciences I studied the basics of genetics and learned that, very rarely, someone is born with extra X chromosomes or some other permutation that makes physical determination of the child’s sex difficult. Trying to kid me and millions of others that men can turn into women (or vice versa) simply because they “feel” they’re in the wrong body is a waste of time. The genetic conditions are rare. The tripe about “I’m transgender” is all in the mind and should be treated as a mental health issue. Everything today is run on “feelings”, touchy-feely stuff instead of hard facts. I shudder when I read about parents taking their children for puberty-blockers….why on earth do they think their children are trans? Folk have been brainwashed; our enemy is laughing hour by hour because their mind-games have been so utterly, resoundingly successful….”confuse the young about who and what they are”. Families disintegrating, people not knowing whether they’re male, female or a dog’s food-bowl…it’s all deliberate, to destroy the natural order of life.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Janice, Thanks for your piece, and an insight into gender problems. As a schoolboy and as a young man, many utterly disgusting jokes did the rounds, and we all laughed at them. As we get older, people are busy earning money, and frankly don’t have time for this silliness ! I am aware that some men and women do have the problem, of the body being one gender, but their ‘balance’ being clearly the other gender, and I can only feel sorry for them. I Thank the Almighty that I am what I am, and also give my Thanks for the female, without whom, I would not now be a Dad, and a Grandpa. It is a wonderful arrangement !

  4. Alan Williams says:

    If transgenderism isn’t accepted then then the gay rights movement will be in danger of collapse which is one reason why it is being pushed so hard. It is also part of the Marxist campaign to destroy family bonds because they challenge totalitarian government control.

  5. Proper Angry Manc says:

    the only ones I know all have SERIOUS mental problems due to child abuse, they need a psychiatrist not a surgeon

  6. This brings back memories of when I used to go to Speakers Corner regularly and a Muslim Speaker was proclaimed you do not see animals indulging in homosexuality for fear of being killed by other animals then he proclaimed that homosexuality was “unnatural and uncivilised.”

    At that I shouted back, “That’s impossible” at which he stopped, looked at me and asked why.

    I pointed out to him that whilst it was true that homosexuality could be unnatural or uncivilised it could not be both because civilisation is based upon the alteration and elimination of the natural in order to progress scientifically and culturally.

    He tried to insist it was unnatural but I had to point out to him that so was Islam because you don’t see animals going through rituals based upon a spiritual demand or having penal codes based upon an intellectual spiritual belief, so if he wanted to condemn homosexuality for being unnatural then the same must apply for Islam. At that some of the crowd started heckling asking him to make up his mind.

    The truth of the matter is that civilisation is precisely contrary to nature and any damage we do to ourselves or our planet is based upon this need to reverse and snuff out nature for our own selfish reasons.

    For me nothing epitomises the absurdity of “civilised” humanity more than the concept of prisons coupled with the abolition of the death penalty whereby our civilisation dictates that life is paramount but the impoverished can have miserable short unhealthy lives while the serial killers are guaranteed food and shelter for life….. more absurd in America where lifers and even those sentenced to death are put in institutions labelled “correctional institutes.”

  7. Oliver Butt says:

    Good article Janice. I agree with just about all of it.

    However, I sing hymns in church but you appear to be reading them. Has your organ broken down?

  8. J.L.Kay says:

    If you’re born a male, with male sexual organs and male chromosomes, then you’re a male. If you’re born a female, with female sexual organs and female chromosomes , then you’re a female. Sorry folks, that’s just the way it goes. If you’re a man and have your wedding tackle removed and a false pair of breasts implanted, you’re still a man pretending to be a woman. I’m sorry for those who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria but I think they’re few and far between. This whole thing is about Human Rights and a person’s so-called right to do and say what they want. Get over it, you can’t always get what you want.

    If I wanted to be a cat and I stuck on a pair of pointed ears and a fluffy tail, I’d still be a man pretending to be a cat. No, you can’t always get what you want!
    Get over it folks.

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