FREE SPEECH: Count Dankula Joins UKIP!

You may well remember us reporting that free speech warrior Count Dankula was thinking of joining UKIP. Well, yesterday, after promising to join upon receipt of 10,000 retweets, after receiving them he announced on Twitter that he has indeed taken the plunge:

He also produced a video encouraging people to join UKIP, the “thinking mans political party”, and promised to help the Party reach out to youth.

The Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, Reece Coombes, welcomed the Count’s decision:

“I am absolutely delighted that Count Dankula has joined UKIP!

“His sinister encounter with the thought police acted as a catalyst for the free speech movement, and UKIP is the only party truly standing up for our rights.

“Count Dankula is the latest of many freedom campaigners to join UKIP – we are the party of freedom and the government will learn that as more and more people realise what is going on in Britain.” 

UKIP is certainly cementing its reputation as the only political Party willing to stand up and fight for free speech.


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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The United Kingdom Independence Party is already proud to have been the only Party that championed leaving the European Union, and it is to the discredit of Parliament, that all the other Parties wished to remain. The referendum result proved that Westminster was out of touch with the People, and gave powerful reason for support of UKIP. Time will tell upon this !
    As for this new member of UKIP. You are welcome, as will all right-minded folk !

  2. John Carins says:

    Something for him to get his teeth into!

  3. Barrie says:

    Getting the new NEC ready for the Cabal to endorse. We see right through your plans.

  1. 2:12 am, June 18, 2018

    […] his decision as part of his regular video, This Week In Stupid. They join Count Dankula who announced on […]

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