EXCLUSIVE: Tommy’s Appeal Judge Declares Tommy Guilty BEFORE Appeal

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As I am sure you are all aware, Tommy Robinson’s appeal will be heard on July 10th by Lord Brian Leveson.

However, Lord Leveson gave an interview to the BBC Radio 4s Law In Action program on June 24th in which he used the case of Mr Robinson as an example of when posting material on the internet can lead to imprisonment due to contempt of court. This means, I would submit, that already, before the case has been heard and therefore before Lord Leveson has had all the facts of the case presented to him, that he has in fact predetermined the guilt of Mr Robinson and is therefore unable to impartially judge his appeal.

Starting at 03:45 Leveson says:

“Members of the public ought to know that publishing comments which impact unfairly on the course of a trial could constitute contempt of court and there is a very good recent example of a man who videoed material which he fed into the internet which did constitute contempt of court as a result of which he was sentenced to a term of imprisonment.” (Our emphasis).

Joshua Rozenberg, the presenter, asks “This is Tommy Robinson?” Leveson replies “It is indeed”. Clearly, Lord Leveson has already formed an opinion of the case he is now being expected to preside over and has expressed that opinion in a public forum. It is kind of ironic that his Lordship saw fit to venture an opinion on the actions of members of the public but has in fact now put himself in a position where he cannot reasonably be relied upon to judge the case of Mr Robinson in an impartial and fair manner.

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29 Responses

  1. The appeal is about the sentence, not about guilt or innocence. Best just to let the legal team get on with it.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      The point is Mike Leveson has a pre formed opinion of the case so cannot objectively judge anything, guilt or innocence or anything including sentencing

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Performing an opinion of a case is an instant disqualification from presiding – Raheem has sent it to Tommy’s legal team

    • Tom S says:

      Isn’t Leveson guilty of the same thing Robinson has been charged with? Maybe they could be cellmates.

      • Natalie Hughes says:

        Exactly, the judge is in contempt of court. He is speaking about the trial before it commences, it could bias the trial. Let’s throw the judge in the clink!

        • Herbert Thornton says:

          Only ‘could’ bias the trial”? Surely it announces bias loudly as if by megaphone.
          I don’t know whether that actually puts him in contempt of court, but if it does he should try to purge himself of the contempt by at least declining to judge the case. And even if he’s not in contempt of court he certainly has a separate duty to recuse himself from hearing the appeal.

    • Brett_McS says:

      They can also appeal the verdict, even though he already plead guilty. Perhaps they will tackle that another time, just to get it off the record.

    • edward says:

      he GREAT irony here:- Head of Criminal Justice. Lord Leveson chaired the public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press, prompted by the News of the World phone hacking affair. So here he sits in judgement before any facts are put before him. Is he capable of being just? Justice is more than a technical consideration of the law –

      Time will tell. He has it in his power to ignite England into a fury. There is much at stake as the paedophile / child abuse scandals are becoming a matter of public interest. These issue go to the very top of society and privilege. Can one of the privileged class be apart from the protection that has covered up these crimes.

      One thing is for sure. Muslim rape gangs are only part of the story and whilst the focus was there it was not on the paedophile rings that preyed on children in care. By putting Tommy Robinson in jail with such dramatic unprecedented haste this has focused the worlds attention on Tommy Robinson and Muslim rape gangs….. The other consequence is old YouTube videos have emerged putting a spotlight on the sexual depravity of those in high political office and privileged society.

      I say the horse has bolted – they can close the barn door but to no avail because the horse is in the wind….. It will be very interesting to see how Lord Levison plays this out. Clearly he is in a no win situation and the world is watching.

      Know this ‘Tommy Robinson’ the world has got your back…. Stay strong and face forward.

      The only possible justification for postponing the trial is fro Lord Leverson to consider his position.

  2. Jim Hammond says:

    Leveson has just done what Tommy is accused of, putting material into the public domain that can prejudice a fair hearing. It will be interesting to see if Leveson finds himself in contempt of court. No wonder the people of this country are getting really sick of the “elites”.

  3. Marilyn Catling says:

    How unprofessional! This ‘Lord’ has just tried Tommy before even going through the motions of a court appearance. These elites are paid huge sums to judge us, then just invite cynicism from the people they are supposed to protect! Every time they open their mouths contempt for us comes forth…… I’m so disillusioned by the current establishment………only UKIP can change their smug attitudes.

  4. Andrew clough says:

    Is levers on now guilty of content of court

  5. Miss Bridgit. says:

    Stand up the boy who whispered is LEVESEN just a tool of the state then ?.

  6. Pam O'rourke says:

    Tactics maybe, new judge and the hearing move further on ?

  7. Iain Bruce says:

    Someone in UK needs to make a police report to put the Judges contempt on record. This opinion (in the public domain) has a high likelyhood to prejudice the case. Also, he can no longer preside over the case or appeal. Elitist double standard. I’m so sick of this bullshit where the people are simply slaves to the establishment and their common law and human rights rights are suppressed when it is deemed they are in conflict with the establishment puppets globalist agenda.

  8. Alan says:

    The beloved Lord has already been told what the verdict must be.

  9. Frank says:

    That’s it then. Time for the revolution to start

  10. Alan Craig says:

    Just more evidence of the establishment’s Tommy silencing and stitch-up

  11. John Carins says:

    Great comments above. We are all “hacked off” with Levesen.

  12. Tania says:

    Meanwhile today, here in Australia, an Adelaide bishop who has been found guilty of COVERING UP child abuse by other members of the church, has been sentenced to only 12 months HOME DETENTION and is expected to only have to serve 6 months. He has not been asked to resign his position.

  13. Yaspar Kyashred says:

    In UK a judge talks openly about a case that he will preside over? In the US that just doesn’t happen. Of course, UK law requires a defendant to prove innocence, in effect proving a negative, which as anyone who has studied logic knows is impossible, so maybe UK is not such an enlightened nation after all.

    • David Rule says:

      UK law requires a defendant to be proven GUILTY.

      • Herbert Thornton says:

        U.K. law requires more than proof of guilt. It has always required proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And moreover it has always been understood that justice must not only be done, but be seen to be done.

        Judge Marson proceeded in a way that tried to keep what was done secret – and moreover what is now seen – by the whole world – to have been done was not justice but great injustice.

        The very worrisome thing now is whether the appeal will undo the injustice – or make it even greater.

    • Barry says:

      Well you are of course completely wrong, American Law has its basis in the much older British Law which stems from the Magna Carta produced when native Americans were the only ones living there. In the U.K. you are innocent until proven guilty. Judges read all the depositions prior to any case, In the case of an appeal the defenendent is actually the court this is why you have to prove your case, exactly the same as in America. So perhaps you are actually saying the US is not at all enlightened.

  14. Karen Willet says:

    Yaspar, as you have already been roundly corrected about UK law I shall just add this. On many occasions on USA news I have seen law enforcement officers giving their version of events after some reported crime. They feel free to name people and to state what they have done and their opinion of it all way before anything has got anywhere near a court. I have always found this ”unenlightened” and quite dangerous to justice.

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