People need to stop blaming the migrants and all people should start blaming the liberal elite globalisation policies that will only benefit big corporations, banks and tech used to create mental control. The Barcelona Treaty needs to be cancelled now/today before UK will continue Brexit negotiations – Climate Change is being ignored – UK needs to finalise this deal and Leave EU so we can become world leaders in environmental damage control!

EU created years of throwaway societies, plastic seas to create wealth through greed – if the EU cannot reform and regulate its policies, then it will become irrelevant and countries must morally take control of their future survival.  These ‘migrants’ PEOPLE have the human right to live in peace and freedom in their own countries – the EU is causing atrocities against people’s human rights under the guise of giving them human rights and allowing them to come to Europe – every death happening in Europe now is due to EU policy.

The UK Has gone from being a world leader in combatting crime to the crime capital of Europe – we need to be out of the EU to restore law and order and our government needs to be less complicit in betraying the British people and become more defensive of them as that is their job!  Safeguarding the British and creating an economy that works and is sustainable, fair for all and progressive – British produce, British flowers, British coastal towns restored, exports and trade built on reputation and trust of quality and standards, roads maintained, migration control based on school places / hospital bed / doctor appt capacity.  If you don’t fit in, f*** off policies!  Education and life skill training without politics and religious indoctrination.  It’s all very well buying into clubs and global pacts and unions and organisations, but when the cost of membership for all these to create peace and fair trade is outweighing the benefits, as Trump is doing – it’s best to put country first and put taxpayers money back into the country, not into global corporations that are sucking the life force out of community spirit and hope.  I really hope we don’t sign into any TTIP or CETA deals.  We need to start trading selectively and exporting exclusively – free trade and we want a British Brexit, not an f****** bog roll Brexit!

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3 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Bang on Tracey. First sentence: it is our political caste which is responsible for our woes, not immigrants as such. They must be replaced before any solutions are possible.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    THIS WAS PUT TO THE PEOPLE, and the people gave their instruction to Government, with more than a million majority. We told our own Government to LEAVE THE EU, yet after two years we are still member contributors to this foolishness !
    Maggie May has to go, due to not being prepared to do what she has been told by her employer. Urgent action is necessary now to give clearance on this, and if a General Election ( GE ) is necessary to achieve this, then so be it ! ( A second referendum must not be given, as this matter was voted upon, but a GE is necessary to bring in the implementation by a new Government. UKIP TAKE NOTE !

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    No, the immigrants are not to blame for wanting to leave war-torn countries where people live in poverty. However the peoples of those countries should be doing all they can to replace corrupt governments and not import their problems to Western Europe. We, the people and governments of Western Europe , have to pick up the pieces and at the same time spend billions of pounds clothing , feeding and housing immigrants from Asia and Africa. Although this is commendably generous and altruistic and follows in a Christian tradition of helping others, Western Europe is NOT the lifeboat of the world and if everyone comes here who wants to, the lifeboat will capsize and EVERYONE will drown! Please get real about these issues and stop pandering to wet liberal ideals.

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