TUSK V TRUMP: Arrogant Eurocrat Attacks US President

Displaying an astonishing amount of bravado for someone who is presiding over a disintegrating Union, Donald Tusk has launched an astonishing attack on the US President.

With a typical Eurocrats arrogance Mr Tusk forgets himself and every sovereign state within the EU.

Mr Trump’s critical comments aimed at NATO allies are a departure from the approach taken by previous Presidents. He hit back at Mr Tusks comments saying that the US does “need allies” but cannot be “taken advantage of” and that the European Union takes advantage of the US.

He indicated that his meeting with Vladimir Putin maybe the “easiest” part of his trip during which he will be attending a meeting of NATO and meeting with Theresa May at a time when the UK is in “turmoil”.


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3 Responses

  1. John Francis says:

    A classic example of the breathtaking EU arrogance.
    An unelected beauracrat lecturing the legally elected President of the world’s most powerful nation.
    America does more to defend and protect Europe than Europe does itself.
    I don’t blame Trump for calling out the parasitic EU and showing them up for what they are.
    Trump is attempting to unite the free world and lead it out of the control of the common purpose globalists.
    The EU and the equally sinister UN are the flag bearers of of this unholy alliance, fronted by the likes of Blair, the Clintons’ and Obama.
    But, who I believe, are backed by the obscene wealth of the likes of Soros.
    These people really are the fascists of this world.
    They are the destroyers of democracy.

  2. Jerry Robb says:

    Mr. Tusk- We will see how this turns out.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    LET ME GET THIS OFF MY CHEST FIRST. I don’t like Donald Trump ! For me, he is a loud, over inflated Yank, and some, but not all of his policy decisions, go against my own reasoning and acceptance for decent behavior. That being said and out of the way, I consider that his visit is as the elected Head of State of an important Nation that we wish to trade with, and for me the Special Relationship with the U.S.A. is simply one of parallel history, and individual friendship. Yet a number of our British people will be trying to mess up the visit, with out of place nonsense, that will be avidly lapped up by American news teams. The result will be a thorn in the side of our future relationship with the U.S.A. If like me, you don’t recon on this guy, just stay at home ! His visit to Euroland can only be said to be cringe-worthy, and this time its not his fault. Pip-squeak Tusk, is an unelected nobody, with ideas above his station in life, and no doubt has made the EU relationship with America, that was not good, even worse ! Therefore, would it not be sensible for us to make damned shore that our own Head of State, who is brilliant in such maters, is aloud to do her magic, without any embarrassment from her own people ? Our Government should keep quiet and out of the way. HRH will, as always, be the real professional. Pip-squeak of Brussels will be shown up for what he is, and his damned EU too !

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