UKIP Tackling The Rape Gang Scandal

Editor’s Note: The author is the UKIP Spokesman For Families And Children

Following the Iceland debacle, I had given up on the England team.

So how was I to know that Gareth Southgate would work a miracle and England would make it through to the World Cup quarterfinals against Sweden – and play on exactly the same day on which I had planned a UKIP conference on grooming gangs in a pub near Rochdale?

Would people still turn up for the conference? If they did, would they stay away from the pub TV screens long enough to participate?

In the event, 25 party members came from across the country and, while nearly 30 million of our compatriots watched the match, not one member disappeared early to join them. The topic we were discussing was too serious. Many thousands of young English girls and some boys have suffered from ongoing racist rape while politically correct and self-interested local authorities – mainly Labour – and local police have turned a blind eye.

It’s a massive but undeclared national scandal.

Three months ago Gerard Batten gave me special party responsibility for tackling the issue. I’ve renamed it more appropriately ‘the rape gang scandal’ and, courtesy of our efficient hosts at the Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton branch, held the conference in order to consult party members and develop party policy to confront it.

John Clynch from the National Anti-Grooming Alliance and Helpline (NAGAH) joined us and urged that we should campaign to expose institutional failings and cover-ups, raise awareness of the rape gangs nationwide and give a voice to victims and survivors.

And Billy Howarth, who set up Rochdale’s Parents Against Grooming UK when his own daughter was groomed and local police and Rochdale Council refused to act, told us that rape gangs are still operating and in Rochdale are run 100% by Pakistani Muslim men.

The discussion showed our passion. One member took notes out of his wallet and pressed them into my hand as seed-money for UKIP to take out private prosecutions against some of the culpable authorities. “Something’s got to be done and UKIP’s the only party to do it,” he said insistently.

The discussion was wide-ranging too. One or two thought UKIP should tackle all child sexual exploitation, from Elm Guest House-type abuse of boys by establishment figures to child sex trafficking and internet paedophile rings. Others were concerned that focussing on rape gangs could be seen as racist.

At the end of the conference NEC’s Katie Fanning took on the task of drawing conclusions from our deliberations. She identified four major themes that should be turned into specific UKIP policies:

1. British law must be fully enforced irrespective of the ethnicity or religion of the sexual predators, and the statutory personnel that fail to enforce the law should be held to account, sacked and prosecuted.

2. UKIP must confront the political correctness and blatant racism that ignores or minimises rape crimes simply because they were committed by ethnic or religious minorities on white children.

3. Children, and also parents, teachers and health professionals, must be educated about the methods used by the rape gangs to lure children into their clutches.

4. Victims and survivors must be properly supported and appropriately compensated.

The conference was hard work, but it is important and useful to consult party members during policy development. Collectively Kippers have a lot of wisdom.

“It was good to be sharing information and building party solidarity,” said Edward Johnson of Burnley & Pendle branch after the meeting closed. “It was a very valuable conference.”

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13 Responses

  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    Excellent piece.

  2. Stuart Beaker says:

    Darrell, thank you for not only developing what seems to be an eminently sensible and appealing policy, but at the same time modelling a very useful process for engendering policy from the ground up. If this is that demon, populism, let’s have more of it!

  3. StuartJ says:

    When it comes to child abuse and ‘grooming’ (rape) gangs, if UKIP is to take on this issue, I agree that it must not just focus on Muslim rape gangs, but all forms of child abuse.

    Not just so we can be ‘seen as not being racist’, but because quite simply any form of child sexual abuse is abhorrent, no matter the race/ethnicity of whoever is carrying it out.

    Young girls being ‘groomed’ and raped by gangs of Pakistani men = WRONG!

    Young boys being molested and abused by Catholic priests = WRONG

    Young girls being sexually assaulted by white step-fathers = WRONG

    Young boys and girls being groomed and sexually abused by white Establishment figures (politicians, celebrities etc) = WRONG

    Child sexual abuse = WRONG

    All allegations of sexual abuse must be taken seriously and investigated by the police, no more of this ‘brushing stuff under the carpet’, in case it upsets certain ethnic minorities, or threatens to expose senior Establishment types.

    That’s my opinion anyway.

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    It may seem draconian but perpetrators of these crimes should be arrested, tried and Castrated for their crimes and if they are Immigrants they should be deported to their Country of origin. If they are British born then they should be given a long Hard Labour sentence.

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    I thoroughly agree that UKIP should take a leading role in highlighting the rape gang scandal that is occurring in our country at the moment. I am sure that what we have seen and heard about is only the tip of the iceberg. Although it would be nice to deal with the whole panoply of sex crimes and particularly those of the historic variety involving figures such as Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, I feel that we should not spend time on discussing things that are already in the public arena, especially speculations about public figures, most of whom are now deceased. It would be of far more use if members of UKIP throughout the country were to raise public awareness of the on-going scandal of the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs who are still operating in places such as Telford, Bradford, Birmingham and High Wycombe, to name but a few. Also I feel that it is our duty as honest and law-abiding citizens to hold up for public scrutiny the failings of the various police forces, whose inaction has been scandalous in the extreme, for fear of offending racial, mainly Muslim minorities in their areas. In addition the criminally negligent councils and public authorities who have turned a blind eye to what has been happening under their noses, again I guess mainly motivated by political correctness, which seems to take precedence over saving young white girls from gang rape, torture and murder.
    I think that it is totally disgraceful that this state of affairs has been allowed to arise over the last thirty or forty years in a Western European, supposedly civilised country such as Britain, helped of course by the undeniable factor of mass immigration.

    UKIP must raise its profile in regard to this matter, regardless of the howls of protest from the liberal Left and the accusations of racism that are bound to follow from the usual suspects.

    • Tony T. says:

      As long as we “raise awareness” only by repeating and spreading statements which are known to be factual / have been proved to be factual, otherwise we will open our flanks to legal attacks.

  6. John Francis says:

    Congratulations to UKIP for showing the courage to tackle this issue, when our other political parties, authorities and MSM want to brush it under the carpet and as the odious Labour MP, Naz Shah said” shut up for the sake of diversity”. What a disgusting comment, what a disgusting woman, what a disgusting Labour Party!
    A big thank to Alan Craig for taking on this vital role for UKIP.
    No matter what the difficulties, no matter what the opposition from the groups who for their own, perverted reasons, don’t want this national disgrace highlighted and brought to the publics attention. This is a fight well worth the fighting.
    Perhaps as an extension to the developing policy that UKIP are formulating on the issue of Child Rape gangs, UKIP could become a point of reference for the victims and families of these crimes.
    UKIP could then highlight and bring more cases to the publics attention, hopefully forcing the relevant authorities to actually do their jobs and do something about it.

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    An indolent and supine Government, that we are stuck with today, is a danger to all of us, and has to be corrected. One item that screams for attention is the Enforcement of our English Law. This Law carries the authority of the Crown, yet Government, Police and Courts are guilty of bending it out of shape for the most stupid of reasons ! Whether it be celebrity or religious minority, ALL are subject to the Law, and in equal measure. This has been overlooked, and real, universal CONTEMPT for Courts, will inevitably follow ! UKIP must do battle upon this, and rape gangs and Sharia Courts will inevitably come under English Law, to our satisfaction !

  8. Ian Hensman says:

    Whilst The party is pursuing the sex fiends involved we should also be demanding much higher penalties for this sort of crime. There should be NO excuse on the grounds of religion or ethnicity. we need severe punishments all round and we should extend the “crusade” to include child brides FGM and all deviant sexual and religious practices which do not conform to our law.

  9. alecto says:

    Can we have some a ability to uptick?

  10. J.L.Kay says:

    Further to my previous comment, I believe that UKIP should start a national campaign, perhaps backed by the press, if there are any of that ilk that are not tainted by political correctness. The only national papers that seem at all interested in bringing this despicable episode in our history to public notice are the Express and the Daily mail. A pity they aren’t more forthcoming in their support for UKIP.

    Regardless of what the loony Lefties and the politically-correct chattering classes wish to sweep under the carpet, not to mention the police and the government, the undeniable fact is that the vast majority of the paedophile members of the rape gangs are foreigners, not native-born white British nominally-Christian men, of the indigenous population. The vast majority of the rapists are Pakistani Muslims, with a few Muslims of other nationalities.
    In other countries their crimes would be punishable by execution and why not here?

    I am sick and tired of the pathetic, liberal Left and their so-called intellectuals making excuses for these evil men, whilst at the same time accusing those of us who want to see justice done of being racists and Fascists. One day this divide between the extremist Left and those of a Right-leaning stance will erupt into open warfare on the streets of this country. I believe it has already started to happen over the jailing of Tommy Robinson and will continue until Jeremy Corbyn and those of his ilk are put in their rightful place.

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