TOASTED: Brexiteers Win The Day As May’s Government Crumbles

Staring a humiliating Commons defeat in the face, the government accepted all four amendments put forward by the Jacob Rees-Mogg-led European Reform Group to the Customs Union aspect of the Chequers Agreement today.

The amendments which commit the UK to a seperate VAT regime and ensure no hard border in the Irish Sea have been accepted alongside  Priti Patel’s amendment which vetoes the UK government collecting tariffs unless the EU governments will reciprocate.

Remoaning Tories led by Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry immediately branded the revised plans as “madness” raising the spectre of a Remoaner revolt against the legislation.

Climbing down may have brought the government some time but it is in no means guaranteed to ensure victory in the Commons. This is the essential problem Mrs May now has and why her Premiership is doomed. Concessions she makes will only embolden the ‘other side’ of her warring Party to push further and harder for concessions.

Mrs May is very much in office but not in power. It is only a matter of time before she is completely out of both.


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7 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    May(not) is playing a dangerous, and in her mind clever game, not that she sees the risk involved, not to the Remainers, but the Nation. As things stand, if this deal holds, we will have to follow EU rules in many ways, including Labour migration, and also being tied into helping bail out the Euro based economies of not only Greece, but also Italy, that is in real danger of crashing out of the Euro with billions, if not trillions of Euro based debt. I believe she is playing on the summer recess to save her premiership. If she can make it to the re opening of Parliament in September, she will be only 6 months away from Brexit Day, which by the arithmetic more or less forces us to either stay in or accept this so called deal, now that she has removed any leverage we had by removing the no deal option, we have no weapons left. As Nigel said we need a Brexit supporting PM, no deal must be an option and this capitulation of a deal now on the table consigned to the shredder PDA. The EU’s idea of negociation is not to negociate, the only option is the no deal option. Nothing we offer is good enough, they will not tell us what is, so the only fair way to proceed is the WTO option. This puts the EU on a level playing field with the rest of the world, I see no advantage in being tied into a customs union with a market that has lost 14% of world trade since 2000, now the EU has 15% share of World Trade, including our “bit”, say 6% on our own, don’t forget that all our trade, except internal is lumped with the EU’s. Our Great Nation was built on World Trade, indeed Napoleon refered to us as a Nation of Shopkeepers, he forgot we had the likes of Nelson protecting that trade! Every nation on the planet respects our ability to trade, often acting as a middleman between unfriendly nations, I have been told that most of the Cuban cigars sold in the USA, which is contraband there, pass through our system. It may not be ethical, but trade is the great leveller.Russia is the main supplier of titanium, the Blackbird, the US spy plane is built out of titanium, Russian titanium, it is rumoured that the Swiss provided the metal in a deal brokered by the UK, not by politicians, but by businessmen, who are not interested in the morals, but money, and it is money, not politics that makes the world go round. If we are to take our rightful place, we must be an independant trading nation, and this, as things stand, is only possible by leaving the clutches of the dictatorial, Facist ideologues of the undemocratic EU. Brexit is bigger than any one politician, May(not) is standing in the way, and so she has to go.In a different era or even country in the 21st century the choice to resign would not be on the table, she would have been gone long ago. We have time to rectify the situation, if she goes before October (in my estimation) and a true Brexit PM takes over, puts WTO back on the table, we can get what we want. Of course WTO rules are not ghe best of deals, and it would have costs in the short term, but, given a couple of years of pain, the benefits will be huge, personally I see any deal with the EU as bad deal, one we will regret. We should have walked away 2 years ago, but without a Doc Briwn and a Flux Capacitor, we are stuck with walking away now and getting on with the job! And the Devil take the hindmost!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    OK, lets go easy on her. Mrs May has weaved, ducted and dived until we have all been made sick of the quick change movements that she has initiated. If we are charitable I suppose we could say that she has tried to please ALL the people, which is the dumbest thing that any MP or PM could ever try ! Madam, you seem slow on the uptake. The people are your employer, and we told you to LEAVE. It is simply an instruction from those responsible for your pay-cheque ! GO NOW, and enjoy life. You might be good heading your local Parish Council, but leading this Nation is beyond your capability, so GOOD-BY THERESA, and don’t come back !

    • Alec Yates says:

      Excellent comment. May does not have the intelligence to understand that it is us the people who are her boss and not any other organisation that she is taking orders from. Be gone with you and good riddance.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Well said Mike. As for Theresa, the sooner she goes the better. And GO SHE MUST! NOW!

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Treason May is the idiot who said at a party conference that the Conservatives risked becoming known as ‘the nasty party’ thereby ensuring that it did, indeed, become known for years as the nasty party among its enemies and in the media. Why they chose her as their leader after that faux pas is best known to themselves.
    True to form, this inelegant woman continues to put both fancily-shod feet in her mouth whenever she opens it and gives the EU tyrants a lorra lorra laughs at this country’s expense. Or, as in her most recent outburst, she stamps her size elevens and threatens there will be no Brexit at all if the ungrateful bast- ahem, critics do not accept her plan as the one, the only, the best Brexit plan there ever was or ever could be in the best of all possible worlds. Since then, she’s accepted four amendments – whaddayaknow, it wasn’t perfect after all!
    Can’t someone in the Tory party do a Thatcher on her and put her -and us – out of our misery?

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      This has to happen Pamela, as Mrs May has outstayed her welcome, if ever there was a welcome, but in any case the people, all of us, see that she is just plain useless in her job !

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