BREAKING: Judgement ‘Reserved’ Until End Of July In Tommy Appeal

Tommy Robinson’s appeal which was heard today has resulted in judgment being reserved until the end of the month. Ezra Levant’s report reveals that Mr Robinson is appealing against his entire conviction and that his treatment in prison has been “shocking.”

Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP leader is understood to have been in attendance at the High Court today.

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7 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    We all know that Tommy Robinson has been targeted by the Establishment and the MSM , especially the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent. The whole thing has been a stitch-up from beginning to end, because the government wishes to distract attention from the fact that most of what Tommy Robinson says about the effects of immigration, especially the influence of Islam in our once green and pleasant land, is true. The government has allowed and encouraged the whole situation to occur, will not admit the massive mistakes made in encouraging multi-culturalism and the appalling legacy of allowing people into out country who hate us, hate our Christian faith and wish to blow us up. The government just can’t admit the truth that the appalling crimes committed by so-called Jihadis are down to its own lax attitudes towards immigration and allowing alien cultures to develop in our midst; people who don’t wish to integrate, people who have been here years and still can’t speak English, young men who think it’s their right to torture, rape and kill our white, British young women.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      I think you have put your finger on it ! Government of either colour have, and are still getting it wrong by following their own agender rather than what the people want. I think that its the people who have brought this on themselves by their vote being for Lab or Con. Probably if they were honest with themselves, they would not want either, but are afraid that not supporting one Party, would bring in the other, and so this nonsense continues. We Kippers have seen a better option, but it is a slow business for the general public to grasp, over and above their fears, and the rubbish fed to them by the media !

  2. The Lunchtime news today,18th July, was quite interesting.
    The BBC were hauled over the coals for their conduct when reporting on the Cliff Richards affair, and were fined a preliminary amount of £200,000 – the down side, it will be paid with OUR MONEY.
    It was absolutely sickening to listen to Fran Unsworth bleating on about how this precedence will prevent Liberty and Press Freedoms to be allowed to function. It’s a pity that those principles seem to have been of NO IMPORTANCE to the BBC where TOMMY ROBINSON is CONCERNED!

    • kaiser says:

      no mention from the so called bbc about their collusion with the police force

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Yes, the once great BBC has fallen foul of so much error ! There is only one answer, and that is to end the TV Licence, which would be very popular, indeed a vote winner ! Once there was a Radio Licence, and when that ended there was no problem !

  3. Alan Williams says:

    It looks like the establishment have run out of ideas and want to stop the world so they can get off.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    USELESS ! That sums up our Police and our Courts. They can’t even run a Police State ! The Tommy Robinson affair stinks to high heaven, and the people will not accept this gross error ! MAKE WAY FOR NATIONAL CONTEMPT OF COURT !

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