Editor’s Note: The author is Chair & Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stroud.

Is the Prime Minister hanging by a thread?

There is a burning question hanging over the Prime Minister and what will happen if she does fall?

Yesterday, the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivered his resignation statement to the House Of Commons. Following on from that Mrs May had a meeting with the liason committee and then the back bench 1922 Committee which it has been rumoured has received at least 42 letters from Conservative MP’s calling for Mrs May to go. To trigger a leadership challenge there must be 48 letters received.

My Thoughts:

I believe that there will be a leadership challenge, maybe not straight away but either in the Autunm or just after Brexit day on March 29 next year. The Prime Minister is like Wylie Coyote who keeps having things thrown at her and being crushed but always seems to come back to try again. Whilst this maybe entertaining in a cartoon, in real life this cannot continue and at some point the PM will be pushed out by her own party and could then lead to an early general election.

UKIP has to be ready when a general election is called and already the process to select candidates for constituencies has begun. I myself was adopted on Monday as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stroud, Gloucestershire. We must continue with a positive Brexit policy and promote our great country.

What has been on the agenda?

Well, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind in Parliament as we saw the trade bill start it’s passage through the House. Last night we saw the bill get through it’s last commons stages. There was an attempt to bind and force the government to seek a customs union with the EU. There were several amendments put forward to the bill by Brexiteers which changed what was agreed a Chequers which were all passed through and are now included in the bill.

The government was defeated on one amendment which was put forward by Phillip Lee MP and was supported by another eleven Tory remain supporting MP’s. This was to make it a negotiating objective that the government seek to keep the UK in the European medicines regulatory network partnership. Below I have outlined what the main purpose of the Trade Bill is and why.

Trade Bill

The Bill has completed it’s committee stage and no amendments were made during the committee stage. As mentioned above it has now passed final Commons stages.

During our time in the EU and until we leave the EU we the UK is party to trade agreements which have been negotiated by the EU. This bill is not relevant to new trade agreements the UK will make after Brexit day but is to make sure there is continuity in trade policy. The plan is to provide continuity after Brexit with those countries with which the EU has trade agreements with. The aim is to enter into agreements with each of the EU’S partner countries based as closely as possible on the EU’S agreement with that country. The trade provisions of this bill relate to how our domestic law deals with implementing legislation and not the trade agreements themselves and is only for trade agreements before Brexit day and not those achieved after Brexit day. The powers laid out in the bill are to roll over existing trade agreements, the bill does not limit the use of these powers but can be used to significantly introduce changes to existing agreements.

In basic terms this bill is to make any trade agreements we are party to now rolled over into UK legislation and create the powers to help in the transition of over 40 trade agreements between the EU and other countries.

The Department for International Trade States that The Trade Bill is there to help the UK become an independent member of the agreement on Government Procurement or GPA. This would ensure UK companies would still be able to have access to £1.3 trillion worth of Government contracts and procurement opportunities in 47 countries.

Three Issues raised by the Bill:

1/ Delegated powers

This Bill will give the Government secondary legislation which includes a Henry VIII power for flexibility, transparency and efficiency. They argue that this is to put a framework together in the short amount of time left before Brexit day.

2/ Devolution

The devolved administrations of Scotland ,Wales and Northern Ireland ( when resumed ) have no formal role in negotiating or in approving UK trade or other treaties. They may become involved but in an informal way. Both Scotland and Wales have raised concern reference the delegated powers and the Bill doesn’t have adequate safe guards in place in respect to devolved matters.

3/ Northern Ireland: 

Northern Ireland is the one devolved area of the UK that at present has not got a devolved administration so therefore only leaves Ministers of the Crown to exercise secondary legislation covering the areas of devolved competence In Northern Ireland.

Secondly as there is no devolved administration there is no mechanism for devolved institutions to express their view on any devolved provision contained in the Bill. Also when the administration is formed anew in the future it would have missed it’s opportunity to scrutinise the Bill’s scheme.

Response :

Our manifesto lays out how UKIP would have tackled the process from the beginning and how the process would have unfolded.

There was far too much delay due to the Conservative leadership contest and the Government not having a plan in place to leave. After the referendum it took the Tories a year to invoke Article 50 and since then we have seen the PM’s Lancaster House speech which tried to communicate her vision. On Friday we saw the complete destruction of the Lancaster House speech and the red lines that the PM had set herself, all crossed.

A UKIP plan would have been smoother as we have been planning this for a long time.

Article 50 would have been invoked a hell of a lot sooner and a leave date confirmed. Although many EU countries have said they don’t want us to leave I believe many are glad to see us go.

“ Our leaving will set them free to have full political union, if that is what they want and set us free to make the most of our links with the Commonwealth, North America, Australasia ,much of Africa, the Indian sub-continent and all other countries where English is the first or second language , as well as the EU itself.” source UKIP manifesto.

This bill or a similar trade bill would have then given a UKIP Government the legal framework to the Brexit process.

Agreeing The Brexit Process:

The Foreign Secretary would oversee the Brexit process and establish a Post-EU Secretariat with the responsibility for:

1/ Co – ordinating the disengagement.

2/ The reviewing of EU legislation and directives as they affect each area of Government.

3/ Determining the post- EU status of all EU treaties.

4/ Re-establishing the UK’S membership of the World Trade Organisation.

5/ Commencing free-trade agreements with non-EU countries.

6/ Agreeing a UK/EU trade agreement.

7/ Agreeing a UK/EU Brexit Treaty.

I strongly believe that had there been a UKIP Government in power the process of leaving the EU would have been a much smoother process and would have been in much better shape. The Chequers plan is a fools plan that will keep us tied to the EU, a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU and for us to trade on WTO rules so we can push on to be a global trading nation once more.

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3 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    The sooner we get rid of the present PM the better – she has, as a died in the wool remoaner, been the stumbling block to an effective BREXIT. She has consistently lied to the electorate and she should be ignominiously dispatched. She could not lead a horse to water, and her disgustingly tenacious clinging on to power is a serious handicap to a clear BREXIT, therefore the future of our country. In short, the woman is a disgrace!

  2. Robert Bryant says:

    If the UK upped and walked away from the negotiating table as we should, we would then be subject to WTO rules, which are fine for us. We could import whatever we could pay for, avoiding all the EU import duties and rules. With an open Irish border we could then sell on to any Irishman who wanted to buy and take that back to Eire without the EU knowing it was coming into the EU proper. Then when Brussels discovered what was going on Brussels would insist on the Irish government erecting a brick wall along the border.
    Whose problem is that – not ours. And would those Irishmen and women, making a fast buck out of the EU foolishness, be happy? Well, it wouldn’t be us they’d be miffed at, would it? Result, a fast-growing Irish version of UKIP to get as far away from Brussels as possible.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Glenville, many Thanks, and if you feel its right to replace the thread with a rope for Mrs May, just let me know, I can make a hangman’s knot quite quickly ! I’m and old Kipper, (and probably beginning to smell !), but I am getting so short tempered now. which is not good for me. The people not only spoke, but gave Government the order to Leave the EU. Note the word ORDER, which is used by many employers, and which we are to the drips in the Commons ! I WANT OUT NOW, and I know I’m not alone. BUT I KNOW I AM ANGRY !

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