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Young Independence, UKIPs youth wing, is, like the rest of the Party, experiencing a flood of new members joining. Between May 16th and July 20th, membership increased by 83% from 889 to 1629, as patriotic youth flock to the YI banner following Treason Mays Brexit betrayal.

This sets the stage for the conference on November 10th in Worchester to be the largest and most vibrant in YIs history. Ticket sales opened yesterday and are available for only £10 for a YI member and £15 for all other members of UKIP.

Nathan Rydings, the YI Chair said: “The #YIRevival Conference will be Young Independence’s biggest National Conference yet! We have some fantastic speakers lined up throughout the whole day and this will allow grassroots YI and UKIP Members to meet and listen to our speakers, understand YI and the main party even better and to get more involved internally. I look forward to meeting everyone and I am confident people will love this year’s conference!”

George Pykov, Events Officer commented: “In many ways, ‘Revival’ is the perfect name for this year’s conference as it is shaping up to be the largest in our organisation’s history. It is really testament to the entire team and the main party for the hard work and attention that they have given to our party’s youth wing, growing it from strength to strength in the face of some extreme challenges over the past year I’m looking forward to meeting both YI and UKIP members in Worcester for what is looking like a brilliant event”

YIs Deputy Chair and Kipper Centrals Owner, Reece Coombes will also be in attendance as will yours truly. We all look forward to seeing you all there and keep your eyes on Kipper Central for more updates as we have them.


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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    For me Darrell, this was the item that turned me totally against Bolton ! Young Independence is an invaluable addition to UKIP, and can only be the envy of the old Parties. I had little interest in Bolton’s private life, but his attitude to Y.I. was unforgivable ! I am sure that I join the body of our Party in wishing them very well in their Revival Conference. BEST WISHES FROM AN OLD KIPPER !

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