TOMMY ROBINSON: Retrial DELAYED As Government Drags Its Feet

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Ezra Levant reported today that Tommy’s retrial will now be DELAYED until the 27th September. At his appeal, as Ezra explains, the government was directed to provide Tommy with the specific allegations against him. It was due to do so by this Friday. It has failed to do so, saying they “need more time”.

One of the reasons that his conviction was quashed at the Old Bailey is precisely down to this lack of detail on the particulars of the offence he is alleged to have committed.


You can support Tommy’s appeal here either by signing the petition against his treatment or donating to his appeal fund.

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Under Mrs May’s ‘leadership’ The Crown of England has been dragged into the sordid world of Politics. HRH is kept clear of such things by Parliament. Yet here we have a Crown Court involved in a disreputable, politically centered attack upon a loyal subject of the Crown by this Government, headed by Mrs May. The Nation’s Legal Arm has been found wanting in the matter of Tommy Robinson, and it is now a fact that Contempt of Court is a reasonable position for all of The Crown’s subjects to hold, because what is happening to Tommy could, in theory, now happen to anyone of us. May must go as she is tearing up the fabric of this Nation !

  2. Margsret Robinson says:

    Agreed. We should also inverstigate murders who have walked free because of justice technicalities. There should not even be a retrial.

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