#Survivors First Rally – UKIP Demands Justice!

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“God is with us,” bellowed Scottish dynamo Dave Sharp, one of the organisers of the child sexual abuse survivors’ rally in Rochdale on Saturday. “We’ve got 200,000 watching this demo on livestream and I’m off to Dublin tomorrow to support victims of pedophile priests while the Pope is in town.”

Dave runs an organisation called SAFE (Seek And Find Everyone) that seeks out and supports victims of CSA.

Standing outside Rochdale’s renowned Victorian Gothic town hall, Dave told the crowd how he was regularly raped and abused by monks at a Catholic residential school in Fife and, after years of drug-taking and alcoholism to numb the pain, he became a Christian and found the strength to turn his life around. He is now committed to helping other victims and, together with Dan Wolstencroft from Shatterboys UK, Billy Howarth of Parents Against Grooming UK and other grassroots organisations, he formed the umbrella body #SurvivorsFirst which was launched in Hyde Park a month ago.

Rochdale was chosen for the first #SurvivorsFirst rally after the launch for good reason. Over the years the corrupt Rochdale Council has become notorious for deliberately ignoring the very visible child abuse in the borough.

So, as we marched through the town on Saturday we stopped at the location of the Smith Street toilets where, in the 70s and 80s, underage children from the council-run special school for boys, Knowl View, would wait on the walls outside and follow men inside for paid sexual activity. Overlooking the toilets on the opposite side of the road were Rochdale municipal offices. There, from the windows of their 10th-floor offices, child protection officers could and did watch the boys as young as 11 and for which they had a duty of care – yet they failed to act.

Neither did they stop Cyril Smith, the local Rochdale MP and governor of Knowl View, from sexually molesting boys in the school, even though it was widely recognised he had no valid reason to be on the school premises especially at night.

We paused at the site for two minutes in memory of four Knowl View boys who have since taken their own lives as a result of the traumas they suffered.

Similarly, over the past decade, Rochdale authorities have become infamous for turning a politically-correct blind eye to the blatant on-street grooming and sexual abuse of white girls by Muslim rape gangs. Many young English girls have had their lives wrecked while

those responsible for their care and protection looked the other way rather than challenge members of the electorally-powerful Muslim community in the town.

Katie Fanning from UKIP’s NEC attended the rally along with members of the Rochdale branch of UKIP. As the party’s Families & Children spokesperson, I was given a speaking slot on the platform.

I called for rigorous justice, such that senior personnel in responsible authorities who have deliberately ignored the sexual abuse of children should be sacked, prosecuted and where appropriate jailed.

I also pledged that culpable organisations like the BBC in the case of Jimmy Savile and others, the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches in the case of paedophile priests, and local authorities like Rochdale and Rotherham in the case of the Muslim rape gangs, should be made to pay for long-term therapeutic, medical and mentoring support for victims and survivors.

The proposals were well received. The organisers say they will invite UKIP to the next #SurvivorsFirst rally.

CSA survivors are courageous people. They deserve our support.

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4 Responses

  1. Alan Williams says:

    If our authorities won’t or can’t protect our children they will have to be replaced by others better able to do the job.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    When Labour voters stop voting Labour and Tory voters stop voting Conservative we will be able to bring about the justice and fairness of play we need in this country. But voters never seem to see the bigger picture at national elections, only their inbred tribal loyalty. Maybe the Rochdale and Rotherham communities will one day have suffered enough to break themselves out of their trance and reach out to populism. I certainly agree with the proposition that the perpetrators and blind-eye’ers should pay for the all the long term care required to heal these communities up.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Alan Craig. very well done ! UKIP is nothing if it does not stand for Law and Order, with Christian Values ! Lets face it, it is about time for this to take centre stage, along with the UKIP manifesto ! This is a strong, heady mixture of imperative requirement, and comes in company with our Nation taking back its independence and sovereignty from the EU. Fellow Kippers, if this is handled well, UKIP could be seen as the force that turns our Nation around, and sidelines the old Parties. JUST ADVERTISE THIS POTENTIAL !

  4. Love Liberty says:

    Has anyone established a legal fund to pursue justice through the courts?

    It needs to raise several millions to be able to take one after another organisation and individual to court.

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