EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Set To Consider Offering Tommy Robinson Party Membership

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UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will this weekend consider giving party members the power to decide if Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP, Kipper Central can exclusively reveal.

The motion calling for Robinson’s recruitment to the party, which Tommy’s supporters hope will be debated and voted upon at UKIP’s national conference in Birmingham later this month, must first be given the go-ahead by the party’s Chairman – Tony McIntyre, after he has consulted the party’s ruling body, the NEC, this Sunday.

There have been calls to allow Mr Robinson into the party for a number of months, but this is the first time any official motion has been proposed to the party to bring the idea into effect.

Proposed by UKIP’s Family & Children Spokesman – Alan Craig, the motion to be voted on reads: “Conference believes that Tommy Robinson is a global figure who stands in the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause from Robin Hood to the Suffragettes; admires his campaigns both for #FreeSpeech and to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over the industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to consider offering him membership of UKIP.”

Craig told Kipper Central: “Tommy has become a global phenomenon representing those who have been excluded and silenced by the globalist liberal elite.

“He courageously turned his back on all racism and the EDL and now campaigns for free speech and on those issues like rape gangs that the authorities want to ignore.

“He’s now a Kipper at heart and we should welcome him.”

It is unclear if Robinson would choose to join UKIP if the party does offer him membership, but the pro-freedom activist has met UKIP leader Gerard Batten on a number of occasions and even told his supporters that he was voting UKIP in local elections earlier this year, giving strong indications that he would take the opportunity.

Seconding the motion is Reece Coombes, the 17-year-old Deputy Chairman of UKIP’s youth wing; Young Independence and the owner of Kipper Central, the platform he used to make the first public call for UKIP to “stop looking backwards and let Tommy Robinson join UKIP”.

If the motion is accepted at UKIP’s conference, it will once again return to the NEC who will have the final say after hearing the voices of the members.

Nathan Ryding, the Chairman of Young Independence, who sits on the UKIP NEC, exclusively told Kipper Central that he will support the motion on Sunday in order to give the members the final say on Mr Robinson’s UKIP membership.

Ryding said: “I have chosen to support this motion as it puts the decision to the members.

“It is impossible for the NEC to know how all the members feel about this particular issue, and regardless of personal opinion, I believe it is only right that the members decide.”

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  • 21K
  • 21K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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32 Responses

  1. Robert Bryant says:

    I have long felt that the party does itself no good by excluding people who have belonged to other parties in the past and have since ceased to belong to them.
    This purer than pure attitude cuts no ice in this day and age, and we need every vote we can get. OK so someone once belonged to the National Front – in those early days there was no alternative party to join to counter the downward spiral of Britain into the EEC and then the EU. The NEC must forget purity and fight Islam without any distractions.

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    UKIP has come a long way since I joined the Party, in the past the NEC listened only to their own voices, our members opiions largely ignored, but our current Leader has changed that, making us the only truly democratic Political Party in the UK, where the members have a true voice. It is up to the Membership to decide whether to invite Mr Robinson to join us or not, it will mark a watershed in our history, where a person who had, in the past belonged to a proscribed organisation. As a Chairman, I have had to pass the unwelcome news to a prospective member that because of past memberhip of a banned group, particularly when the person concerned, had at the age of 16 rebeled and briefly joined the BNP, but rapidy left whe they discovered the true nature of that Party. Very much the same reasons Mr Robinson severed all connection with that unpleasent Party. While an Agnostic, I recall something from the Bible about a repentant “sinner” being the most faithfull.It is not up to me, as a Party Official to suggest how the members vote on what may well be a contentious issue. Whatever the result of the Ballot, the very fact that the members are being consulted mark’s a important declaration, UKIP is confident enough in the wisdom of our members to allow democracy in its purest form to hold sway. Surely now our problems are a thing of the past, as a mature, responsiblel Party, confident in the collective wisdom of our members, ready to pass the responsibility for an important decision to them. This shows the British voter, that, unlike some Parties, we are the only true democrats worthy of their votes when the General Election comes!

  3. Yes he would be a fabulous candidate to run with UKIP. He’d get them more votes too.

  4. Paul Tierney says:

    Yes I think offering Tommy Robinson party membership would to a step forward we all saw the support Tommy got when he was in prison for speaking up ..I vote UKIP at every election and hopefully we can get a member of parliament soon once this happens it will then snow ball keep up the good work and keep the faith

  5. Barrie says:

    So now it’s confirmed we were correct all along UKIP finally returned to its pre Farage clear out of these elements and is now on the road to where BNP and EDL finished

  6. Fiona Evans says:

    Excellent idea. They may as well join forces; both are unfairly portrayed as ‘far-right’ and ‘racist’ and held in contempt by the MSM and political ‘elites’ and I don’t think that’ll change no matter what you do. I appreciate that Tommy Robinson is a divisive figure but the way he has been vilified and persecuted is reprehensible, and he has a lot of supporters who are just ordinary decent people who are fed up with the status quo. People who believe in liberal democracy, nation states and borders need to unite, regardless of previous political affiliations or social/economic status. Plus it would rattle the establishment and annoy the PC brigade, don’t think there’s a downside! I’d like Gerard Batten to be able to make a difference like these politicians https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12945/italy-hungary-immigration

  7. Having too much of a fixation with “Tommy Robinson” will not do UKIP any good in the polls, and isn’t getting elected the key criteria?

    It is such a shame that when the UKIP party conference is so short, that valuable time will be taken up with this, instead of new political issues which will gain the party electoral support.

    There is a wider issue about who can become a UKIP member and ironically for a party which promotes itself as libertarian, it is probably one of the most restrictive ones to gain entry to.

    The issue should not be about “Tommy Robinson” but in opening up membership to more people and not ban them because they have been members of some ” extreme right wing” parties/organisations.

    The only criteria for membership should be past and present conduct, so if membership is offered to “Tommy Robinson,” he effectively will be singled out for special treatment over and above other people who also have questionable political backgrounds.
    That is hardly a fair and equable way of treating membership of the party.
    If this motion goes ahead the publicity on the conference will be all about “Tommy Robinson” by the media, instead of other important issues.

    There is another issue here and that is that a number of individuals have been and are currently going through Court procedures related to free speech. Some of these are associated with parties/organisations which are not associated with UKIP and which are generally labelled “extreme right wing.” It is rather perplexing that one individual, i.e. “Tommy Robinson” seems to get a measure of UKIP support, whereas these other people don’t.
    Giving support to the issue of free speech should not be restricted to whether someone is in a party/organisation you approve of or not.
    It is free speech which is important, not that person’s political affiliations. You can support a person’s right to free speech, but not support what they say or believe in.
    So UKIP should be giving other people broader support on the principle of free speech, and not offering it selectively to just one person.
    As for “Tommy Robinson” it is frankly ludicrous to debate offering him UKIP membership when he apparently has not even asked for it.
    I am not against the principle of supporting “Tommy Robinson” but any such support should be extended to others standing up for free speech. And a person does not need to be a member of UKIP to merit support on the issue of free speech.

    Finally, it is important for UKIP to promote the many individuals who project a very positive image of the party. The general public need to be more aware of them. This promotion of “Tommy Robinson” does not serve the general interests of UKIP and if there is a desire to achieve 15% plus in the polls, that will come about by promoting UKIP as offering an intelligent and dynamic group of individuals who can make up an alternative government.

    • Jim Stanley says:

      Mr Webber, you make some good points, however, I hope that the debate a Confrence will address the wider issue,rather than concentrating on a high profile single person. I have been forced to tell a number of people who admit they made an error when young by joining a banned group, they are not able to join us. I am sure that they would become dedicated busy Kippers, and if there are concerns, I am sure that they will work Street Stalls, so a senior member will be able to monitor what they say, effectively “on proation” if you like. They know that their past associations with toxic groups are of concern, and I am sure that they need appreciate the need to “prove themselves”. If TR is allowed to Jon us, it sets a precident, opening the doors to politically astute new members, who will be active, just the members we need..

      • Fiona Evans says:

        I’m afraid UKIP has got nowhere when it comes to winning seats so far but I believe Mr Batten could change all that. At the moment people who voted to leave the EU have no main party representing them, traditional Labour voters have no one to represent them and people who are fed up with politically correct ‘progressive’ parties have no one to vote for; UKIP could pick up all these voters but only if they put making UKIP a real political force first which would mean tolerating different kinds of voters and becoming a truly popular party. This video is worth watching https://www.facebook.com/thetommyrobinson/videos/2239857149624118/

  8. Malcolm Jackson says:

    This would be brilliant if Tommy Robinson decides to join UKIP. If Tommy joins I will rejoin UKIP as well. Could see UKIP winning some Parliamentary elections.

  9. Kathy says:

    On the fence here, more info needed before I can decide.

  10. Irene Simpson says:

    First class idea. Tommy Robinson has my support in what he stands for.

  11. John Bates says:

    I have been a Kipper since 2009, held two posts on the committee of South Dorset on the run up to the Referendum. Would I welcome Tommy on board – YOU BET I WOULD. Tommy has the character of all the men who when asked to fight for their country, queued around the corner just to sign up and defend their country. He is one of the true hero’s of our country, the common man, a man of principles, a man who is prepared to lay his life on the line for his family and for his country. TOMMY, I SALUTE YOU.

  12. Ian Williams says:

    Would it be more sensible for him to apply, then the discussions could take place?
    It would be extremely embarassing to offer it, and it’s turned down!

  13. David Moreland says:

    This is really an undebatable issue, it is a fact the the vast majority of the true British public and UKIP membership,support Tommy Robinson 100%.
    I have been at meetings at a senior level behind closed doors with Tommy, and I can honestly say that his opinions on all concerning public issues, led by Freedom of Speech and rape and grooming are exactly the same as mine and others present.
    Tommy said he was a great supporter of UKIP the “People’s Army” because we are the only party led and supported by genuine and honest British People who unlike the other political elite, stand up and speak the real truth.
    Tommy’s mass of supporters across the UK are desperate to be part of a party that will, together with their support when they join us, will dramatically change the current political establishment which is locked into only the Tory and Labour parties.
    Let Tommy immediately join our party, and watch our membership go through the roof, and take our party to Downing Street led by Gerard Batten.

  14. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Reece, its a big YES from me ! His time with EDL is long past, and this guy, when he first came to my attention, I thought he was a bit of a yob. – I did some reading, due to him saying much the same as myself, and ended up as one of his cash supporters. – Even at my age I am able to correct my mistakes ! This attitude could be catching ! Its WELCOME TOMMY from me !

  15. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Punching through ‘A server error’, whatever that is, its a BIG YES from me, Reece ! Tommy has made it into my wallet to assist with his legal costs, and I don’t do that too often ! He would be a most worthwhile Kipper, so its WELCOME TOMMY from me !

  16. Chris says:

    Tommy has turned his back on racism?lol

    EDL’s platform was to campaign against Islam. And he’s not stopped doing it since he left

    • Pete Clayson says:

      A modicum of research into Tommy’s background, right back to his childhood and his multi-ethnic circle of life-long friends, will reveal that Tommy has ‘turned his back on racism’ his entire life – long before the creation of the EDL.

      EDL’s platform was to campaign against fascist, expansionist political ideology of Islam – which hides (not very successfully) behind the thin veneer of religion, and doesn’t even attempt to hide behind the veneer of race except in the minds of sanctimonious, self-hating white quarter wits like yourself. And he’s not stopped doing it since he left.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        I feel compelled to comment Pete ! I am not racist in any way, but I am totally against Islam as a religion. Muslims think it is, and they are all wrong. Islam and the appearance of the Koran, is nothing more than Mohammad’s Insurance Policy, dressed up as a religion of fear ! The idea that Allah and God are one and the same, is nonsense, and in fact Satanic !

  17. Grumpyashell says:

    Whatever you feel about this,you should go to the Tommy Robinson page on Facebook and read the comments !

  18. Alan Munday says:

    Here is the original link, as in this article

    I have very mixed feelings about this support of Tommy Robinson, even though I admire his stance, because I think the emphasis has been weakening what should be our thrust towards Brexit.

    If Tommy would like to join UKIP, and it is not clear if he would like to, even though he seems to vote for us in elections, I think the question of relaxing the rules about who can join us ought to be considered rather than in singling Tommy out.

    I am guessing that even if Tommy is now, what might be thought of as now “clean”, I am not sure that many of his followers are, also in their blanket hatred of Moslems as opposed to Islamism. Also it isn’t clear to me what Tommy’s views are on this. For the positive effect on recruitment that relaxation of the rules might bring, I suspect this might be overbalanced by members not happy about this move, including Moslem members, leaving us. Not that I think of my membership as being of that much significance, I too would have to seriously consider my position as well.

    On balance, I would urge UKIP not to rush into this, but to take its time over the next year and perhaps consider it at the next conference. We may be rather roundly shooting ourselves in the foot otherwise.

  19. David Gunn says:

    I circulated a news item about the unjust treatment of Tommy Robinson, highlighting the fact that it was an example of a Political Show Trial – here, in the UK!!! His subsequent treatment in prison also appeared to breach his “Human Rights”. Regardless of one’s views on this mans comments, it is the principle that matters here.
    I had one member reply not to send ANY information that referred to Tommy Robinson, which I’ve agreed not to do. Clearly this person is unable to separate the two issues. With this in mind, I think we need a wider view than the NEC before this step is taken. I doubt my member is the only one to feel like this.
    For my part, I support the man. He’s saying what a great many people think but are too afraid to say themselves, this in itself is a frightening development in 21st Century Great Britain.

  20. Paul H says:

    In my opinion having Tommy Robinson as a UKIP member and advocate could be the making of the party in working class areas that have suffered under Islamic immigration.

    Let’s be honest the party will always be tarred with the ‘far right’ label so we should turn the dial up Trump style and watch the liberal media convulse with contrived disgust.

    Whilst Tommy has made mistakes in the past, it seems ridiculous to ignore his undoubted qualities particularly to argue his point without equivocation. His bravery in the face of the worst kind of adversity and his political stance as close to most kippers should mean we welcome him into the party if he wishes to.

    I would have no issue with offering him membership nor a significant role. I would also be interested in revisiting the proscribed list as this, as other writers have stated, is preventing good people joining the party.

    I find it absurd that ex Lib Dem Bolton, a man who stood as a PPC as a grown adult can lead the party but someone who joins the BNP as a youngster before realising his mistake is barred for life.

    Tommy is welcome with open arms as far as I am concerned.

  21. Jim Stanley says:

    Interesting video, I am not going to comment on if TR should join us or not, but his points are very valid. When I joined UKIP, the NEC treated te Party as it’s own personal “fiefdom”, much as Liebour and the Tories where members are rarely consulted, but now, while the NEC are still a powerful body, they do listen to Members, and, when presented with a logical argument, changed a decision previously made only 6 months before, on exactly the same evidence. TR makes a good point about losing members, but, as the motion is to let the members decide, something that the membership want to feel their voices are listened to.. Should they, the NEC decide not to agree, the resultant loss of members will make the drop due to the Bolton debacle seem small! As I said in an earlier post, this not just about TR, but concerns those,who possibly as teenagers joined toxic organistions, only to realise that they were involed with a very npleasent group, and should not be pilloried for a bad decision. From his video, TR should be applauded as he obviously understands the wider implications of the debate. At last, it is clear that Members opiions matter!

  22. Malcolm Jackson says:

    With Gerard Batten running UKIP and Tommy Robinson coming aboard, UKIP could very well win the votes of over 430,000 Sikhs and 1,000.000 Hindus living in the UK. That is not to mention the many millions of non-Muslim voters who are beginning to realise what an evil cult Islam is. Of course, with our votes secret, many Muslims opposed to Islam, would vote for UKIP, as many Muslims voted for Marine Le Pen in France. UKIP and the UK can only be on a winner with Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson.

  23. Raymond Stewart says:

    We must be very careful with this motion that it does not open the floodgates and I will be considering the issues carefully before voting

  24. Raymond Stewart says:

    I am concerned that the planned motion should be carefully worded so as NOT to open the floodgates to those of extreme viewpoint

  25. Jim Stanley says:

    I welcome the NEC decision to pass the debate to the membership fo a number of reasons, it is democracy at work and is a strong counter to the repeated charge that we are Facist, which is totally wrong. The NAZI Party, true Facsts, when translated into English,is, the German Socialist Workers Party, an extreme Left Wing Party, with policy diametrically opposite to ours.
    Personally I believe the debate should be widened. To include those who joined a banned group then, after finding out the true nature of the group. This would allow the politically inexperienced, like a teenager rebelling against Tory parents, to be addmtted to the best Party n the UK. Obviously we must not allow the masked louts, long standing violent poeple must never be allowed to join us, but I know some unable to join us, who would be an asset to the Party.
    I will not comment on the Tommy question,but I see it as good that the question is being asked of the members, we are a Democratic Party, and the NEC are right to pass the responsibity to the members. Like the Bolton vote, the Tommy motion is to be decided by the members, something rare in British politics.

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