TOMMY TO UKIP’S NEC: Will You Let The Members Decide?

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Tommy Robinson has spoken out for the first time since his release from prison and it was exclusively reported on Kipper Central that on Sunday, UKIPs NEC will discuss a motion which could potentially be put before the upcoming conference on whether he could be allowed to apply to join the Party.

He said the decision was “do they trust their members to make their own decision” and “do they believe in democracy in the Party” or will they, “like the Establishment” tell everyone what they can think. He spoke of the opportunity UKIP have to “electrify” the working class of Britain and promised that UKIP, if they admitted him, would cause a “political revolution” in Britain. Pointing to the upcoming Swedish elections on September 9th when the Swedish Democrats are expected to perform strongly and the recent formation of a populist government in Italy he said it is about time the British public had a “Party they could get excited about”.

Praising Nigel Farage for bringing Brexit he said that nonetheless, he was “unwilling” to talk about Islam and asked him to not condemn people who wanted to do this. He then went onto thank Gerard Batten for speaking up for him and said he was the only politician who “would make him want to get up and vote.” Confirming he would join UKIP, he said he found it amazing the NEC could make a decision which would “prevent their own members from making their own decision on their Party.”

The name Tommy Robinson has become a “symbol” which is “about the British public” and people “all over the world” who feel they are being “dictated too” and “dont have a voice”. The choice the NEC is “do you represent that feeling or do you crush it”? It is, said Tommy, not about him personally but about whether the NEC is willing to “take up that movement” and politicise it and give people in this country a voice to challenge the wrongs in this country and the Establishment.

You can watch the full video here.

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  • 909
  • 909

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19 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    By self introduction, I am Mike Maunder and I joined UKIP as the only Party that mirrors my own views. Get this straight on the first time of telling. – Nobody tells me what to think ! UKIP’s NEC have a necessary job to do, and I Thank them for it. I am a Democrat at the first and the last, and if their are members who don’t want Tommy Robinson as a member of this Party, then let Gerard Batten and UKIP’s NEC put it to all the members in a vote. My personal view is that this is demeaning to Tommy, and having checked up on this guy, UKIP is the only Party for him. Anything else will effect my own membership of UKIP ! THINK WELL ON THIS !

    • John Ferguson says:

      No further thinking required here. There is a long established membership criteria that has been implemented & adhered to without exception. Regardless of whatever his qualities or what his detractors say, fact is, he fails comprehesively on several counts & that’s just tough. The sum & substance of what this is, is nothing more than a one man one issue bandwagon & personality cult. This reverence, adulation & hero worship, may or may not be justified . However, irrespective of this, it is simply misguided & misplaced for his followers to believe, that a main stream political party in this country should even be contemplating just tearing up it’s rule book, for the sake of admitting one man. That suggestion is not only narrow minded, but simply ridiculous. Otherwise, good luck to him & I wish him well with legitimate campaigning.

      • Alec Yates says:

        John, you put it in a nutshell and I totally agree. This is about changing our Constitution, there would have to be a proposal agreed by the NEC and then put to the members. If he can get 20,000 people to follow him why doesn’t he form his own party or political movement. I am very suspicious that he would try and take over UKIP.

    • John Gilbert says:

      Agreed this is too important to be decided by the NEC and/or just members that attend the National Conference.
      I believe that the majority of members respect Tommy and his efforts to expose cover ups by the establishment.

    • Barrie says:

      Look up the Constitution or are one who believes he can alter that to suit his own views?

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Does Steve Crowther’s Mu slim 5th Column still run UKIP’s NEC. How much influence does the Is lam supporting Nigel Farage have over UKIP’s NEC.

  3. Stuart Hutton says:

    if the nec don’t allow this it will live in the shadow of British politics for ever. Labour has lost it’s way for the working people of this land, so this offers a great opportunity for UKIP AFTER THE DISASTER of the last two years. I for one would join

  4. Paul says:

    Tommy Robinson is the bravest man in the United Kingdom today.

    As he says him being in UKIP would electrify British politics. His honesty and robustness would be a credit to the party and his appeal to working class communities suffering horrendously under Islam and mass migration would be huge.

    Most members I believe support Tommy’s aims and should be consulted on offering him membership and a role in the higher echelons of the party. Not only would this magnify our message but it would make it a lot of harder for the state to keep persecuting him now he is representing a political party.

    We also need to re-evaluate the whole proscribed member list. It is absurd to bar for life anybody who was a member of the EDL. It is also absurd to unilaterally bar anyone who has joined any of the parties on the list without understanding their reasons for joining, reasons for leaving and length of membership.

    We had a Lib Dem PPC as our leader, a man, as a grown adult who stood for a party far removed from what most UKIP supporters believe. Yet we bar ex-EDL members with no discussion whatsoever.

    Time to revisit the list and welcome Tommy to UKIP.

  5. mike ranson says:

    I joined Ukip two weeks ago as i believe they are the only party who can deliver what the majority of the UK wish to see. I supported and voted ukip for many years.
    On tommy, i am very passionate iabout tommy and believe that he would be a fantastic member. If tommy is not allowed to join, then i would like my £30 refunded. It is the members who decide not the top table. If the top table are against his joining, then why did you let ukip fly the flag at the two marches in london? That tells me that ukip is fully supportive of tommy

  6. Stanley Cutts says:

    As always, UKIP is in a dither about something that should be straightforward. When will they learn that this procrastination and subjugation to the “NEC” to make decisions like this is to hobble the entire party. The NEC should be disbanded – otherwise UKIP is not seen as a party of the people at all. If they screw this issue up, then they condemn themselves to political oblivion. LET THE MEMBERSHIP DECIDE!

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      Based upon what I have heard about the historical ‘back biting’ of the NEC and its personality cults, I despair!
      Reading the comments above, indicates to me that there are members who seem to relish the activity of wading around in treacle, hence the continued lack of PROGRESS is inevitable!

  7. Dan says:

    Why all the anger? There is no need to turn this into another ukip civil war. Nor should we blame the NEC. I hope we are not going back to those days.
    The situation is that we have in the constitution a rule that was put in place for a good reason. From this point in time it now seems like overkill and a bit redundant. While I am very sympathetic to the arguments that we shouldn’t ignore the constitution on a whim I think it has to be recognised that this issue is one which has shown the rule in it’s present form to be in urgent need of revision.
    As Paul says above it is time to revisit the list of proscribed organisations and go down the route of looking at the track record of those individuals who were in them and now wish to join us.
    The rule was made to keep out racists and neo-nazis. It should not be keeping out people like Tommy who are patently neither.

    I should add that the NEC are in a difficult position and I don’t think they should cop any flak from either side whatever they come up with.

    • John Ferguson says:

      Well Dan. If you do not think the rule should be keeping out people like this individual, then maybe you ought to go off & do a bit more research to get your facts straight. I can think of many genuine borderline cases who failed the membership criteria because they made A (one) so called “mistake”. Having researched some of this individual’s very many “mistakes”, I have concluded that he is precisely the kind of individual the rule was intended to exclude. Furthermore many of his “mistakes” would appear to have had nothing to do with genuine campaigning or being a peoples champion or force for good. If, according to the track record I have read, he does not meet the criteria to even enter the USA or parliament as an MP, why on earth should UKIP even be contemplating making an exception to it’s membership criteria solely for him, whilst upholding the rule for everyone else. It truly is a the most ludicrous concept.

  8. Anthony Taylor says:

    Based upon what I have heard about the historical ‘back biting’ of the NEC and its personality cults, I despair!
    Reading the comments above, indicates to me that there are members who seem to relish the activity of wading around in treacle, hence the continued lack of PROGRESS is inevitable!

    • Dan says:

      Perhaps you should check on the history of the deliberate demonisation of the NEC by people who can’t abide rules. You might think again. When I joined Ukip we were led to believe the NEC was to blame for everything. Under Gerard and the NEC this year we have made a lot of progress.
      As recently as the beginning of the year we were being told by ‘people in the know’ that the NEC would never act to get rid of Henry Bolton. Or perhaps one or two at the most. What happened? They voted to without dissent.
      Find out the real story.

      • Anthony Taylor says:

        And you think the personalities, with their OWN agendas, are there no more?

        Human nature, human nature – it doesn’t change – Rules is Rules and treacle is treacle !

        • Dan says:

          If this concept ludicrous is ludicrous then why are so many people supporting it. You need to get your evidence out there. I have stated in these columns before that I think Tommy would be better off as an independent reporter than joining Ukip. However, he wants to join, more importantly it would seem that the majority of members would welcome him in. I think it would be silly to deny him entry under rules that prevent people like Jack Buckby joining but which allowed Henry Bolton not only to join but become leader.
          John, I suggest you come out with a good argument about what the criteria should be for excluding people. I’m willing to listen but at the moment you just sound snarly. Like I said at the beginning of my previous post. Why all the anger?

          • John Ferguson says:

            You’ve convinced yourself about his level of support, by spending far too much time believing everything you read on here. Just because the contributers on here spend all their time agreeing with one another, does not mean it’s a true reflection of what the majority thinks. I agree he would be better off not joining UKIP. I would also point out, he only expressed a desire to join, after some clown, uninvited I might add, proposed this divisive, ill considered ill concieved crackpot motion for conference. It’s got nothing to do with snarly or angry, just a plain statement of fact. If he comprehensively fails the membership criteria….. by a mile… already, motion passed or not, he still fails the membership criteria afterwards & there are no exceptions, not even for him. That is the most ludicrous concept & that there are so many misguided people, who have managed to convince themselves otherwise is just sad. They would need to get the party constitution changed or relaxed first & this half baked motion has certainly done nothing to make that any more likely any time soon. Having now belatedly realised all this, chairman UKIP has now filed it in the nearest waste paper bin & concluded that it is in everyone’s interest, to avoid a wholly unnecessary & probably acrimonious ill tempered debate, about the possible membership of…..just one man, who still won’t be able to join anyway.

        • Dan says:

          I suggest you stand for the NEC Anthony. I might even vote for you. I’m serious, look into please.

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