BREAKING: UKIP Agrees To Debate Recruiting Tommy Robinson After Crunch NEC Meeting

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A motion calling for UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to offer Tommy Robinson party membership was today accepted for debate at UKIP’s conference this month, after it was controversially proposed earlier this week, as Kipper Central exclusively revealed.

The motion calling for Robinson’s recruitment to the party, which will now be debated and voted upon at UKIP’s national conference in Birmingham later this month, was given the go-ahead by the party’s Chairman – Tony McIntyre, after he consulted the party’s ruling body, the NEC, this afternoon.

Proposed by UKIP’s Family & Children Spokesman – Alan Craig, the motion to be voted on reads: “Conference believes that Tommy Robinson is a global figure who stands in the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause from Robin Hood to the Suffragettes; admires his campaigns both for #FreeSpeech and to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over the industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to consider offering him membership of UKIP.”

In a statement, UKIP Chairman Tony McIntyre said: “After due consideration on consulting the UKIP National Executive Committee, the Party Chairman has decided to allow a debate at the party conference on the membership of Tommy Robinson. The particular motion requests that the NEC lifts the ban on prescribed groups in his case only.

“There will be no further comment on this until the motion has been debated at the party conference on the afternoon of Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham.”

Craig told Kipper Central: “I’m delighted that democracy reigns in UKIP and members will be able to debate and vote on whether Tommy can join the party.

“I hope we can debate the issue maturely with mutual respect, and end the knee-jerk shrill vitriol we have seen over the past few days.”

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Robinson said he “would join UKIP”, and that it would kick off a “political revolution in Britain”.

He said: “I would join UKIP, but I find it amazing that the NEC could make a decision that would prevent their own members from making their own decision on their party.

“The name ‘Tommy Robinson’ has became a symbol; it’s become far more than me! The #FreeTommy movement was not about me! It was about the British public, it was about people all over the world, who feel they’re being dictated to, who feel they don’t have a voice! A movement has been created to give those people a voice.

“On Sunday, the NEC of UKIP, you have a choice to make: do you represent that feeling, or do you crush it? This isn’t actually about me personally; this is about whether you’re willing to take up that movement, willing to politicise that movement, and willing to give people in this country a voice – a voice against the wrongs that we know are happening, a voice to challenge the establishment.”

Explaining why he orig

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  • 12.6K
  • 12.6K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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22 Responses

  1. Valerie Arnold says:

    KIP will lose votes/members if Tommy Robinson is not allowed to join.

  2. Paul Richardson says:

    Proscribe not prescribe. Can’t we even get that right?

  3. Devasandhan Nair says:

    Tommy Robinson should come forth as the young leader of Britain. He and his supporters can only save Britain

  4. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Great result.

  5. Paul says:

    This was the correct decision.

    Tommy should be in UKIP and he would be a benefit to the party. No doubt the media would be apoplectic at UKIP and Tommy himself. But so what, they are anyway!

    I want Tommy in UKIP. Let us throw caution to the wind and allow Tommy’s voice to be magnified by being attached to a mainstream party. Let’s stand full square behind Tommy Robinson as our political colleague and ally.

  6. Linda Savage says:

    I would support Tommy Robinson becoming a member of ukip, people in this country are looking for a name to get behind

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It is with real regret that I will be unable to attend the UKIP Conference. On the matter of Tommy Robinson’s membership of our Party, I would welcome him joining. In some respects he is performing the same actions as Wat Tyler from 1381, but seems to be running on lines, put down by this very Party. I can find no reasons to exclude Tommy from UKIP, IN FACT WELCOME !

  8. Well I can not get to the meeting in Birmingham saddle. I do have to say though I for 1 would vote for Tommy Robbinson ( Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) To be a member of UKIP.

    regards Amanda Roeloffzen

  9. M Hewitt says:

    Big mistake if Tommy is voted in. Nothing against the fellow myself and nothing wrong with his views regards free speech, but his past history of extreme right wing activities will most certainly bring UKIP down.
    I have been a member of UKIP, but, did not rejoin after the election and am just sitting on the side watching how UKIP moves forward before I make a decision to rejoin and also how it will influence my vote in the next general election.
    UKIP be very careful how you progress the electorate is watching you.

    • Ben says:

      You obviously have done no research into Tommy and are basing your assumptions on Mainstream propaganda. Watch some real videos he has produced to see the real truth of the man

  10. Russell Hicks says:

    We’re supposed to fighting for our lives to make Brexit happen, now our credibility on THIS MOST MOMENTOUS ISSUE is being tarnished by Tommy Robinson who thinks he is the only person fighting religious extremism. He isn’t and he’s clumsy. He is also awaiting trial. He will make UKIP a laughing stock and detract from what matters. UKIP needs a good Home Affairs spokesman, one who uses his own name and one without a criminal record. We have several good people who could fill that post.

  11. John Ferguson says:

    I think it’s a fair observation, that this is now the 8th article in the space of 3 days concerning this one man one issue bandwagon. To the extent that it now resembles nothing more than a self licking lollipop fan club pushing it’s own agenda. Clearly those prepared to look more dispassionately at all the facts, from a more considered critical viewpoint, have already gone off to form their own different opinion support group elsewhere. At least it allows everyone else a safe space to continue to agree with one another on here.

  12. John Slade says:

    It’s about time UKIP revised the proscribed list of banned groups, If I murdered someone, I’d probably be out in 10 years, If I committed a lesser crime I would NOT have to mention it after 2 years under the rehabilitation of offenders act 1974 ( as amended ) unless it had a direct bearing on the job, Throughout my 60 years I have been politically active on and off since I was old enough for most of that time, I just find it a crass anomaly that UKIP can carte blanche ban a whole raft of citizens for activism, like in my case, that covers approx 42 years, Sadly I admit to daftly voting Liberal in the early 80’s, Tory in the 90’s and, due to the ignorant arrogance of the Tories, I voted Labour much to my shame in 1997, and the last 20 years for UKIP, age saw me grow up. We all change, we all have skeletons in the cupboard and I suspect quite a few have worse records than Robinson, Every one with half an eye on recent events can see that Robinsons rhetoric has been very enlightening treading where the MSM have disgracefully neglected. I hope that people will vote with a clear mind not being brow beaten by the normal culprits who threaten to resign, to get their way, let them go, they are part of the problems that have hampered UKIP., I will not be going to conference due to personal commitments, but would firmly back Robinson being allowed to join.

  13. Ben says:

    I would like to know how many voted against Tommy so we can see how many Establishment traitors are still in Ukip.

  14. J Smith says:

    The problem I have with this is that the same rules should apply to all. So if Tommy Robinson is allowed to join then all ex-members should be allowed to join. People can decide whether they think that would be a good idea or not.

    But it’s an error by Gerard to go down the route of ‘we’ll make an exception in this case’. That’s essentially saying we have rules but we’ll ignore them if it suits us. It’s the kind of dubious practice that got me hating the EU in the first place and it’s straight out of their way of doing things.

  15. Les says:

    Time something was done this country is going down hill very fast

  16. Donald Thompson says:

    He would get my vote thats a fact,.It would be what this country needs having him speak for the many not the few.

  17. John Lartice says:

    Tommy Robinson has been willing to put his life at risk, for making the general public aware of paedophiles within communities . He has received rough justice from the judiciary and parliament, UKIP needs to be big enough to take on these issues, and welcome Tommy Robinson with open arms. If UKIP fails to see this for the good, many members and followers will begin to think twice, because for the average decent person this crime is a threat worldwide, it is abhorrent and is being spread by blackmail in high places.

  18. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Well said John. Tommy Robinson is an incredibly brave British Hero, the type of man with the physical and mental toughness to be a member of the SAS. The only people trying to stop Tommy joining UKIP are those allied to the Islam supporting Steve Crowther , whose main aim was to wreck UKIP. Crowther and Farage put a stop to Chris Pain becoming UKIP’s first MP. If Gerard Batten is not elected as permenent leader of UKIP, then I hope Gerard would not be opposed to setting up another party with Tommy Robinson alongside. They would get my vote.

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