DEEP REGRETS: BOJO Knows He ‘F***ed Up’ Supporting Brexit Says ‘Close Source’

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Boris Johnson is currently being branded as the leader that Brexit needs. He is, Brexiteers insist, the best thing since sliced bread and the only one who can oust Theresa The Appeaser and deliver the Brexit Britain voted for, however, back in 2016 it was revealed that the former Foreign Secretary penned a piece supporting Britain Remaining in the EU.

In it, he said of the EU: “This is a market on our doorstep, ready for further exploitation by British firms. The membership fee seems rather small for all that access. Why are we so determined to turn our back on it?” When its existence was revealed, Johnson dismissed the article as a way of working out his views: “Everybody was trying to make up their minds about whether or not to leave the European Union and it is perfectly true that back in February I was wrestling with it, like I think a lot of people in this country, and I wrote a long piece which came down overwhelmingly in favour of leaving.” 

However, today it has emerged that he may be wondering if he submitted the right final draft.

Once bitten, twice shy. Brexiteers placed their faith in Theresa May, an avowed Remainer, and look where that has led. For the sake of Brexit and the future of Britain we cannot afford to make what would be essentially the same mistake twice and trust a Tory whose Brexiteer credentials are shaky at best.

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5 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    Johnson is a Tory.
    The Tory party conned and scammed us into the European racket. It has made them very rich. Are they going to let us escape the EU shackled which still splash them with non-jobs and money?

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Voting Tory to get Brexit is a No-Go. Who ever the leader of the Conservatives is, The Conservative Party is a Remainer Party as far as Tory MPs go, and of course the Conservative Party is controlled by Tony Blair’s treacherous Common Purpose organisation, totally committed to keeping the UK in the EU. The Tory Party membership may be a Patriotic bunch of Brexiteers, but the majority of Tory MP’s do not reflect the views of the membership, and have no respect for the the Referendum result.

  3. John Carins says:

    As leader Johnson would be an improvement over dismal May. The trouble is that he would not command enough support from the Tory backbenches. Brexit is going to be betrayed by the political class. With the subsequent undermining of democracy and trust Brexiteers will need to be ruthless and militant. In every way possible Brexiteers will need to be a persistent thorn in the side to get what we all voted for.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Darrell, I hate to say it but Charles de Gaulle was one of the few who was right about UK/GB not joining the Common Market !
    I seem to remember that BoJo was a bit late in his Brexit declaration. It was more a case of cutting himself a path that was different to the masses, and taking a political risk, rather than wanting out of the EU by brain and gut. His decision paid off at the result of our referendum, and in two years he is being tipped as a possible Tory leader ! He now sees the problems of leaving with a split Party, and the work and responsibility required. His clown countenance cloak’s his political desires !

  5. G Wilson says:

    Matt Kelly is editor of a remainiac rag. There is no reason to believe his tweet.

    He even appears to have confused letters with columns.

    Don’t let the fifth column play you.

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