I Left UKIP Under Henry Bolton, But With Tommy Robinson It Would Be A Party Worth Rejoining

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For the time being, I write this article outside the UKIP family, having resigned early this year, partly out of disgust with Henry Bolton and partly to be involved in the founding of the Democrats and Veterans Party which sadly has proven to be a great disappointment. That is another story.

Political friends know that I have an instinctive dislike for bans and exclusions and expulsions although in extremis they may be necessary. I was always opposed to the blanket ban on individuals with prior involvements with certain other Parties. It left no room for flexibility, no room for genuine evolution and development of thought and no room for genuine contrition of past mistakes and past bad judgements. Few of us are guiltless in these matters.

The fact that George W Bush had a drink problem as a young man with a driving conviction was rightly a non-issue in the 2000 US Presidential Election and in my judgement, it is a non-issue that Tommy Robinson has a past conviction of an assault against an off-duty policeman.

Shakespeare’s insightful words ‘salad days’ and ‘green in judgement’ come to mind. This, of course, is not to give a free pass to bad behaviour. Boris Johnson’s repeated infidelities are troubling which incidentally contrast to Tommy’s matrimonial stability.

Tommy Robinson is a man of genuine conviction who loves his country and is speaking as it were prophetically to the British People concerning the problem of Islamicism and the threat to the people and institutions of Britain by the vile and violent practices of many Muslim adherents and the complete failure of multiculturalism as a policy.

What is more; Tommy has the rare quality of being willing to make great personal sacrifice for his convictions – for the love of his country. I would want to be in a Party with Tommy as a colleague. I am not sure I would want to be in a Party where a British hero is excluded.

Once in the not so distant past Euroscepticism and the desire to leave the EU was a niche issue and not at all considered mainstream, as also was concern for uncontrolled immigration.

UKIP was the driving force in changing the national debate. It seems to me UKIP is desperately in need of rejuvenating itself. It needs to take up issues which the other Parties will not or are too frightened to take up.

UKIP must be edgy and radical by offering to the British people an agenda of standing up to and fighting Islamicism, multiculturalism, the curtailing of freedom of speech, the juggernaut of political correctness and moral relativism. To be the same as other political Parties is pointless and would, in any case, lead to UKIP’s inevitable demise.

Putting the matter of Tommy Robinson’s membership to the Party Conference would be a bold move on the part of the NEC, showing trust in its membership and trust in Gerard Batten’s leadership and above all the principled thing to do.

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  • 3.7K
  • 3.7K

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6 Responses

  1. Barrie says:

    You obviously belong to the EDL mentality and voted for AMW why should real UKIP members listen to you?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UKIP must become more inclusive. If it doesn’t, then it will remain a sideline Party, and I did not take out membership for that !
    I want UKIP to mix it with the Old Parties in the Commons, and to show those stale old sods why our comparatively new Party is a success, and why the Lib/Lab/Con is losing ground. I rather think Tommy Robinson shares my view in this, and I agree with him, excitement for UKIP would be a new experience in the Commons. Excitement for anything in politics would be new !

  3. Anthony Taylor says:

    There is nothing in this piece to argue with – but – will the hidden agendarists step up and show their true colours?

  4. John Gilbert says:

    I totally agree with what you say Andrew. However I believe that this is too important a subject to be left to just those that can get to the conference.
    My belief is that it should be put to all members where I think it would get overwhelming support. Regards John

  5. Les Shepperd says:

    I 100% agree with you John Gilbert, let us all have a say, after all, it’s OUR party is it not?

  6. I did not renew my Membership of UKIP this ŷear, bicos I was in despair about how the Party was being run. However with Gerard Batten at the helm I was all ready to re-join. Then the issue of Tommy Robinson’s Membership came up and I was overjoyed and then angry when I heard that there was some debate about whether or not Tommy was going to be allowed to join and I am now in Limbo. I would happily sign up to a Party where he was a member and I would be delighted if that Party was UKIP! If they decline his request to join …then I am afraid I could not sign up again to a Party that has no eye to the future and the massive advantage they would gain by having a National Hero in their midst!! And so I wait!!

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