UKIP Only Got This Far By Taking Risks; We’d Be A Party Of Cowards To Block Tommy Robinson Now

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Tommy Robinson is a household name, even among the middle class lawyers and accountants that make up the majority of my extended family; although most of them seem to be of the opinion that Tommy Robinson is a fascist on par with Hitler and Mussolini.

So when I read that the NEC would consider admitting Tommy Robinson to UKIP my initial reaction was one of dread. Private school educated Lib Dem voters are a demographic that the mainstream media still seem to maintain a vice like grip upon and nothing would rock the hornet’s nest of establishment journalists quite like Tommy Robinson joining UKIP.

I thought the press release was made too fast and that if the NEC decided to let Tommy in then damage limitation would be a nightmare. I believed that Tommy Robinson should not be let in, partly for selfish reasons and partly for ‘optics.’

There have also been murmurings within the party that not everyone is happy with UKIP’s “lurch to the alt-right” under Gerrard Batten – as the hopelessly out of touch new statesman puts it. Nigel Farage also seems concerned that dealing with the threat of radical Islam is not the best look for the party and Ben Walker – an NEC member – told LBC that he’d have to consider his position in the party if Tommy was admitted.

Despite all of this I am now convinced that Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP. The turning point for me was Tommy announcing that he would join.

Surely if Nigel Farage was right then we would have lost members and votes when Gerard Batten spoke at the second Free Tommy rally, or when the mainstream media was bashing UKIP calling us alt-right when Sargon of Akkad joined. This is exactly the opposite of what happened. We soared in the polls in July due to Theresa May’s disastrous Chequers deal.

Few seemed to care about our alleged ‘Islamophobia.’

Okay I get that Tommy Robinson joining will lose us favour among some of the middle class elitists but these are not the types of people who would vote UKIP anyway. The type of people who will be turned off by this decision are remainers, Labour voters and pearl clutching conservatives.

It’s undeniable that there is a huge amount of support for Tommy among our core voters. You only need to look at the turnout for the Free Tommy rallies to realise how much support he really has plus thousands more who didn’t attend the rallies because they were unable to. Tommy is a massive influencer and he will bring untold benefits to UKIP in the form of members, votes and activism.

If we don’t let him in and he joins For Britain instead then we will have a real problem on our hands.

Even in my more gated and homogenous coastal community I see more Burqas every year. We need to remember that the Brexit vote was about immigration as much as it was about economics and sovereignty. Anyone who tells you that permitting Tommy Robinson membership will water down our focus on Brexit is either scared of the backlash or doesn’t understand the issue fully.

We can either take this opportunity to gain tremendous support or we can fret about possibly losing a couple hundred members and lose our biggest potential voting block in the process. We have only got this far by taking risks.

Don’t let UKIP become a party of cowards.

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  • 1.7K

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12 Responses

  1. Barrie says:

    There are many in the Tory Party who would give their right arm to see Yaxley Lennon and Anne Marie Waters members of UKIP given your self confesssed background would your friends family and associates also be joyous at that possibility? You know full well that certain parties with financial interest in UKIP would be withdrawing support leaving UKIP at the mercy of the receivers!

  2. David Solo says:

    Tommy Robinson is a passionate, patriotic and good man. He has NEVER uttered a racist comment to my knowledge despite extreme provocation. He continues to impress me with his honest opinions. he has been attacked by leftist guerillas and has suffered for trying to tell people what is happening. He is a working class lad that wanted to save his town from Anjem Choudray and his PROVEN terrorist supporters who spat at British troops. I am a UKIP member and I say he MUST be allowed to join !

    • Russ Littler says:

      Fully agree. Every other populist party in Europe is against the Islamification of their country, so why should the British people not be allowed to have a party that speaks for them too. The erosion of our culture must stop, and we have a right to cherish it and preserve it. Nigel Farage was wrong not to support Gerrard Batten on this issue.

  3. Ian Edwards says:

    Here here Tom! I would also suggest that if TR did ever join UKIP then For Britain might perhaps consider disbandment and stand with, instead of against, UKIP at elections. We need more unity on the right than ever.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Yes, I think you’re right Ian. But let’s not forget that the only reason For Britain exists is the failure of UKIP to grapple with the Islamisation of this country. And responsibility for that, my friend, lies squarely at the door of Nigel Farage (the verbal sponsor of Henry Bolton, no less!). UKIP had its chance last summer, and they fluffed it – so badly. But it’s never too late to turn the corner.
      Gerard Batten should stop pussy footing around on the issue of Islam and declare his true beliefs – it is the only thing that will unite our centre right parties. United we stand, divided we fall!

  4. kevin payne says:

    Tommy Robinson joining our party are we mad? Yes mad at the lack of movement on Brexit mad at the unfair electoral system mad at the mistakes made in the past. This would be the sanest thing we have done for years this young man has a political presence round the world and from what I have seen is a decent man who just worries about his kids future. He has been vilified in the mainstream media as have we. Very positive move in my opinion.

  5. Russell Hicks says:

    Tommy Robinson would see UKIP lost in the wilderness with a rump of shouty supporters wondering what happened.

  6. Ian Hensmani says:

    We need People like Tommy, and more like him. if we forsake the chance and UKIP goes down the tubes our members are not going labour or conservative they will go much further to the “right” than Ukip.

  7. Russ Littler says:

    If UKIP claim to be an “all inclusive” party, then I see no reason why people like Anne Marie Waters, Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston, etc, should not join the party. None of these people are “racist”, because skin colour is not an issue for any of them, nor is it for UKIP. I also think that the party, should not be focused on this one single issue, rather it should be just one item of a much broader manifesto. The single biggest thing, I see missing from UKIPs manifesto, (which I believe is of paramount importance) is the need for “British Constitution”, because this would halt the steady erosion of our rights by the politicians, police, and judiciary. We need a US style constitution to protect our right to freedom of thought, speech, and expression, with no limitations. This should take precedence over all “Statute” law, and regulations.

    • Dave says:

      Be careful what you wish for… You already have a “human rights ” court which has been abused by every illegal immigrant ever. what do you think will happen if those same Islamic terrorists start claiming that they have “rights” under a constitution”… I hope someone presses that reset button real soon. I am ready.

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