VICTORY: EU Flags Removed From British Soldiers’ Uniforms

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About a week ago, we reported that British soldiers arriving in Bosnia bore EU Flags on their uniforms. Political outrage followed. Gerard Batten called for British men and women to refuse to serve in the British Army until it is no longer under a “foreign command”.

However, yesterday, the news came that the EU Flags have been removed came via Veterans For Britain who originally broke the story on their Twitter feed.

However, we should not be complacent. British troops still effectively operate under a foreign command and Chequers poses an immediate threat not just to the national sovereignty we thought we had won in 2016 but the operational independence of our armed forces as explained here through continued ‘cooperation’ and, of course, PESCO.

A country whose armed forces operate under a foreign command only has illusory sovereignty at best and one of Mrs May’s most pernicious betrayals at Chequers is of the brave men and women who signed up to serve Queen and country, not fight under a foreign flag.

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  • 11.1K
  • 11.1K

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3 Responses

  1. Charlie Wardale says:

    If our troops are ordered to operate under a foreign command, that is a treasonable act

  2. Julian Farmer says:

    Theresa must go! I hate the sight of this degenerate.

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