BREAKING: UKIP Blocks Debate On Offering Tommy Robinson Party Membership

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UKIP has blocked a debate over whether Tommy Robinson should be admitted to the party, in a major U-turn over what they claim is a “contravention of the Party Rule Book.”

Robinson’s supporters, however, argue that the party rulebook was very closely followed and that there is more to the decision to block the debate than simply a technicality.

The blocked motion, which UKIP’s chairman Tony McIntyre had originally approved for debate at the party’s national conference this month, called for UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to consider offering Robinson party membership.

In a statement released to party members, McIntyre explained that the party’s rule book states that conference motions must be put forward by a UKIP branch, but that the Tommy Robinson motion was proposed by two party members, not a branch and therefore has been blocked.

He wrote: “I have made it a point during my tenure as Chairman of the Party to adhere strictly to the Party Rules, as they are the backbone of the Party.

“I believe strongly in freedom of speech and would suggest that this motion is presented to the next Autumn Party Conference via the correct channels.

“I take full responsibility for this error in judgement as it is mine and mine alone.”

However, supporters of Robinson have pointed out that the party rulebook allows for “Emergency Motions” which can be submitted after the standard deadline and do not need to be proposed by a branch.

Rule D.11 of the party’s rulebook states: “Emergency motions may be considered in the event that, during the month before Conference, there is such a major political change either internal to UKIP or external that it demands further consultation with the Party membership.”

Ordinary motions must be proposed by branches at least a month in advance of the national conference, but emergency motions can be proposed at any time up to conference.

The original motion, which was proposed by UKIP’s Family & Children spokesman Alan Craig, was proposed within a month of Conference, so the only basis for it to have been accepted was that it was an emergency motion. On this basis, Robinson’s supporters claim, the motion did not need a branch behind it, and is still as valid as when it was first accepted.

The motion, which was seconded by Reece Coombes, the Deputy Chairman of UKIP’s youth wing, Young Independence, read: “Conference believes that Tommy Robinson is a global figure who stands in the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause from Robin Hood to the Suffragettes; admires his campaigns both for #FreeSpeech and to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over the industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to consider offering him membership of UKIP.”

Craig told Kipper Central: “It is puzzling that party chairman Tony McIntyre has cancelled the conference debate on the ‘Tommy Robinson’ motion having only just approved it on Sunday, as nothing procedurally or otherwise has changed.

“Reece Coombes and I submitted the motion on 31st August (a) as individuals, and (b) significantly after the deadline for branch motions. It was plain to see on both counts, therefore, that our motion did not qualify as a normal branch motion and we did not submit it as such.

“However within the party rules, the chairman has discretion. For instance under Rule D11 the chairman has the option to approve non-branch emergency motions. It is reasonable to assume that, as a rule-conscious and honourable chairman, Tony approved the motion on Sunday under these or other discretionary powers given to him.

“On Sunday he rightly approved the motion. He has today unapproved it. What caused him to change his mind?”

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  • 6.1K
  • 6.1K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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64 Responses

  1. Malcolm Jackson says:

    So UKIP is still an Islam supporting Party. Crowther’s minions are still controlling UKIP.

    UKIP has just lost several hundred thousand possible members. FLA, Vets against Terror, Sikhs, Hindus.
    Ukip will remain in the doldrums even with Gerard Batten as leader.
    Massive opportunity thrown away.

    • Luca says:

      Don’t be silly, a party is made from its members and UKIP has a firm position against Islamisation. We are the only party to consider Tommy.

      • wendy rainey says:

        you are wrong about that ! the peoples revolutionary party is a newly registered party and they wont turn him down ! ukip is now dead in the water just like lib lab cons

      • Malcolm Jackson says:

        Hi Luca, You haven’t been in UKIP for very long then? Gerard is only interin leader. The real power lies with the Islam supporters Steve Crowther and Nigel Farage.

      • Anthony Taylor says:

        The UKIP firm position against islamisation – that dosen’t see to ring true with Anne Marie Waters attitude towards the problem and her views being constantly suppressed.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Malcolm and Luca, I have delved into the facts of Islam, for some years now, and it is not an item that should have any gravity with UKIP or anyone ! Muslims are protective and violent about their religion of Islam, probably in part due to fear. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION AND NEVER WAS ! It is an Insurance Policy taken by Mohammad. – He played the card of ‘Religion’, backed up by fear, and it worked ! He probably saw the end of the Western Roman Empire, and he would have known about Alexander the Great. One fell apart from sloppiness, the other by the death of its leader. Bringing in by lies and mystery the Koran, and killing any non believers, worked well ! UKIP has to work to rid this Nation of the violent Muslims a,s,a,p, The non violent ones can carry on, if they are daft and ignorant enough !

    • PAUL HENMAN says:

      Malcolm Jackson I agree with you 100% Next Week I am phoning head office to cancel my membership. I have been a member for 15 Years or more . I Will only become a member again if they get Tommy Robinson to join,

  2. Bryn Archer says:

    silly move Just lost the support of hundreds of thousand people who will now look elsewher

  3. D Barker says:

    why is the chairman and nec selling the party out AGAIN time for you clowns to quit

  4. AlexB says:

    I read “I believe strongly in freedom of speech and would suggest that this motion is presented at the next earliest opportunity via the correct channels” to mean it could still go ahead at conference if the “correct channels” submitted the motion quickly?

  5. John Slade says:

    Bloody incompetence, I hope the chairman has the grace to accept an emergency motion

  6. Nigel Ely says:

    Dear, dear, dear Mr Chairman. This is not going to go down well at conference going by the members I have spoken to. Do I sense another, Henry Bolton ‘Super Soldier’ moment coming? Luckily, I’ve booked in for the two days so will enjoy the roar of the members. Never a dull moment with UKIP ah! For the record. I have no issues with Mr Robinson joining if he wants too. UKIP need to be radical, it needs to get MSM air time, and Mr Robinson joining WILL guarantee us this most valuable cartel commodity. They will want to discredit us with the same old platitudes. If he doesn’t join or UKIP blocks him, the MSM will keep blanking Gerard out, and we will NEVER get our message to all those mainstream voters who, believe me, are so desperate to hear a new narrative – the UKIP narrative.

  7. Mr delorme says:

    When Tommy Robinson Joins….so will I and ALL my family.

  8. James says:

    A stich up – like a kipper

  9. Sarah says:

    I won’t be voting ukip unless they have Tommy Robinson on board

  10. Avril King says:

    A member since 2004 and regular candidate, I just rejoined after a 2 year hiatus. I stand with GERARD BATTEN. If the NEC holds sway, I will resign my membership again. I am UKIP, not wishy washy pseudo tory.

  11. Chris says:

    “On Sunday he rightly approved the motion. He has today unapproved it. What caused him to change his mind?”



  12. Stout Yeoman says:

    Not what caused him to change his mind but who?

  13. B Fox says:

    I would certainly not consider one individual called Tommy Robinson to be “A major Political Change” in any circumstances? He is an individual looking for a platform and legitimacy? and the question is not deserving of Emergency approval? Have you read the rule books whole definition?

    • Minnie says:

      Yep. All read. You’re wrong. Come on Tommy, the only everyday man who can draw a crowd of tens of thousands simply on his beliefs and defence for people young and old, a true Patriot, without even being there. No brainer. Brave amazing man. Ukip should grab him before someone else does!

  14. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    I wish those that quibble over the rules would accept the need to debate and decide up-to-date matters.
    It seems that a chap who choses to use a non de plum instead of his real name is made an exception of and could be allowed to join UKIP despite the past and present ruling that anyone who was a member of a proscribed political party cannot be considered for membership of UKIP.
    That is what the debate should be about and not the individual who seems to have more in common with Ann Marie Waters than he does with UKIP.
    Anyway if his possible membership fails to be debated at the conference it will spare the party a lot of additional problems with the possibility of many new people joining whilst losing many good existing members at the same time.
    I would suggest that Tommy Robinson’s image is not one we should be promoting in UKIP and perhaps that is why at the eleventh hour the party chairman has seen the errors of this move.

    • MissBridgit says:

      Good Point. By the same token, Norman Jean changed her name to Marilyn Munroe no one said a word. Those that did not EVEN change their name like Hitler and Ghengis Khan were despots. Can you see where I am going with this? In fact, on good authority, I believe Ghengis was highly thought of by his men. ……So I ask What’s in a name?

    • You are too old! hand your resignation in and do one decent thing.

  15. I do not believe,what I am seeing here ,as many ukippers want to throw the towel in and leave over Tommy Robinson. Let’s have a reasonable debate,rather than just throw everything up in the air.My view is , we need to consider public opinion, on the fact ,that there is still many of people view Tommy as racist,with that view in mind, when us ukippers are doing street meets for UKIP,we are bombarded by members of the three main parties , and some of the public that Ukip is still racist.If Ukip doe’s accept Tommy, we must tell him that he must stick to common sense policies of Ukip, and not to stir up racism, otherwise we will begin to look like Labour with anti-Semitism.

  16. Mark Moran says:

    Shame, myself and my family where about to join UKIP thats not happening now. Silly Silly move by the people who should of known better.

  17. david ryland says:

    not looking good is it total incompetence! poor gerard having to deal with a biased nec and party chairman

  18. Grumpyashell says:

    Supposedly the motion to debate the acceptance of Tommy Robinson to be a member has to be made by a branch not an individual… are there any branches out there willing to put forward the motion ?

  19. Grumpyashell says:

    Simples….get a branch to propose membership for Tommy…..!

  20. Nigel Birrell says:

    I understand the opinions of those who think Tommy should be let in to UKIP and that includes my wife…. however, I do not think he should join the party. I have been a member for a few years and traveled to Birmingham last year to vote against Bolton and held the line during the other self inflicted wounds over the past couple of years. If Tommy is allowed to join I will leave….sad day.

    • Nigel Ely says:

      It TR is allowed to join then at least it will sort out those Quisling Tories we still have among our ranks.

    • ogga1 says:

      I also was at the Birmingham meeting giving bolton the hard word, on the 17th Feb, the party went into recovery mode
      under Gerard Battens leadership.
      This was unacceptable to many as success started to take traction.
      Farage / bank membership booster for the ersatz tory party via leave means leave poster, Nigels bolton meeting on the same day as the UKIP conference, to me allegiance splitting, and now the Tommy issue.
      I am behind Gerard Batten, Tommy Robinson has earnt the right to speak and be judged at the conference and be judged by the membership UKIP is to be damned if it does allow Tommy membership and damned if it don’t.
      In regards to Tommy’s past to err is human, and who hasn’t ?

      • Nigel Ely says:

        ogga1. I agree. I can see another Henry Bolton ‘Super Soldier’ moment at Birmingham. I shall be attending both days and looking forward to the Tommy issue being discussed on the floor, and I hope on the stage too. gonna be entertaining, gonna be firey.

    • john urquhart says:

      I gave an answer to Nigel Birrell over an hour ago and it has yet to tun

  21. edward says:

    Interesting how the party implodes from time to time. Almost like a conservative plaything. Are there active sleepers inside intent on causing disruption? This is a tale of destruction.

  22. Jim Stanley says:

    The debate must go ahead, or we will look incompetant, and I believe that the Party will get a real kickng in the MSM. There is a simple solution, provided by D14 and D15. The first states that the Session Chairman can accept amendments on the day, so in theory, the promoter and opposer could be changed at the time of the debate. D15 allows representatives of those concerned may speak so the original speakers could present their position. No need to involve the NEC. Every club I have ever belonged to has made sure that there are get out clauses to avoid just this sort of thing. No doubt we will get some stick, but a lot less than removing the question from the Agenda. There is a problem, but, for the good of the Party the debate must go ahead, I for one fear the consequences if it does not.

  23. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    WE REALLY MUST GET OUR ACT TOGETHER ! All that is required is for UKIP to be a little more inclusive. Tommy Robinson wants in, SO LET HIM IN ! Do some members want a little prim and proper Party, that hisses and boos from the sidelines ? I don’t, as I want this Party to face out the Lib/Lab/Con wasters and to turn this old country around. We have had the joke for a leader with James. We have had the wrecker of Bolton. Just how many mistakes is UKIP prepared to make on its journey ? Rules were made by UKIP people, FOR THE GOOD OF THE PARTY ! Why oh why are they now OUR STRAIGHTJACKET TO AVOID BEING ALL THAT WE CAN BE ?

  24. John Ferguson says:

    After this truly shocking turn of events. If it’s any help, I can share a link to the “You’ve just realised not everyone thinks exactly the same as you do” different opinion support group.

  25. Anthony Taylor says:

    Approved and unapproved (sic) – PERSONALITIES and TREACLE come to mind – AGAIN.

  26. Ian Edwards says:

    No one wants Tommy in UKIP more than me but perhaps Tommy’s ‘role’ if he joins UKIP should be sorted out before membership is offered? I think it needs clarifying, though I don’t object to a debate at conference about it. Tommy has, so far, campaigned ‘as himself’, yet if he is wearing a UKIP lapel badge when he does every future talk and video he will be treated as UKIP by the Left and the Establishment and MSM. That probably needs sorting out before he joins up because he does get into some heated exchanges and situations that do not always look good on video. He also makes a few blokey jokes at times on video – some I find funny, others not, but I would edit them out of the videos – as the Left will enjoy ripping him and UKIP apart on all points like these. Just saying. I would also suggest some kind of coaching for him because he talks from the heart not as a natural born politician – that’s his strength and his weakness. If he was a talker after the Steve Bannon mould I think he would make mincemeat of the Left, but he isn’t. If he loses his cool on QuestionTime TV show like somebody else I can think of did then he may well end up resigning from UKIP weeks or months after having joined – with embarrassment for all except the Left and Establishment who will rush to the bar to toast their victory.

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      UKIP couldn’t handle Tommy, nor could Tommy handle Ukip.

      Tommy doesn’t pussy foot around, he tells it as it is – straight talking and straight from the shoulder! Too many people tend towards being over delicate where hard talk and hard truths are dished out in a forthright manner, and that is why I state that neither will be compatible with the other.

      Politicians – all of them – tiptoe around in an effort to please everybody , and invariably end up pleasing nobody.

      From the outside, looking in, I think Ukip ought to be sniffing out the 5th columnists!

  27. David says:

    Why hasn’t the name of the person responsible for threatening legal action, been released?

  28. Godfrey Davey. says:

    After over 20 years being part of UKIP all I can say is “Here we go again” I wonder if we have a death wish as we seem to do a better job of wrecking the party than the opposition do.

  29. Jim Stanley says:

    This has developed into more than a debate about who should be a member. For whatever reason the members were invited to attend Confrence to talk about the TR question among others, only to discover this was not to be the case. There is a great deal of disquiet within the ranks, with talk of mass resignations if the debate does not happen. The MSM will portray the honest error as gross incompetence, although in my opinion, it is the old problem of ambiguous rules, common in any organisation. Lets stop arguing and work together for the good of the Party, I am sure there is a simple solution, if there is the will there to find it, indeed, within this string there are a number of sensible suggestions. This debate can go ahead, a simple ruling to decide on what the spirit of he rules are wil see the problem solved. Our Rules and Constitution need to be updated and revised, after all we are now a very different Party now to the Party the rules were written for. Part of he problem is that the rules were written in legal language rather than a everyday English. Even High Court Judges have to decide exactly what a legal document means, but our members are not lawyers, so it hardly surprising that mistakes are made.

  30. Dutch says:

    Why are we in UKIP always so concerned about what the “Left” (and that includes the majority of Cons) thinks about us? We know they hate us! We know they will always misrepresent us! We know they will always try to shout us down!
    Well, just look at POTUS Trump, a self-proclaimed radical. He doesn’t bloody care what the “Left” thinks. He offers people the choice to vote for him and they do! Not by kowtowing to the “Left”, but by opposing them! AND HE WON AND KEEPS ON WINNING, despite the whole of the “Left” elite of the USA and the World being virulently against him. UKIP, be brave! Become the RADICAL party the UK needs you to be! People will vote for you and you will reap the rewards! Our future is worth fighting for…

    • Jim Stanley says:

      Trump won because he is a business man, if you have been around as nog as him in busiessouare not a crook, you would be caught out if you are. Lotus as doe what he said and more, he settled North Koea down, something te Yanks have failed to do since the war in the 50s, Politicians can’t stand him because he is an honest businessman, the public love him because he is not a dishonestt Politician, doing what he says he will could have helped, “Simples!”

      • Jim Stanley says:

        My apologies for the mistakes in my post, a combination of the time, clottishfinger trouble and being dyslexicsome corrections, nog=long,, lotus as dor=Lotus has done, busiessouare=business you are, Koea=Korea, there are a couple more, but the meaning is clear. For the reasons stated, I did not check this properly, again m apologies

  31. Grumpyashell says:

    Whatever you think about Tommy Robinson there is one thing that you should look at….his Facebook page,read the comments,see the number of followers( going up daily) and the worldwide coverage he gets….and read what he says…then make your decision….like everything you read in the mainstream media you have to do your research before making that decision

  32. Stanley Cutts says:

    Typical UKIP bullshit! Exactly why I left the party two years ago.

  33. patrick lennon says:

    you just lost your places in parliament with more seats than you would ever expect

  34. Alan Hill says:

    The rules allow the NEC discretion to have the debate.
    They have chosen not to.
    You know what they say about rules ? ‘ For the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men’.

  35. Eric Johnson says:

    Tommy Robinson (not his real name) is what used to be called an ‘agent provocateur’ – now known as ‘controlled opposition’ – just find out who is funding his worldwide publicity – he will destabilise or destroy UKIP from within – UKIP is the only major political party in the UK that the Globalists don’t control – please research the activities of MI5 infiltrating political groups – I know TR says what we all want to hear, but sadly we have all been taken in (which is their proven MO). Just ask yourselves why he would want to join UKIP in the first place – he has his own well funded media platform. See how even before he has joined, he’s caused controversy and divisions – I suspect that Nigel Farage has alerted Batten to the dangers…

  36. PAUL HENMAN says:

    Malcolm Jackson I agree with you 100% Next Week I am phoning head office to cancel my membership. I have been a member for 15 Years or more . I Will only become a member again if they get Tommy Robinson to join,

  37. PAUL HENMAN says:

    Eric Johnson You are Stating a load of rubbish. If Tommy is not made a member will Ukip will fail . Tommy Fights for the people. Would Nigel Farage Go to prison For us. And as For being a Globalist you are talking through your back side . If he was a Globalist the Government would not be trying to shut him up and maybe get him murder’d in jail. It’s A no brain’er UKIP Will Be bigger with Tommy than with out him. Tommy as got more supporters than UKIP look at the number of people that go on a protest march for him,

  38. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Totally agree with you Paul. Tommy Robinson is a great British Hero. Ukip needs Tommy. We all need Tommy.

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