EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Branches Launching “Emergency Motions” To Bring Tommy Robinson Into Party

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Kipper Central can exclusively reveal that UKIP’s Oxfordshire branch has submitted an “Emergency Motion” to the party Chairman calling for Tommy Robinson to be offered party membership, with a number of other branches likely to follow.

A motion originally submitted by UKIP’s spokesman on Family & Children, Alan Craig, which called for the party to offer Robinson membership was rejected on Tuesday on the grounds that it was submitted by an individual not a branch, though Robinson’s supporters have thrown doubt on the legimacy of this decision.

In an email seen by Kipper Central, the party’s Oxfordshire branch submitted an Emergency Motion to UKIP Chairman Tony McIntyre, which is identical to the original motion proposed by Craig and called for the party to offer Tommy Robinson membership.

While the original motion was rejected on the grounds that it didn’t meet the requirements of rule D9, the new motion will instead have to meet the requirements of rule D11 – the rule around Emergency Motions.

Rule D11 states that emergency motions may be submitted in the event of a “major political change” either internally in UKIP or externally.

Explaining how their motion meets this criteria set out in rule D11, the Oxfordshire branch wrote in their email: “Party leader Gerard Batten has backed Tommy Robinson joining UKIP, clearly marking a major internal political change.

“Additionally, Tommy Robinson has expressed his wish to join the party, which is clearly a major external political change.”

A UKIP Oxfordshire spokesman told Kipper Central:

“We believe that a decision as important as Tommy Robinson’s membership of UKIP should not be decided by anyone except the members.

“Clearly, there has been confusion surrounding the rulebook which is why we chose to re-submit the motion as an Emergency Motion, under rule D11 which means there will be no doubt surrounding the legalities of the debate.

“UKIP has always been a party proud of believing in its members and allowing them to determine our party’s future. We must not forget that now.”

In addition to the Oxfordshire branch, Kipper Central understands that a number of other branches across the UK are in the process of also submitting the motion, to add pressure to McIntyre to allow the issue to be debated at the party’s national conference later this month.

Craig’s original motion and the Emergency Motions submitted by branches all read: “Conference believes that Tommy Robinson is a global figure who stands in the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause from Robin Hood to the Suffragettes; admires his campaigns both for #FreeSpeech and to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over the industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to consider offering him membership of UKIP.”

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  • 11.8K
  • 11.8K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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32 Responses

  1. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Great Result. Maybe the UKIP membership and Gerard Batten will be able to defeat Crowther’s cronies. Looking forward to a massive upturn in UKIP’s fortunes once Gerard Batten is permanent leader and Tommy Robinson is active in UKIP.

  2. Alan Hill says:

    I’ve read the Rules and there is enough flexibility in the wording for the debate to have been allowed. Obviously some members of the NEC didn’t want it, probably the same folk who have some responsibility for the chaos which has engulfed the party over the last couple of years.
    Well you either embrace progress or get swept away by it and UKIP is now at the fifty ninth minute of the eleventh hour. IMHO of they don’t allow the members to decide this then the party is finished.
    You know what they say about rules ? ” They are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men “

    • John Ferguson says:

      Fact is, six both new & old faces freshly elected or re-elected to the NEC just 6 weeks ago. Or are you suggesting the NEC does not have a valid mandate, following a recent postal ballot conducted of the entire membership I might add. Not just a show of hands, amongst those who happen to be there in attendance on the day, on a motion at conference. So if, as you say, there is flexibility in the rules, upon reflection, they’ve obviously concluded in the interests of ALL the members, to despatch this primary school level conference motion into the nearest bin where it belongs.

      Even more infantile is the concept that consideration of one person’s membership application, constitutes an emergency conference motion.

      • Derek L Humber says:

        The NEC is as corrupt as the EU, it is a Tory stronghold and they will not allow UKIP to become force to be reckoned with,it is their job to keep it away from becoming a force , bet the NEC voting was counted behind closed doors

      • Alan Hill says:

        Most people hadn’t got aclue who they were voting onto the NEC. One guy told me that he just voted for people who weren’t lawyers or accountants, another person told me that they just made a random selection. The fact is that most members are not sufficiently informed about NEC candidates to make a proper decision. None of that matters if the NEC has the sense to allow members to vote on crucial decisions which obviously didnt happen in this case. It’s a bit like representative democracy .. more representative (of the establishment) and not very democratic.
        UKIP now has the opportunity to become a significant political party representing the patriotic majority of people of this country or it can remain a political irrelevance, a blind alley for the eurosceptic vote, tearing itself to bits on the margins of history.

    • Raj says:

      I’ve always preferred Barbossa’s wording of it.

      “The ‘code’ is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Turner”.

      Inb4 Article 11/13 gets this comment banned.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I can’t understand why this Party is getting its proverbial knickers in a twist ! Tommy Robinson was with the wrong group, but long ago ended that contact ! Our Party needs to be far more inclusive. – If it can’t manage that, then UKIP will be reduced to being on the sidelines of politics, and that is not my reason for being a Kipper ! I see the possibility of this Party shooting itself in the foot by not having Tommy on board. – Remember that shooting your foot was the way of getting out of Army Service. – Are we scared of doing battle with the useless Lib/Lab/Con, and do we really want a quiet life far from politics ? If your answer is yes, then why did you join UKIP, – BUT THEN, WHY DID I JOIN ? !

  4. Noel Matthews says:

    UKIP rejected the politics of Tommy Robinson when it did not vote for Ann Marie Waters to be leader of the party. Forcing the party to vote again for a figure with identical principles is somewhat reminiscent if the EU forcing people to vote again when it’s establishment fail to achieve their desired result. This is the result of single issue fanatics with no political savvy and no interest in getting anyone elected under FPTP gaining a foothold in our party. Is UKIP a political party or is it simply a platform for street-marchers and social media stars in need of more subscribers and customers?

    • Dominic says:

      Please get real, Gerard Batten has the same principles as both AMW and TR. You are conspicuosly silent on him.

    • Tony Leary says:

      Single Issue Fanatics??? You mean like focussing on leavng the EU. Why not a party that focusses on the difficult issues that if resolved help everyone, such as leaving teh EU, the Islamification of the country and our loss of culture, identity, free speech and the onset of ridiculous Political Correctness, Allowing in TR to your party will drive your ratings up massively with decent people and may just help you get some seats. UKIP has an opportunity to change politics in this country – for the better. I am afriad that having political savvy is far from a good thing. What the coutry wants is honest decency, common sense and action. YOu are clearly very out of touch with reality,

    • Alan Hill says:

      We just want a vote on whether TR can join , this isn’t a leadership contest. It’s really about ‘ is UKIP a democratic party ‘ or is it run by a cabal.

  5. John ferguson says:

    “Jackanory, jackanory”

  6. Naomi King says:

    Very good news !

  7. Donald Malcolm Watson says:

    Anyone casting a Vote should be casting an informed Vote, not one based upon biased Media and Government opinion.

    To become more informed, watch Tommy Robinson’s Oxford Union debate on you Tube and today’s full 1 Hour 1 minutes of the latest Rebel Media Ezra Levants interview of Robinsons arrest and prison experiences.

    This Government, MP’s, the Home Office and Media should hang their heads in shame

  8. Alan Hill says:

    Where are all the comments ? I’ve signed up for a monthly donation.

  9. Love Liberty says:

    There has been a major political change externally. The British State took a person off the street, and imprisoned him without due process of law and in that act threatened prison to anyone who commented on what had been done.

    This is a defining moment for UKIP

  10. Stout Yeoman says:

    D9 applies to branches etc. So last Sunday McIntyre and the NEC mistook Alan Craig for a branch? Pull the other one. D11 was all that was ever in play and McIntyre’s flannel treated us as fools.

  11. Allan Shipham says:

    Allan Shipham – Chair – Wellingborough Branch, Acting County Chair – Northamptonshire.

    I was initially torn when I heard Tommy wanted to apply for membership and that Gerard had supported his application.

    I always ignored the racist allegations (which we’ve all had thrown at us) and financial irregularities that surround Tommy’s past (most politicians/ people have some bad-choice skeleton or shadow they fear). I followed his posts with interest, no one else exposed what Tommy he did as a journalist, and he always presented a very professional case. I especially enjoyed the interviews with Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson and the Oxford Union address.

    I like many was furious when he was questionably detained at Leeds, and was glad to see UKIP stand forward as the only party for free speech. Its good that this has generated interest again, some high profile membership applicants and a lot of new supporters. I participated and supported others with freedom marches and social media posts in the summer and attended the Free Tommy march out of principal. Some question if the marches had any effect, but Tommy has been released, pending a review.

    On Tuesday UKIP Wellingborough had its Branch Meeting and the topic came up as an agenda item (as you might expect). There were several views expressed as to weather we should even have a debate at conference, and how people felt about him becoming a member of the party.

    One of our younger members (of less than three months membership) asked to address the room. He explained that he had given the matter some thought and felt that Tommy should NOT be allowed to join. He is also a Tommy supporter, had attended marches and campaigned for his release.

    He explained how he had come to this decision:
    1) Membership would restrict what Tommy could say, as he would have to stay on message if he was addressing the public.
    2) Membership would restrict who Tommy could speak with, his political independence allows him to address / make comments about whoever he wants at this time.
    3) Membership would restrict where he could go. He has a freedom to go where he wants and report whatever is going on, but for his safety he would need additional security and planning that could be compromised.
    4) His supporters are already on board with our UKIP message, we would not be recruiting him because of his following/ standing/ contribution.
    5) If he was accepted, we would be subjected to appeals from others against our rules barring proscribed groups. This would distract from our prime directives/ goals and probably tie up the NEC with admin and legal challenges.
    6) The media would have a new target for their wrath, he would be hounded in the way Nigel always was if a UKIP’per was found out to have said something Un-PC or worse. Also, anything he said would be taken out of context and twisted.
    7) Tommy still has his court case pending. The establishment will want their victim. Like him or not, he would be toxic to UKIP if found guilty and returned to jail. It would be difficult to talk about policy if anyone stood in their community in an election, if the press kept bringing up Tommy.
    8) Tommy has previously said he didn’t want to be political. It’s good that he now supports UKIP and he would be probably welcomed by most members at Conference as a guest, but as a member (and as we have seen already) he would be divisive to UKIP membership.

    I have to say, if asked to vote (after debate) at Conference on the issue, I was leaning toward supporting any application. But, have to say on reflection, my member puts a good case for rejecting it and I am now leaning that way. I still support Tommy and wish him well in his court case, I have no axe to grind and will continue to share his reports if they are on UKIP message, he’d be welcome at one of our Saturday Brexit Breakfast meetings.

    Credit to Gerard Batten and Tony McIntyre for encouraging and allowing the debate, Tommy is a great ally in our fight for independence and free speech, but I now believe he is stronger for himself and his cause and stronger for us, working alongside UKIP not within it.

    My member Glenn is preparing a video presenting his case. When it is ready, i will share it on social media. Please watch it, I suspect if we can resolve this matter now, it will save a lot of wasted time and debate later.

    We have Brexit, now it’s down to UKIP (and partners like Tommy) to decide what kind of country we want to live in!

    Yours sincerely

    Allan Shipham

    • Fiona Evans says:

      I just wanted to offer a different perspective to your member’s concerns:

      P1-3) I do not think these points are an issue, Tommy is not an idiot and I’m sure he’s thought through the implications of joining UKIP. From the interview with Lord Pearson I got the impression both men thought he’d have to get ‘political’ in the future and it was Lord Pearson who suggested UKIP. 4) This is a contentious point – if UKIP ‘reject’ Tommy Robinson it’s highly likely his supporters will view it as a slap in the face; that Tommy’s not good enough; that UKIP endorses the mainstream media and establishment’s view of Tommy; that UKIP, despite Gerard Batten being a great leader, isn’t an anti-establishment party that stands for common sense and common decency but is just the same as all the other parties. 5) This is an interesting point and one everyone who is fed up of the status quo should ask themselves; what are we prepared to do to reach our goals; are we willing to unite with people from different political, social, economic backgrounds if they share our goals of e.g. protecting freedom of speech or defending nation states against globalism? Do we want to be a truly popular party – a force for real political change or do we remain on the fringes squabbling over petty issues and rules? If you are serious it may be worth suggesting to your members who don’t like Tommy to ‘hold their noses’ for the ‘greater good’, he’s on your side and he seems to be a decent man. I also think he would galvanise a lot of people who don’t usually vote to do so, as well as a lot of traditional Labour voters who think UKIP are full of ex-Tories. 6) So not an issue, bring it on in fact! Many people don’t believe what the mainstream media tell them anymore and would really appreciate some plain speaking instead of the politically correct nonsense most public figures speak now. We need brave people to stand up and say ‘no, I’m not playing your silly game; I’m going to speak the truth even if it ‘offends’ you’. And remember Kay Burley; UKIP are always going to be treated like that, even if you play by their PC rules. We need to change the rules and wake people up before they sleepwalk in to an Orwellian nightmare. 7) You would get a lot more respect (and votes) if you stood up for what was right rather than what was expedient. If he is found guilty it will be yet another travesty of justice which should be debated. 8) Covered in 1-3) and 5)

      On balance I think that if UKIP reject Tommy Robinson they will be missing a great opportunity, not just to become more popular but also more relevant and playing right in to the hands of the MSM and political elites who are terrified of ‘populism’ and why they portray UKIP and Tommy Robinson as ‘far-right’ and ‘racist’ although neither is. People might also wake up and realise that the vilification and persecution by the British state and media of this working-class man, for simply speaking out and warning us about what was happening in his hometown, has been, and continues to be reprehensible.

      • Malcolm Jackson says:

        Brilliantly put, Fiona. Absolutely totally 100% spot on.

      • Irene Scrivener says:

        Fiona Evans – Well said, and I agree with your thinking and sentiments. The UK needs a political party with the moral courage to face the issues confronting the nation. I believe Tommy Robinson’s unfair treatment by the media , “justice” and prison authorities, is symptomatic of institutions and a government which is failing to deliver just protections to it’s own citizens. Political correctness within UKIP will not bring about the change that is so obviously required.

        • MIKE MAUNDER says:

          Fiona, Malcolm and Irene, please count me in to your ‘group’. I am unable to be at Conference, just as I’m unable to be at Branch meetings, but those who are making this problem, will no doubt be at Conference. UKIP is a special party, and this should have the backing of our leader, Gerard. Force a membership vote on this Tommy Robinson item, and take no nonsense ! UKIP is made up of its members and not of individuals on the platform. A show of hands at Conference will make the point, though not the decision ! So a postal vote will have to be given, taking time and money. – All because of some peoples stupidity ! We are not Lib/Lab/Con, WE ARE UKIP !

      • Allan Shipham says:

        Thanks for your points, you also put over a very strong case.
        I am onside, i just believe Tommy is stronger outside UKIP, but supporting us.
        I didn’t write the rules regarding proscribed groups, I have complained that they need to be reviewed.
        Do we need them at all? The other parties have no such rules. if not, Tommy would be free to join, and there would be no need for a debate.
        The list is dated and excluded lefty groups like Momentum etc, if we are to have something in place, the list needs to be reviewed.

        I have suggested members and new members sign a declaration or contract rejecting personal opinions and social media posts they may have made, with extreme views in the past. It can include a clause if they resign from UKIP while in an elected office, they agree to resign from their role as well. If they cross the line with an outrageous statement, they are out.

      • Ben says:

        Your are correct. I would not support a party that rejects Tommy because that would make them seem like just another bunch of LIB/LAB/CON mainstream elitists with no interest in the opinion of good honest people and the real concerns of this country. If you dont want to make a country where people like Tommy are supported and not ostracised then you would not make a country I would want to live in. So what is the point of voting for you.

  12. J Smith says:

    At this point in time, and at this critical point in our country’s history, UKIP and Gerard Battern and all of the rest of us must focus on Brexit and focus on getting us out of the EU in a satisfactory manner.

    There will be no other chance to get this right and there is nothing else, at the moment, as important as this. UKIP needs to focus, focus, focus and get its act together on Brexit asap because it has sadly become distracted by other issues.

  13. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Interesting comments from Allan Shipham regarding Tommy Robinson’s ‘financial irregularities’.
    So Tommy put in a bent mortgage application and because of Tommy’s opposition to Islam, the Police and Government found out about this and sent Tommy to prison.
    At the time Tommy got his mortgage it was my impression that most people got their mortgages the same way as Tommy did. The mortgage brokers would supply bent work details so that you could get a mortgage. My first mortgage in 1970 was obtained this way. Had to pay the broker £100 to get the mortgage, nearly a months pay.
    If you are going to start banning people from UKIP for financial irregularities why not follow up Cllr Chris Pain’s complaints about fraud within UKIP? I am sure Nigel and Steve Crowther would love an investigation.

    • Ben says:

      You obviously know little if nothing about truth of Tommy. Tommys relative put in a mortgage application and without Tommys knowledge lied about his wages. The mortgage was a repaid and no one got hurt. Tommy merely signed the mortgage as a lot of richer relatives do for their family. It was not Tommys fault his relative lied about his wages. The police used that as an excuse to threaten Tommy and other family members. It was only when they announced in front of the press the time and date his wife would be in court [for no valid reason] that Tommy was forced to cut a deal to protect his wifes identity. An Identity that he had always protected from the public domain. Yes the police went after his whole family on trumped up charges. But Tommy had them beat until they threw his wife to the press. SO NO TOMMY DID NOT PUT IN A BENT MORTGAGE FORM.

  14. Linda Savage says:

    I lost faith in Ukip after the Henry Bolton fiasco, Gerard Batten has given me faith again.
    Tommy Robinson is someone I could really get behind because he is an ordinary man with a lot of sense and compassion something that is lacking in other party’s apart from For Britain a party that really seems to care wether you like their views or not.
    I have been a kipper since I left the Labour Party when Tony Blair got in.

  15. Julie Hogben says:

    Ukip need TR to grow, United we stand, divided we fall. Ukip can grow in massive numbers if TR joins the Party. Do the right thing and don’t miss this opportunity!

  16. kevin payne says:

    I whole heartedly hope we can get this over the line, we must move forward and our membership would grow overnight giving us more funds to do the important things. He is very articulate and has support world wide.

  17. Andy olsen says:

    For all people who think TR is a racist please do some research !
    I and most of my UKIP buddies would love it if he joins UKIP !
    The media have fooled you if you think otherwise !!!!

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