“Politically Correct Twaddle” – Batten SLAMS Departing Jones

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Caroline Jones AM departed the Party yesterday citing concerns over a shift in position to the ‘far-right’ under Gerard Batten. However, her departure was met with derision not just from the UKIP leader himself who slammed her “politically correct twaddle” but also former colleagues in the Welsh Party.

The former leader of UKIP in Wales, who she ousted before herself being replaced by Gareth Bennett AM, wrote on UKIP Daily that “sadly her ego outstrips her ability”. He continued to say that she was a “cuckoo in UKIP’s nest”. It is clear that her resignation, far from being one that was the product of a principled political difference, is an opportunist chance to jump ship following a series of events that have not gone her way in the Party.

In the BBC report of the resignation, she makes extensive complaints about the leadership election in which she was deposed. Unbelievably she cited the extension of the franchise to all Party members in Wales as a key factor making it “”shambolic from beginning to end”.

Mr Batten commented: “Her statement is politically correct twaddle to disguise the fact that Mrs Jones is politically ineffective. I wish her well languishing in the outer realms of irrelevance.”

Gareth Bennett AM told the BBC that he is “supremely confident” the remaining AMs will cohere into a solid group.

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8 Responses

  1. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Is Caroline Jones another of Steve Crowther’s minions?
    It strikes me that most of UKIP’s MEPs were selected by Crowther, and hence their support of Islam within UKIP. Fortunately, these MEPs will be leaving UKIP once we are out of the EU and they are no longer loading their pockets with EU money.
    It will be a great day for UKIP when these MEPs follow Caroline Jones out the door, and let UKIP become a major force in British politics.

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Hopefully Crowther’s Islam loving MEPs will follow Jones out the door as soon as we leave the EU and they are no longer stuffing their pockets with EU (our) cash. Once these people have gone it will allow UKIP to expand into the largest Political Party in the UK and provide a solid basis to stop the Islamification of the UK.
    If Nigel and Steve Crowther hadn’t been filling UKIP with Muslims we would have had 8 million votes at the 2015 GE instead of the 4 million UKIP got.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We have put up with Political Twaddle and the boring and freedom cutting of the Politically Correct. Caroline Jones is clearly motivated by self-interest, and cannot be termed as a team player. UKIP is full of rules, as we have seen in Tommy Robinson’s move for membership, they can become a straight-jacket to this Party. However in the case of Caroline Jones, the rules can be used to good effect, and she should consider her position or be ejected ! With these rules in mind, surely Tommy will be covered by them, so why are we making such a problem with his membership ?

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    We need Rid of such support and more Right minded people within the party or we will be totally ineffective

  5. alecto says:

    Well she certainly won’t be missed then! The “outer realms of irrelevance” LOL!

  6. William Jaeger says:

    This person reminds me of that other useless lump James “money grubber” Carver who also managed to project his own inept character onto Ukip.

    Neither Jones or Carver possess values worthy of representing UKIP so good riddance .

    My other message to Jones—if you want to resign then be an adult and just simply quit you don’t

  7. Ian Williams says:

    Caroline Jones cites that the party has taken a direction that she is “uncomfortable with”. I would say this, if she had won the group leadership election we could move the party to the right of Atilla the Hun and she would still be with us!!
    Will she now step down, and allow the next person on the list to take her place? Will she now act on the comments she made about Mark Reckless doing the right thing and that he was elected as a UKIP candidate and should step down.

  8. Malcolm Jackson says:

    100% correct, William Jaeger.

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