Grandstanding Khan Calls For Second Referendum

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Fresh from being reselected as Labour’s candidate for the Mayoral election for London in 2020, Sadiq Khan has once again waded into the Brexit debate, calling for a second referendum.

Implausibly, he claims that he has acted in “good faith” while discharging his duties as Mayor of London: “I’ve given the government every bit of advice and information available to City Hall and every opportunity to strike a deal that would minimise the impact on people’s livelihoods.” Now, increasingly “alarmed” at the “chaotic” reality of the Brexit negotiations and Theresa May’s difficulties within the Conservative Party, Khan feels that the only two potential outcomes are a “bad deal” or “terrifyingly” a no-deal.

So, of course, “after a lot of careful consideration,” he now feels; “the people must get a final say. This means a public vote on any deal or a vote on a no-deal, alongside the option of staying in the EU.” He wouldn’t be “doing his job” if he did not stand up for Londoners now and speak out.

He has not however been doing his job for some time as many Londoners will doubtless attest. In reality, his intervention should be judged in the light of the ongoing and furious debate within the Labour Party which is just as intense as the divisions within the government. Since he has now been reselected it is an urgent priority of Khan’s opponents to now solidify their plans for opposing him in 2020.


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  • 3.7K
  • 3.7K

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8 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Just who does this tosser think he is? As Mayor of London he has been a total disgrace, so the best thing he could do now is to keep a low profile until someone with a more realistic approach to British values and our capital’s needs takes over.

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Non Muslim Londoners cannot be bothered to turn out for the Mayoral elections, and so Khan has every prospect of winning in 2020. If UKIP decided to challenge Khan in the 2020 Mayoral elections but had Tommy Robinson on board, then a UKIP candidate opposed to Islam has every chance of winning the Mayoral elections.

  3. Graham Wood says:

    What Khan means is of course a THIRD referendum which is totally unnecessary.
    The 2016 referendum was clear and decisive being “an instruction to the government” by the electorate to leave the EU.
    May should not be wasting more time and effort in avoiding that instruction with more and more complex and foolish “deals” with the EU. Just leave, and revert to WTO trading as 165 other countries in the world do very successfully.

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    Of course, Khan is getting worried about a complete break from Europe. It will mean there is a very good chance that his “brethren” of peace are going to get their corns cut as soon as they lose some of the Human Rights protection. Not only that I can see a hope of draconian retribution for the rapists they produce, the outlawing of Shariah and with a bit of luck mass castrations and deportations. I live in hope!

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Of course this sick joke wants another vote Darrell. He is Labour, and that Party have lost touch with what was their core values. They have ditched their principals, and one of their historic Party figures. Keir Hardie, who was a total Socialist and often spoke out against Marx and Engel, would now see his Party sliding the wrong way ! A member of my greater family, who was Labour to the core, told me yesterday that she was unable to vote Labour, and was supporting the Greens instead ! Give me time Darrell, I keep plugging UKIP !

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Of course we all know that (Mayor) Khan (not) is a liar, a charlatan and a mountebank, as well as being a traitor to England, the country that unfortunately he resides in. He should become a guru or Fakir ( he is almost one of those already) and choose to reside on some far mountain top where he could spout his usual load of bollocks to the passing birds or mountain goats, who would be a far more appropriate audience for his fantasies, than sane human beings (excluding of course the usual loony Lefties and Luvvies such as Lily Allen,Bob Geldof , yuck, Bono, Elton John etc, etc,etc) and all the other assorted tossers, hasbeens and wannabees)!

    I am sirs, yours truly,


  7. Mr A Blackamore says:

    Remoaner must think we are stupid! by trying to split the leave vote in half, with a their Stay/Leave/Leave but want better deal choices!
    They are banking on say the stay vote got more votes than the other options.

  8. StuartJ says:

    -“Fresh from being reselected as Labour’s candidate for the Mayoral election for London in 2020, Sadiq Khan has once again waded into the Brexit debate, calling for a second referendum.”

    Rather than wait until 2020, I wonder how Mr Khan would fare if we started calling for a rerun of the 2016 Mayoral Election?

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