GETTING TOUGH: UKIP’s New Manifesto Calls For Ban On Ritual Non-Stun Slaughter

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UKIP’s new manifesto will pledge a total ban on ritual non-stun slaughter in the UK, making it the first major British party to call for such a move.

UKIP will be launching its bold new interim manifesto at the party’s annual conference in Birmingham today, which is expected to bring to light a number of issues which politicians have previously brushed under the carpet.

Among the manifesto’s boldest policies is the call for a total UK ban on ritual non-stun animal slaughter, which would put an end to barbaric practices such as halal and kosher slaughter, in which animals are slaughtered according to strict religious rules.

Animals slaughtered according to the Islamic rules of halal or the Jewish rules of Kosher are not allowed to be stunned in any way before slaughter, causing intense suffering.

The manifesto reads: “The general population is already consuming ritually slaughtered, non-stunned meat unknowingly and by default because its use is now commonplace in schools, restaurants, works canteens etc.

“Killing animals without first rendering them unconscious causes unnecessary suffering. The percentage of non-stunned meat is at least 25% of the total, if not more.

“Current UK law states all animals must be stunned prior to slaughter – unless it is for a religious purpose. UKIP will repeal the law allowing exemptions for ritual non-stun slaughter.

“This is an animal welfare issue and we should all abide by the same laws. Legislation banning non-stunned slaughter already exists in some European countries, for example, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.”

The policy is backed by leading animal rights organisations including the RSPCA, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and even the Government’s Farm Animal Welfare Committee.

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  • 9.3K
  • 9.3K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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19 Responses

  1. James Evans says:

    I look forward to seeing the new manifesto, it may just persuade me to join!

  2. Alan Hill says:

    Absolutely right on the animal slaughter issue. This is something that UKIP should must stand up for. We shouldn’t be following the barbaric practices of ancient religions

  3. Grant Smith says:

    New manifesto point – not quite the whole picture. What about re-instating capital punishment for attacking, raping, beheading humans without lawful authority? GB is still pussyfooting round the real social issues, and, in that respect, is still going to be categorized along side Treason Mayhem. That might just touch a nerve in this dormant society. [399925]

  4. Anthony Taylor says:

    Really! And how on earth are the authorities going to enforce that law, when already existing laws with regard to prayer in public places etc are being IGNORED by both perpetrators and enforcer? Yet another distracting side issue!

  5. Lynn Parker says:

    This is fantastic news and a ban of this kind cannot come soon enough. I’d like to know if UKIP will also look at the stunning methods used in our abattoirs as the TYPE of stun is so important. A pre-stun or a recoverable/reversible stun is accepted and used by Islam ( it therefore complies with the law as they can say that the animal has been stunned), but the animal regains consciousness in order to hear the blessing. It’s awake when it’s throat is cut, it’s vile, barbaric and unnecessary. Religious slaughter should be for consumption by Jews or Muslims so the law says, but as there is gross over slaughter, far greater than is required, the excess and rejected meat is then declared as haram, not permissible for consumption for Muslims. The rear end of Kosher is also rejected and the haram and rejected Kosher is then sold on, by stealth,to our supermarkets, schools, hospitals, restaurants and care homes. It’s unlabelled. It is still from a religiously slaughtered carcass which I and many others find offensive. What about OUR rights? What about OUR religious beliefs? They are ignored, but the demands of Muslims is listened to, in OUR country. This dreadful slaughter needs to be banned. Why has religious slaughter taken over to such a great extent and almost eradicated our traditional full stun ( the full captive bolt) which ensures that the animal remains unconscious throughout the slaughter process? As a UKIP member, I would appreciate a reply, letting me know what Gerard Batten and UKIP will do for our animals. They deserve dignity and respect instead of this dreadful end. I’m aware that Gerard Batten has written a pamphlet with regards to religious slaughter being illegal. Please, we need strong urgent action to ensure our animals are slaughtered humanely. Thank you.

    • Ceri Jayes says:

      Lynn, you make many excellent points. I understand that UKIP member Dr Ryan Waters, a highly qualified vet, is addressing the stun issues that you raise. Please sign and share far and wide the petition that NEC member Paula Walters referred to during her address at Conference. I have included the link on an earlier comment.

    That Muslim Appeasing Pro Halal Leaflet first seen at Paul Nutall’s spectacular deafeat at Stoke,which cost a staggering £99,500.
    That vile change of policy lost us support from not only members and Patrons,but especially the General Public.As much as I welcome this change of policy,for myself who kept on asking for an explanation from UKIP’s Hierachy on UKIP DAILY one had the decency to own up for not only that absurd policy change but especially that damn HALAL LEAFLET, they just buried their
    heads in the sand,hoping that it would just be forgotten.
    Being ANTI HALAL was one of the main reasons I joined UKIP all those years ago,and becoming
    PRO HALAL was one of the main reasons I and other Activists left UKIP.
    I hope you have the guts and strength of character to show my comment,regards Geoff.Elliott.

  7. rachel bee says:

    ritual slaughter must be banned, animal rights trump religious beliefs, animals are real and can be proven so, religious beliefs are just that, beliefs

  8. penny crouch/phillip standell says:

    Will vote UKIP on banning religious slaughter alone.

  9. StuartJ says:

    The curious thing is that non-stun slaughter is actually ILLEGAL already, ironically under EU regulations (the one thing we can thank them for).

    Therefore there is no need to ban something that is already illegal and therefore technically banned already.

    It is only due to religious exemptions that halal and kosher slaughter is permitted.

    However, you can’t remove the religious exemption for halal, and keep kosher in place, as that would be discrimination.

    The reaction to watch for will not be the reaction to the ‘banning’ of halal slaughter, but the ‘banning’ of kosher slaughter. Expect a lot of noise to be made by the Zionist lobby, and plenty of accusations of “anti-Semitism” to be bandied around the place.

    But otherwise, I’m fine with it, what I’ve read so far of the Interim Manifesto is totally agreeable.

  10. Jack Payne says:

    Well said UKIP . PLEASE FIGHT ALL YOU CAN FOR THIS BAN , GERRARD BATTEN please would you consider the abolition of the barbaric partial stun method too , it really is outrageous that this type of behaviour continues in our civil society .

  11. Jan Hunt-Watts says:

    Truly great to hear this from UKIP, at last someone taking notice of the public revulsion of these barbaric slaughter methods. Please don’t let them bamboozle you with the “ah, but we always stun the animal for Islamic religious slaughter” they do often stun the animals BUT they use a recoverable stun which means the animal is hung up by one back leg and when it is has retained consciousness enough to hear the Islamic prayer it has its throat cut and takes a long time to bleed out all the while feeling immense pain and terror. A recoverable stun is less than useless for reducing the rear and pain animals feel during slaughter. We must insist on using non recoverable stuns/captive bolts to ensure the animal is dead before being hoisted up and butchered. PLEASE make sure this is clearly explained in UKIP’s policy documents. Thanks.

  12. Ceri Jayes says:

    Please sign and share this petition calling for an end to the religious exemption given to halal and shechita abattoirs from our usual animal welfare laws. Paula referred to this petition in her address at the conference and the number of signatures has risen by 1,000 already. However it still has only 22,503 signatures and we need 100,000 by 14 November for it to be discussed in the House of Commons.

  13. Paula Walters says: Please keep signing and sharing on social media we need to get them message out and the electorate on side, talking is not enough

  14. Chris Conway says:

    Stick to your guns Gerald Batten but try & have a friendly sit down talk with AnnMarie of “For Britain” as you both want the same thing but will BOTH end up losing by splitting the votes!!

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      Why would An Marie want to return to a state or wading through treacle whilst warding off ‘back biting’?
      As she has said often enough those were some of the reasons for why she bailed out of the party in the first place.

  15. Lynn Parker says:

    Thank you for your message I will share it. I belong to a group called “Boycott British Companies Which Support Religious Animal Slaughter “. We are a strong group and will fight to get the dignity and respect so deserved for our animals. We’d like to see a total ban on religious slaughter as the TYPE of stun is of such great importance. To ban no stun will still allow a pre-stun and a reversible/recoverable stun which, to comply with the law as it stands, is adopted and acceptable to Islam. The animal is stunned but it’s temporary and the animal regains consciousness after it’s been shackled. It must be awake to hear the blessing as it’s throat is cut, this makes it halal. The cast off halal ( called haram, not permissible for Muslims) is then sold on by stealth unlabelled. Non Jews and non Muslims should have their religious beliefs and rights listened to. The only humane stun is the full captive bolt and it’s this that we’d love to see as the stun that’s permitted by law. Thank you.

  16. Grant Smith says:

    To work against ritual slaughter may be important, but hardly fantastic, news.
    When will the party stop fannying around and confront the issue of the slaughter of humans,
    the rape and slaughter of males and females. Until the party is bold enough to confront evil with the re-instatement of capital punishment, we are going nowhere and thousands (if not millions) of votes will continue to be wasted on two parties who are not fit to grace the green leather. [399925]

  17. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Non stun, or partual stun is utterly unnecessary. Come to think about it, this also covers the world of Islam too !

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