EXCLUSIVE: US London Embassy Security Chief SACKED After Supporting Tommy Robinson

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The Head of Internal Security at the US Embassy in London has allegedly been fired for ‘inciting racial hatred’ and ‘supporting violent and fascist movements’ by attending a number of Tommy Robinson’s rallies in the capital city, Kipper Central can exclusively reveal.

James Johnson, 30, first started working at the US Embassy in London as a doorman just over 5 years ago in 2013, before working his way up the ladder and becoming Head of Internal Security for the Embassy in July of this year.

However, his career at the Embassy was cut short this year when his boss phoned him allegedly claiming he’d broken ‘more rules than it’s possible to count’, and was allegedly immediately dismissed for ‘misrepresenting the Embassy and the country by following the actions of hate leaders’, ‘inciting racial hatred’ and ‘supporting violent and fascist movements.’

Robinson told Kipper Central that he is “shocked and disgusted” at Johnson’s story, particularly under the watch of President Trump.

“How can an American employee in a senior position – who should be protected by the constitution – be fired for their political views and activities?”, he told Kipper Central.

“It’s shocking that the American Embassy can get away with this disgusting attack on free speech – especially when it is in direct opposition to their constitution!

“I wonder if President Trump is aware of this…”

In a letter to Mr Johnson seen by Kipper Central, the Embassy’s employment officer wrote: “With multiple employees expressing concern and fear from your activities outside of the workplace and your comments within, an investigation was formed on the 10th of August, 2018.

“After detailed conversation with the employees involved, and after viewing certain social media posts which they provided, we were left with much concern as to your political standings and your intentions regarding sharing them.

“The posts were deemed as inflammatory, and inciteful, and were shared willingly to employees and friends, indicating a personal investment with the views expressed.

“Your attendance at rallies and demonstrations showed a level of commitment to those feelings that goes far beyond passing agreement, which indicates a level of potential harm in the future.”

A letter sent to Johnson from the Embassy’s Employment Officer confirming his firing.

Kipper Central has approached the Embassy for comment and their side of the story but has not received any response.

As a very respected security official, not only was Johnson responsible for taking out a crazed gunman or attacker should they enter the building, but he was also a key social influence within the Embassy, sitting on the advisory team for worker’s rights.

Johnson said that he has appealed the decision three times, with all appeals being rejected, with the Embassy’s justifications even accusing Johnson of ‘radicalising hate’ in the office.

He told Kipper Central: “I have to say I’ve never felt so alone and abandoned in my adult life before.

“I’ve gone from being a respected member of a relatively high profile security team, from being someone that others would come to with their problems for advice or moral support, to being the man that no one will dare interact with or even be friends with online.”

He went on to explain that his colleagues abandoned him “out of either fear or losing their jobs too, or because others are spreading hate among former colleagues, which I find to be so ironic considering what I was supposedly dismissed for.”

After allegedly receiving sudden notice of his termination and being denied the Embassy’s usual generous support for leaving employees, Johnson said he has struggled financially to the extent that he has had to move house just to afford the legal costs of his appeal. A fundraiser has been set up to help Johnson cope financially to put food on the table for his children, and you can support this fundraiser here.

Robinson argues that Johnson’s alleged sacking is not only against the constitution but is also based on lies.

“All of my protests are about freedom, justice and the truth. They are not about race,” he told Kipper Central.

“In fact, we have had diverse speakers of all different races and sexualities standing by our side to challenge the systematic mass rape of British girls and to defend our right to free speech.

“This firing is simply another excuse to silence, damage and bankrupt those of us who have the guts to speak the truth.”

While attending a rally around a year ago, Johnson was pictured wearing a Tommy Robinson t-shirt, and this picture was later featured in promotional material for other rallies, which was spotted by two of Johnson’s colleagues.

He said they asked him to explain his views to them, but Johnson claims he told them that he’d prefer to keep his political/personal life separate from his professional life. As he explained to Kipper Central: “I’ve always been a strong supporter of Tommy and have been to nearly all of his arranged protests and walks, but kept it to myself as I barely even mention my children at work as I’ve kept both lives separate.”

After they insisted, he says he agreed to briefly explain his views to them but was careful to add “but I understand others have different points of view and I respect that.”

After more pressure from his colleagues, Johnson told Kipper Central that he gathered a few print-outs of information to back up his political positions and to explain his views, and said he’d meet the pair at a pub to go through the print-outs. He says they insisted that he meet them in the office rather than the pub, so he cautiously agreed.

Johnson told Kipper Central: “Everything was going fine, we’d had a good chat online and everyone had been respectful, and then eventually I brought in some print-outs of verified information and met them during lunch to chat about it.

“We had a civil chat, and I was aware of the fact one of them was pretty blatantly recording on his phone which I didn’t call out at the time, but was careful nothing I said was offensive or race-baiting.”

Not long after the conversation, Johnson says he received the phone call from his boss informing him that he’d broken ‘more rules than it’s possible to count’, and was allegedly immediately dismissed for ‘misrepresenting the Embassy and the country by following the actions of hate leaders’, ‘inciting racial hatred’ and ‘supporting violent and fascist movements.’

Johnson told Kipper Central: “The two people I worked with had told him I was terrifying them, making them feel uncomfortable, and that if I didn’t go they would take it to the papers and have the whole office sued for creating a dangerous work environment.”

Johnson said his appeal against the decision is at its final stage, now going to the US Governor who could overturn his dismissal, but Johnson expects that this appeal will also be rejected.

He told Kipper Central: “I’ve got one last shot of appealing to the Governor in the US who technically signs off on all our employment contracts, but honestly I don’t feel confident at all.”

Readers who want to help support Johnson’s legal fees and ensure he is financially secure can do so by donating to his fundraiser here.

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  • 13.3K
  • 13.3K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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9 Responses

  1. William Jaeger says:

    I suppose the sanctimonious liberal with the cell phone now has Mr Johnson’s job right?
    SoB !

  2. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    Is Mr Johnson going to contact the Embassies Commander in Chief President Donald Trump regarding this attack upon him by troublemakers out to discredit not just him but others in England?
    This has the hand of Marxist Democrats, who are stirring up hatred deliberately on behalf of their Bilderberger Brussels chums and CIA troublemakers!
    Their is another agenda being worked here by the American Ambassador who I would say is no friend of Great Britain!!

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Typical! Maybe we should ask Nigel to have a chat with his mate Donald, after all this is about free speech. OK, I know Nigel has little time for Tommy, but this is not about one man, it is about upholding the Constitution of the United States of America, where Free Speech is enshrined in Law and shouted from the rooftops in defence of their Rights. It is about a guest in OUR country, whose rights under our Laws, let alone the American, are being ignored. This Gentleman in service the service of his Country, without the benifit of the normal tools of his trade (No gun to comply with our Laws), only to have one of the founding principals of his Nations existence denied to him, and we hear about it when it is reported today that his President made a “Free Speech ” pronouncement in his usual way. So come on Nigel, step up to the plate, set aside your feelings about TR, this is about supporting those who believe in Free Speech. I confess that, while there is much to admire about our cousin’s over the water, they are not perfect, who is? Whatever you may think about the, founding a Country on a set of writen “Rules”, does have it’s advantages, it removes ambiguity, but while it is amended from time to time, significantly with a Bill of Rights, the First Amendment of which enshrined the Right of Free Speech, in ranking more important than the Right to Bear Arms (Second Amendment. (Seriously it is well worth a look!) Let me say this, if political correctness closes down Free Speech in the Corridors of the American Embassy in a Country that supposedly believes in the freedom to say what you like, the Free World, much of it historically founded on our Democratic Principals, is in serious trouble. The early 1930’s were the last time a democratic society discarded Democray through the Ballot Box, in a free vote, later in the decade the world was plunged into a war started by the resulting dictator, millions died, the choice simple, lift your right arm to another little continental corporal with a silly little moustache , or die. The other one, you know the one with the permenantly cold right hand only removed the heads, in the main, of the Aristicracy. The former, as we all should know, not only switched off free speech, he also executed religious followers, breaching another American First Amendment Right, the Freedom of Worship. Look to history, it is said that the writer of history reflects the view of the writer, usually the winner of a conflict, but when you read the histories writen by those who lost WW2, they condem their Leaders from that unhappy time in even stronger terms than the victors. It all started by the outlawing of the freedom to say what you liked, the thin end of a very dangerous wedge. When you look at the World today, or even the last 70 years, virtually every war, every conflict has those who would not allow their citizens to express themselves on one side, and the liberal minded, democratic open societies on the other. We must not allow our Great Nation to sink into the sewer of undemocratic dictatorship. Our strength is being open to allowing those of abhorrent views have their say, however wrong we may think their words, that is the real strength of Democracy, it is at the core of our political being. We do not have to agree with what is said, but I, for one, will go to my grave, supporting their right to say it, however disgusting their views may be. That is Principal. That is Democracy. And it is the Right thing to do!

  4. Love Liberty says:

    The letter appears to say that they have a policy against talking politics at work and against taking part in political rallies.

    The rest of the letter refers to what he may or may not have done, but it seems that your report agrees that he took part in a political rally. Is that sufficient to fire him? (I have no idea.)

    I don’t see anything about ‘fascists’ in that letter. Was that said elsewhere or by someone else?

  5. MsBridgit says:

    Kipper Central has approached the Embassy for comment and their side of the story but has not received any response.

    Well what a complete surprise

  6. Fiona Evans says:

    Surely his employer has discriminated against him because of his philosophical beliefs which I’m sure is against the law? If we want to tackle the polarisation in Britain we need more free speech, not more and more censorship, which is what the trial of Tommy Robinson at the Old Bailey this Thursday (27th September) is really about. This is not the trial of a murderer, rapist, or even one of the many people in authority who condoned the worst crimes against children I can imagine because their fear of being called a racist was stronger than the desire to do their job and protect vulnerable children. No, it is the trial of the only man in Britain to publicly speak out consistently for the past decade against these ‘grooming’ gangs and what was happening in his hometown of Luton: Who has only done so because those in authority wilfully turned a blind eye to the whole rotten mess. And for this ‘crime’ Tommy Robinson has been persecuted and vilified for a decade by the British state and media for highlighting the problems a small, yet significant, group of people were causing. Problems the state and media should have been dealing with and highlighting but didn’t because they were either too scared of being called racist, just didn’t care, or were clueless. More and more people now realise Tommy Robinson is just an ordinary man who saw terrible things happening in his hometown and had the moral courage to try and highlight the issues and has since had the full might of the British state thrown at him, yet remarkably has not been broken and continues to exercise his right to free speech. They don’t think he does that because he is full of hate or is on a mission to deliberately embarrass the government, but because he sees injustice and wrongdoing that is being ignored by those in authority and feels morally obligated to do something. Tommy Robinson is not the problem and silencing him is not the answer; it won’t make the real problems go away, nor will sticking our heads in the sand.

    Tommy Robinson, for the ‘crime’ of live streaming on his phone about things that were already in the public domain, for expressing facts and opinions, and for commenting on the vile sexual comments some defendants made to Tommy about his wife and mother, will face 2 years in prison. It would be funny if it was a Monty Python sketch but it’s actually happening at the Old Bailey this Thursday and it’s reprehensible that our justice system is being made a mockery of; the law should not be used as a weapon to silence people. If Tommy is found guilty we will have a precedent for what amounts to blasphemy laws in this country; no longer free to criticize Islam as an ideology. Will this apply to other people and other religions, i.e. will it be applied equally? If Tommy is found guilty it will be the end of free speech, the cornerstone of democracy. How this could happen in a country where only 80 years ago people sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom is beyond me. The state has chosen to double down and escalate their persecution of Tommy Robinson. Many people across the world find this disgusting because thanks to social media (which governments at odds with their own people are understandably trying to censor) we can see for ourselves what Tommy Robinson is guilty of and make up our own minds if his crimes are so heinous that he deserves to be locked up for 2 years. We all know how long others who have broken reporting restrictions spend in jail – NO TIME, ZERO, EVER. Therefore the establishment are going to struggle to convince ordinary decent people that this show trial of Tommy Robinson is fair, or anything other than politically motivated. I don’t know what those behind this think they’re going to achieve if they send him back to prison but if it happens, it will only inflame tensions and anger and our justice system will be a worldwide joke. No one thinks Tommy Robinson is an angel but the way he has been vilified and persecuted ought to be a national disgrace, and I admire the few public figures, like Douglas Murray and Gerard Batten, who have the moral courage to say so.

  7. Mark says:

    He was set up. Get the story to INFOWARS, Trump will see it then.

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    LOOK YANKS ! In this country we have had to get used to a PM that has put free speech and Democracy in doubt, and in due time we will have the chance to kick her out of power ! You guys have a written constitution, yet an absurdity has taken place in your London embassy and the perpetrators look set to get away with it, and so take your constitution and stand it on its head !
    You know where we stand within UKIP, but this needs action from the USA ! Are you up for this requirement ?

  9. J.L.Kay says:

    This is disgraceful and a scar on the face of freedom. A blatant disregarding by the small-minded US bureaucrats of the spirit of the the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. What a yawning chasm between the ideals of the the signatories of the Constitution and the politically correct pettiness of present-day US officialdom! Disgraceful. The US ambassador should resign at once.

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