The Inequality of The Equality Act – And Why UKIP is Right to Challenge It

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In its bold, positively populist Interim Manifesto UKIP has proposed scrapping the Equality Act 2010 and reverting to pre-existing anti-discrimination laws.

”Wait, what? You’re AGAINST the Equality Act??! You are LITERALLY opposing equality, you bigoted Nazi bigot!!”

Now, as Guardian readers and Goldsmiths University LGBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ+++ Society committee members understand full well, a fork called a spade is still a spade, obesity is a healthy empowering lifestyle choice, gulags were compassionate educational establishments and the Labour Party represents the labouring classes. (Note to reader: my hyperlinked sources from case law reports, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Economist all show the opposite of what is stated, but this is all ignorant bourgeois propaganda). Indeed to labour under any other apprehension would be a laborious exercise of bigoted detailed and nuanced objective analysis in a Labour-led post-truth Brave New World where women have penises and Gina Miller and Alistair Campbell are patriots and heroes of British suffrage. Because the mob says so.

Therefore, by logical extension, we can safely conclude the Equality Act guarantees equality without a further examination…

No, OF COURSE, I am not being ironic… but only in repatriating the term ‘post-truth’ from post truthers. On further examination, the Act attempts to achieve equality of opportunity – and in certain cases equality of outcome – by grouping individuals by means of ‘protected characteristics’ (listed in Chapter 1 of the Act). The Act thereby de facto creates special needs victim groups. Members of such special needs groups are, by means of legal construction, as capable and meritorious as anyone else in any given situation.

However much we may know this to be a fiction in the realm of objective reality nonetheless if, heaven forbid, we dare to express what we think we are threatened by the organs of state who are now legally empowered to sanction us for our transgressions in wrongthink. This is no joke. In 2016 British police forces arrested nine people per day for ‘offensive’ online comments. Figures obtained by The Times through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that 3,395 arrests were made across 29 forces in that year under the Orwellian section 127 of the Communications Act, which spine chillingly criminalises ‘improper use of electronic communication technologies’. Who determines what is ‘improper’ – and then quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Remember, war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is a strength…


The problem here is very apparent. An employer may have hired a more qualified or experienced person over someone less qualified or experienced but, if one is an employment lawyer, who is to say the actual reason behind the decision was discrimination against the less well qualified or experienced person’s gender or skin colour? Employment discrimination compensation under the Act – and by extension damages based lawyer fees calculated as a percentage of the compensation damages is after all unlimited, creating no financial incentive whatsoever for employment lawyers to push claims… (No sarcasm here either). Further, under the Act, once a claimant employee has established sufficient facts which point to a breach having occurred, the burden of proof shifts to the respondent employer to show that it did not discriminate.

Comedy Unleashed free speech comedian Will Franken mocks this absurdity spectacularly in his piece for the latest issue of the quarterly, The Salisbury Review entitled ‘Music – A Night at the Diversity Proms’ – an imagined dystopian but not-too-distant future where the orchestra at the BBC Proms is engineered to insure a proportional representation of every race, gender, sexual orientation and disability.

‘The hall resounds with cheers as if the spokesperson was the venerable Noah, outlining plans to collect two of every species in advance of a great flood of bigotry… the amputee timpanist struggles to maintain a grip on his mallets… the transgender soprano, still adjusting to the rigours of hormone therapy, comes across as a wounded frog… the exceedingly polite British audience, having done their best to conceal their understandable grimaces, nevertheless erupts into rapturous applause… in exchange for a flood of excellence , they have received a rainbow of inclusivity’. 

It sounds absurd as it sounds – but this imagined cacophony is already now protected at law by virtue of the Equality Act.


In February this year the Act created a horrific situation where a teacher was fired for misgendering a pupil. The teacher refused to acknowledge that the pupil self-identified as a boy and failed to use the pupil’s preferred pronouns of ‘he’ or ‘him’. In refusing to do so he was told that he had committed a ‘hate crime’ by police acting on CPS guidelines. Under the Act, it is unlawful for a school to treat pupils less favourably if they have undergone gender reassignment. The police complaint was made by Susie Green, CEO of notorious ‘transgender child’ ‘support’ charity Mermaids.

This has echoes of Soviet Russia and is reminiscent of Dr Jordan Peterson, the hugely popular and influential Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Peterson achieved international acclaim (and indeed is now arguably the world’s most famous living psychologist) after he refused to abide by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘progressive’ legislation which makes it a criminal offence for an individual to refuse to address a person by their prefered gender pronouns.

Unfortunately, the prospect for most people working in the education sector (or indeed any public sector employees) who have been targeted by the Wrongthink Police is redundancy, academic discreditation, being refused work and ultimately financial ruin. All for non-conformity with the Marxist establishment. But Marxists have rarely properly understood the consequences of their actions.


The exemptions from the Act are even more problematic. For example, the Act exempts special employment training programmes aimed at ethnic minorities enabling the BBC to recently advertise BAME only internships and training schemes – thereby discriminating against young white people. If you are a Leftist and cannot see any problem with this perhaps imagine if the Nigerian state broadcaster had implemented such a youth training scheme discriminating against West African natives. Yet it has happened here in the UK and it has reflected and empowered the anti-white racist prejudice of BBC commissioners. We must remember that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others…

How on Earth did we arrive here (figuratively)? You might well ask this question if you are a far-right bigot (we used to be independently minded rational sceptics but that is a clear retroactive misapplication of Twitter’s Hateful Conduct policy…) Well, the phrase ‘a long march through the Institutions‘, coined by Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) and the institution Common Purpose might provide you with a clue: the means by which the Marxist ‘Utopia’ of permanently angry fossilised identity victim groups is being achieved.

Gramsci, alarmed by the failure of economic Marxism to gain popularity among the working classes – who all remained stubbornly faithful to Nation, Family and Church – proposed that the cultural Marxist ideas of the Frankfurt School should be promoted instead. The object of this was to deconstruct society and leave the population confused and atomised. The citizens would consequently become dependent on the Marxist State. By means, decades of Critical Theory, Gender and Feminist Studies – and generally postmodernist ideas – being inculcated in higher education and the slow replacement of employees in the media, civil service, police etc with graduates who had undergone this brainwashing Marxism has, after just a few generations become normalised in society. After all, any organisation is merely the sum of its parts…

Not all graduates, however, were successfully indoctrinated and not all individuals attended university. So Common Purpose, operative in the UK since the 1980s, stepped in to offer ‘inclusive’ ‘re-education’ training and certified accreditation (as well as a powerful alumni network) for public sector employees and generally hoover up any poor soul who had not already been captured.


Pink News, which takes selfish pleasure in being outraged in the name of St Peter of Tatchell, was predictably outraged by the UKIP Interim Manifesto repeal proposal, neglecting the fact that in repealing the Equality Act UKIP has expressly stated that it would revert to pre-existing equality laws, which include The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003. 

The Muslim Council of Britain defends literalist and fundamentalist interpreters of Islam and does not represent the majority of Muslims in the UK. Similarly, more-progressive-than-thou Pink News which gives a platform to divisive Marxist racists like Munroe Bergdof does not represent the majority of LGBT people in our country. It certainly does not represent me as a gay man.

In particular, Pink News appeared to take issue with UKIP opposing gender confusion ideologies and the implementation of compulsory LGBT relationships education in primary schools. This is despite warnings from child behavioural psychologists about promoting gender dysphoria among primary school age children.

Youtube Comedian, avid pro LGBT advocate, free speech campaigner and UKIP member Markus Meechan (aka ‘Count Dankula’) hit back saying: ‘UKIP are so homophobic that some of it’s most prominent members are gay and they let a well-known trap enthusiast give a speech.”

Pink News, has a history of targetting UKIP politicians, and as a gay kipper (how VERY dare I) I was not immune to this. Not having anything else they could use against me the virtue signalling Fake News Inc. (LGBT division) went on a desperate fishing trip on Twitter and found a six-month-old tweet where I had the audacity to be angered by the hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen, which was promulgated by some Goldsmiths University non-entity. I described the feminists promoting the hashtag as ”c***s” (which on considered reflection they were). This, of course, made me a ”misogynist” (because all feminists are apparently women and all women are apparently feminists (even though only 7% of women in Britain identify as feminists). Never mind the extreme genocidal misandrist racist nature of #KillAllWhiteMen.

Needless to say the hypocrisy was as deafening as a screaming queen. Pink News editor Nick Duffy (in his own words ”UK Editor of ‘filthy Sodomite’ news site Pink News”) who has the mental age of a schoolboy is of course only selectively outraged by the word ‘c***’ – as we can see from Exhibit B below.

And I can’t believe Nick called actors ‘dumb’ (Exhibit A). Surely that’s ableist or something. It appears Pink News is not as inclusive and tolerant as it proclaims itself to be.

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks for that Alex. I won’t start to make comments on this, as by my own admission, I am as heterosexual as they come ! I well remember an old HMS Conway friend saying his farewells as he emigrated to Australia with his wife. He said ”I’m off before sexual adjustment becomes compulsory”. We all laughed, but then laughed again when our old mate told us that just six weeks passed in Australia, before a Gay Pride March took place ! It is necessary for all of us to cut some slack to people of difference !

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    I hate fat, black, feminist, man-hating lesbians, one of whom I once had the misfortune to work for. So come and arrest me!

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