Young Independence Chair SLAMS “Ridiculous” Decision To BAN Clapping At Manchester Uni

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Reacting to the news that Manchester University Students Union has banned clapping, the Chairman of Young Independence, Nathan Rydings has branded the decision “ridiculous”.

Speaking exclusively to Kipper Central, Mr Rydings said: “This is all just getting a bit ridiculous now and this is because of my generation – ‘generation snowflake’ – where young people get so easily offended and its social justice to the extreme.

They have decided to replace clapping with jazz hands, but how long will it take for jazz hands to be banned on the basis of “cultural appropriation”.

UKIP really need to start speaking up about young people, ‘generation snowflake’, cultural Marxism, educational indoctrination etc. If no current spokesperson will actually speak out about these issues, then I reiterate what I’ve said before, we NEED a Youth Affairs Spokesman!

The decision was made as the Students Union felt that the “traditional clapping and whooping can cause issues to students with anxiety or sensory issues”.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris Dark says:

    Let’s ban university award ceremonies. Then the little dears won’t have to worry about hand-clapping and “offending” maybe one person who has sensitive hearing. Why not ban sporting events too, all those people running around on a field will upset others who are in wheelchairs. Where does it end?

  2. AlexB says:

    I’m really hoping they have blind students there who attack them for being sightist, or something.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’m rather glad that even in my day, I did not attend University ! At that age I was too busy starting a business, with so much money passing through it, that the Bank Manager made an appointment to see me, and demanded the business become incorporated !
    In any case, what do we see from Universities today ? A corpse, of open and relished debate ! Why is open debate dead ? Well it would mean allowing someone to enter that we disagree with ! Fellow Kippers, I rest my case, with sadness for University excellence !

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