EXCLUSIVE: Sky News ‘Could Be Shut Down’ Over Tommy Robinson “Hatchet Job”

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Sky News could be shut down by Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting regulatory body after they received almost 3,000 complaints about Sky’s “hatchet job” of their interview with Tommy Robinson, a UKIP Executive has told Kipper Central.

UKIP National Executive Committe (NEC) member Nathan Ryding told Kipper Central that he understands the broadcaster could be “shut down” as a result of their false coverage of Robinson’s comments.

“The way Sky News operated with their interview with Tommy Robinson shows just how devious and snake-like they actually are,” he told Kipper Central.

“Luckily, Tommy managed to film it himself to expose Sky for what they actually are and it definitely isn’t unbiased news.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Sky News got shut down for this false reporting, especially with the number of complaints going to Ofcom.”

Sky News published a piece with the headline: “

However, shortly after, Tommy published the full, unedited interview where it becomes clear that Tommy did not say what Sky News reported he had, and that they had altered his words for their report.

Tommy hit out Sky’s false reporting, exclusively explaining to Kipper Central why he believes Sky’s report should have been illegal.

“Their coverage of my interview was one of most complained about programmes this year to Ofcom because the public are seeing through their lies,” he told Kipper Central.

“This sort of coverage has to be illegal! The public no longer trust the media, and I agreed to this Sky News interview to prove exactly why.

“Journalists are there to show news, not to invent the new narrative they want to.”

Robinson went on to explain why he doesn’t blame his opponents, adding that they should listen to his exact words, not the media’s fake headlines.

“I don’t blame those who dislike me – they’re only going off what they’ve been told about me by the media,” he told Kipper Central.

“All I’d say to people is this: don’t listen to what they say I say, listen to what I say.

“The media just cut and hatchet everything I do, so they can make me say what they want me to.”

Robinson is charged with three offences (two of which were added after his appeal) which could amount to a total of 2 years in prison if he is convicted of all three offences.

Originally jailed by a kangaroo court for 13 months in May this year, Robinson was set free in August after his appeal confirmed his original conviction did not follow the necessary legal procedures.

Tommy will be back in the Old Bailey court on the 23rd October for his retrial after major crowds of patriots turned up to support him during his last trial.

He told reporters outside the Old Baily for his last retrial: “I believe they want me in prison for Christmas.”

“The law’s supposed to be blind, but it’s not supposed to be deaf and dumb. I’m being specifically targeted for who I am.

“I want closure. I believe they are purposely not giving me closure.

“We are in the Old Bailey, the highest court in the land. The rest of the people here are on trial for terrorism and murder.

“I’m on trial for speaking into a microphone.”

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  • 6.6K
  • 6.6K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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7 Responses

  1. Garry Coates says:


  2. Love Liberty says:

    I am one of the persons who complained to OffCom about the Sky interview. I checked the original apparently unedited version and could see that Sky probably never asked the question they claim to have asked and that they took a different comment and edited it to that question as if Mr Robinson were answering that question.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    To quote the current American President, we need a head of government here in UK that will “drain the swamp” and eradicate “fake news”! How about Jacob Rees Mogg?

  4. Mrs Mia Marrock says:

    Over the past 12 months or more we have heard countless reports of fake news, and after seeing this interview and the blatant misrepresentation and clear distortion of these facts it is now a proven fact that Sky News are distorting reality and reporting fake news, i.e. they are fabricating the truth and telling actual lies ,to sensationalise a story, obviously with one end, to discredit and demonise Mr Robinson and show him in a very bad light, how can the British public ever again believe or trust Sky News now that we have seen how they deliberately sabotage footage in order to destroy somebody’s credibility …. SKY NEWS YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE….. I will be reporting my concerns to Offcom.

  5. Russ Littler says:

    Sky News. The UK equivalent of CNN. “Fake News” propaganda outlet.

  6. Paul Kerry says:

    Well, I called it back when this article was posted – That this UKIP exec’s opinion wasn’t worth a jot and that NOTHING would be done to Sly News.
    Of course UKIP fans were up in arms that I would dare question the speculatory squawkings of one of their own. They wanted so much to believe that it was true that they would not accept any rational perspective to the contrary.
    I think the appropriate response right now is… Told ya so !
    Ofcom couldn’t care less.

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