The Loser’s Vote March – Made Up Attendance Numbers and EU Funding

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Yesterday a… **brainstorms wittiest possible collective noun** an Obstinate Waterworks of Remoaners, of flag-waving, chanting EU nationalistic Remoaners prostrating themselves before the EU Supreme Avatar. It was, assuredly, a sight to make eyes sore: quite literally one found oneself seeing stars.

130,000 was the original police estimate. Alistair Campbell: ‘no, no, no – that won’t do! Call that spin?! That isn’t spin! 2 million marched against the Iraq War and I told Tony Blair to describe that as ‘fatuous’! Now THAT’S spin! THIS is meant to be groundbreaking!’ Ok, Ali, let’s call it over 500,000. Ok 670,000 because that’s what People’s Vote later announced and we must believe them. Oh what the heck – let’s just round it up to 700,000 … maybe one million. But whoever you believe it’s less than the 1,513,232 Leave votes cast by Londoners alone in the Referendum. And even taking the highest estimate only 4% of the 17,410,742 Leave voters across the country. And 99% white.

Now, now, CampBellend, keep your Lederhosen on.

Some bright spark (definitely not me) calculated that for there to be 570,000 occupying the route of the P̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶’̶s̶ Losers’ Vote march (the area covered by Parliament Square, Whitehall and Trafalgar Square is no more than 40,000m2) there would have had to have been 16 people per every metre squared.

I was there, carefreely yet vivaciously photobombing the bleeting ‘we need EU, we love EU, EWEnity together, I want to be part of EWE…’ NPC sheeple (see four-eyed exhibits below). There were – granted – oodles galore of Remainers there, some angry that their God given right to come to Britain in vast numbers and pave it over might be curtailed. Others angry that their employees’ God given right to come to Britain in vast numbers and pave it over for their short term profit maximisation might be curtailed. But there were most certainly not 16 people per square metre. (But that’s no good reason not to discount bemused tourists in the adjoining postcode area).

As you can see these sprightly grey-haired folk are protesting that I have sabotaged their future.

Chanting “You can shove your Brexit up you’re a***!”, using suicide as a marketing line, and exploiting five-year-olds to parrot off Europhile slogans in return for Lego bribes, there really was no beginning to the moral compass of these self-appointed grandees of progressive intellectual expertise. Lord Adonis encouraging kids to hold signs using foul language (‘we deserve a f******…’ – not his son apparently but some kid called Kit from Hackney) and Remainers again confusing patriotic allied forces with the pan European imperialism of the Third Reich (‘Hitler would be proud of this BRE卍IT).


Of course, none of the P̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶’̶s̶ Losers’ Vote march was EU funded. Wait? It WAS EU funded, via European Alternatives and the European Movement? Well, colour me blue with yellow stars.

So… anyway what else can I say that will keep you mildly entertained and engaged in this click bait social media age of ever decreasing attention spans? I mean be honest, you are already thinking about the next hilarious kitten clip/ husky pup meme/ porn by this stage, aren’t you?

Perhaps this. Loathsome though their smug arrogance and self-righteousness may be, the Remainer stereotype does provide us with a constant supply of reliable light entertainment:

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  • 2.8K
  • 2.8K

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    They see us as wrong, and we see them as wrong, and two wrongs don’t make a right ! Personally I saw this ‘march’ as a demonstration against Democracy. ‘We didn’t get our way, so vote again’! Mrs May’s non action in two years and counting, has only emboldened this nonsense, and she probably doesn’t see how this is bleeding her Party of support ! ….. One point worth a note. We Brexit majority let them get on with it, without any counter demo. – Strange that ! – We seem to respect freedom of thought, even when it is wrong !

  2. Russell Hicks says:

    Marvellous to see the comfortably off white middle classes marching for some idiotic dream they once had, no frigging idea what the EU is now really all about or what other people are suffering in the cheaper parts of the country. Because most of these old white people live in areas of house price apartheid and are mostly public sector paid and pensioned, they haven’t a clue about reality…on any subject….other than the price of foie gras in Waitrose and second homes in Cumbria.

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