NO LOVE LOST: Trump And The EU Trade Blows

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It is my firm conviction that Donald Trump would be as glad to see the EU collapse as you or I; of course, statesmanlike protocol prevents him saying so but his active encouragement of rebellious elements with the Union, such as the Italian Government in general and Matteo Salvini in particular speaks volumes.

Guy Verhofstadt pulled no punches:

European heads of state maintained a circumspect silence when it came to criticising Trump, however, with no sense of irony, the Eurocracy let-rip. Gunter Oettinger, the EUs Energy Supremo, amazingly without once blushing, slammed Trump for being an “autocrat” like the rulers of Russia and Turkey.

However, it wasn’t all stony-faced hostility facing Trump from the continent. Clearly revelling in the Republicans Senate triumph, Italian Deputy Prime Minister urged him onto further triumphs exclaiming #GODONALDGO.


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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I don’t like Trump. He is a loud Yank, and I don’t care for such. However, I loved the way he shut-up the EU with the ‘thret’ of puting a 25% tax on their imports in the USA, and if there is more to come, then OK Donald, bring it on !

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Love it !


  3. Jim Hammond says:

    This is the EU sowing division between the USA and the UK with the sole purpose that the only way for the citizens of the UK to feel safe in the face of world tensions is cuddled in the arms of the EU.
    George Robertson (ex Nato boss) has also just waded in saying that European defence measures need to be upgraded because of the USA cooling off towards Nato. They can’t find the money for their obligations to Nato but can outwith Nato.
    The dirty tricks are on by trying to divide the UK from it’s staunchest ong standing ally, who might conceivably come to our assistance some day. The “non existant” European army is for use against us.

  4. Gilson Chapple says:

    I’m from UK.
    I like Trump. He’s down to earth and says things that ordinary people are saying. I think he’s a great president. Not a great speaker but he’s ‘on the ball’ most of the time.

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