‘GREAT SOLDIER’: Macron Praises Nazi Collaborator

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Some stories do make you wonder what would happen if a patriotic politician said the things that are said.

Emmanuel Macron is a darling of the liberal left since his Presidential victory against Marine Le Pen. However, his popularity is collapsing and he is in hot water for praising Phillipe Petain

Petain served with some distinction during World War I. He is credited with stopping German forces at the Battle of Verdun and rebuilt the French Army after assuming command in 1917.

However, he led France’s Vichy regime which collaborated with the Nazis during World War II and was sentanced to death for his crimes. Charles De Gaulle however commuted the sentance to life in prison.

Jewish groups have reacted in horror. Francis Kalifat who represents a coalition of Jewish groups said he was “shocked” by Macron’s comments: “The only thing we will remember about Petain is that he was convicted, in the name of the French people, of national indignity during his trial in 1945.”

So, I have to ask again, what would the media say if Marine Le Pen had said what Macron just said?

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  • 1.1K
  • 1.1K

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Look ! Let’s cut out the nonsense, and deal with facts ! The rift between UK/GB and France, is a lot wider than the English Channel, and always will be. We have to take the good and the bad as a total picture of the French. WW1 – The French Army was near to revolt, and let the British ‘go over the top’, while they stayed in their trenches. WW2 – Saw the French efforts to slow down the enemy at Dunkirk for our army’s retreat over the Channel, but French Navy had to be attacked by our Navy, in a North African port, as they would not take the request to join us against the enemy. The French will generally find ways to act against us, and are best discounted !

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