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During times of national trouble the nation must have strong leadership in someone who can be decisive and make decisions that will take the country and it’s people forward in unity. Today, I am afraid to say that our current Prime Minister is showing very weak leadership and is leading our nation not forward to a bright optimistic future trading worldwide but to an enormous capitulation of the most grandest scale to become a vassal state chained in perpetual servitude to the European State.

It is sadly ironic that all this is taking place following the weekend when the nation remembered those who fought for our freedom in WW1 100 years ago and also those who fought in WW2 to repel the Nazi peril of Adolf Hitler.

After attending and taking part in the remembrance parade and service In Stonehouse, Gloucestershire my thoughts today fall on the next few days and what I feel will happen in the House of Commons. Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave as we see an agreement being cobbled together in such a fashion that we will be leaving the EU in name only. This is where I completely agree with Gerard Batten when he says we will get BRINO ( BREXIT IN NAME ONLY). This agreement is going  to be so awful that we are seeing divisions on both sides of the House cut deeper and deeper and the Remain supporting MP’S are calling for a so-called ‘Peoples Vote’ so they can abdicate their decision on any deal which I believe to be the gravest dereliction of duty. As I wrote last time Section 13(1)(b) of the Withdrawal Bill requires that , before ratification of the Withdrawal Bill can happen:

The negotiated withdrawal agreement and the framework for the future relationship [must] have been approved by a resolution of the House of Commons on a motion moved by a Minister of the Crown.**

 If a deal is reached:***

A question also arises if there is any uncertainty over whether Parliament has approved a deal. We must be on watch as I fear that at some point after that someone from the Remain side maybe someone like Gina Miller will try to pull this one out of their hat and try a legal challenge to try and delay or overturn any such approved deal and or any such no deal scenario.

Article IX of the Bill of Rights Act 1689 states:

That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament.

 This was put to test in 1884 in the case Bradlaugh vs Gosset. It was stated that:

The House of Commons is not subject to the control of…{ the } courts in its administration of that part of statute law which has relation to its own internal proceedings. Even if that interpretation should be erroneous { the } court has no power to interfere with it, directly or indirectly.

I believe that our only way forward now is a WTO deal scenario where we can take our place at the table and then and only then start to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU on our terms and not theirs. Teresa May has played an awful game of poker and has showed her hand right from the beginning. Her time is up and  I really believe she has no trump card to play, excuse the pun.

Now all we can do is continue to argue our cause and then wait. Once we find out what deal she has dealt then and only then can our second major battle begin. I am ready for this battle and my question to you is “Are you ready too?”

In the two World Wars the country asked YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!  I ask again and hope that people all over the country will join with us in UKIP to make sure we leave the EU as the 17.4 million people of this fair lsle of ours instructed this incompetent Government to do so in June 2016.

** source House of Commons briefing paper 08424

*** source House of Commons briefing paper 08424









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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Glenville, its ridiculous in the extreme to link in any way at all, Winston Churchill with Mrs May ! Winston was a leader of leaders, whereas this bloody housewife who has been allowed to meddle in politics, isn’t fit to clean Mr Churchill’s shoes.
    For me, the name of Churchill ranks with the names of Cromwell, Nelson and Wellington ! Please also note that I do not include Thatcher who was certainly a strong PM, but not of the same order as those mentioned !

    • Glenville says:

      Hello Mike,
      That was my point. I agree with you that Churchill was the Prime Minister of Prime Ministers. Churchill stood up and enthused the nation and was strong a desicive. Mrs May is the complete opposite and has dealt us the worst of the worst deals.
      Mike, I would like to say I enjoy reading your comments every time. Thank you, Glenville.

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